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Miracle menu for Mary Jeanette Kelly, Power of Mystery

Level 0[edit]

Estate Divinations
Know if the Estate of Mystery is under attack.
Hear prayers.

Level 1[edit]

Ghost Miracles
Make a person, place or thing more mysterious/interesting.
Make a girl more alluring. (Why am I thinking about her?)
Make a cave more enticing. (What could be in there?)
Make a puzzle more interesting. (How do those pieces fit?)
Make an aspect of a crime scene more important. (How did the fingerprints get here? What was the killer doing?)

Level 2[edit]

Lesser Divination
Know at a glance what is mysterious and what is mundane.
Look at a crime scene and know which details are clues and which are red herrings. (The bloody fingerprints are from the homeless person that stumbled on the scene first, panicked and ran away but the muddy foot print ten feet over is from the killer as he ran away.)
Know at a glance who is 'mysterious' but not the unknown. (For example, spies, under cover police, thieves and assassins, as well as non-humans masquerading as humans, would show up as mysterious but their true natures would not be revealed.)

Level 3[edit]

Lesser Preservations Make puzzles harder because it is more difficult to solve them.
Allow Clark Kent to take off his glasses and have no-one recognize him.
Prevent people from figuring out how to use an unfamiliar remote or how to operate a machine that is of a new design.
Conceal an important clue from police.
Block off routes into deeper parts of a cave.
Make explorers reconsider their explorations.
Foil efforts to track an escaped convict.
Foil efforts to solve a medical or scientific problem.

Level 4[edit]

Lesser Creations
Provide inaccurate parts or instructions in the wrong language for a model.
Scramble directions given to a driver.
Scramble words to create misinformation and confusion.
Remove all fingerprints from a crime scene.
Remove images from recorded media.
Change the layout of tunnels in a cave (or on a map).
Change plain writing into code.
Make a person forget an important fact (from his wife's birthday to the fact that he is married).
(Note: Mystery must always provide a means to resolve itself. For example, changing the caliber of the bullet lodged in a body will also create other clues that the bullet and body have been tampered with.)

Level 5[edit]

Lesser Destructions Provide that crucial intuitive leap that allows someone to 'connect the dots' on a mystery. ('Hey... if you put glasses on Superman he would look just like Clark Kent' or 'It would take a billionaire who was also a technological genius with weapons to create the Iron Man armor. Tony Stark is a billionaire and he used to make super genius tech weapons for the army!')
Compel the prankster to reveal how he made the crop circles.
Force Nessie to surface or summon Bigfoot out of the forest.
Provide the key to the Rosetta Stone (before it was translated).
Draw a map of Pharaoh’s Tomb that included traps.
Open all secret doors or safes within a room.

Major divinations
Tell when someone is going to die.

(Somewhere between a major divination and a lesser destruction is a magic that is necromancy. When presented with a corpse, Mary can compel it to speak and to answer. When standing in a house, Mary can summon the ghosts of previous owners and ask them about their lives. But in keeping with her Code, even Mary cannot compel simple, plain, direct answers. Even if it is willing to help, the corpse must be obscure. It will speak in riddles or give misleading information, though it cannot directly lie. The spirits of the previous owners may show up as visible ghosts and answer, or may only be knocking that gets louder as Mary gets closer to the hidden panel that holds the murder weapon or deed to the house, or blood dripping words appearing on the walls.)

Level 6[edit]

Lesser changes
Summon ghosts or house spirits.
Condemn a soul to existence as a ghost.
Exorcise a ghost from a location, person or object.
Make a person obsess on solving a mystery to the exclusion of all else.
Speak a riddle so complicated that the listener goes catatonic and/or insane trying to understand it.
Make Creatures of Mystery immune to their normal banes (allow vampires to walk in sunlight or werewolves to be unharmed by silver) or change the banes of such creatures (vampires are now harmed by moonlight, werewolves afflicted with heartworms).

Major preservations
Cause a mysterious event to become unexplained/unexplainable (DB Cooper, Amelia Airheart, UFOs).
Chain a ghost to a location, person or object.
Cause an investigator to destroy the most important evidence of their investigation.
Make an area inaccessible, impossible to climb, fly over, or find on a map. (Except, of course, there must be a loophole. It may be a dangerous climb, buffeted by winds and attacked by defenders, but there must always be a key.)

Level 7[edit]

Major creations
Cause a nation or culture to devote its entire population to a curious ritual or construction that is without obvious purpose (Stonehenge, Digital Pets, The Tower of Babel).
Cause everyone in a major city to forget the last twenty-four hours.
Destroy the birth records from a given decade for an entire country.
Create Creatures of Mystery (harpies, ancient tomb protectors, vampires, BEMs, MIBs etc.). Turn a major city’s roadways into a hedge maze.

Level 8[edit]

Major Destructions
Cause every weapon used in crimes to drip blood.
Cause every criminal to leave indelible glow in the dark fingerprints.
Cause every puzzle to complete itself. (HG's note: Make every puzzle trivial to solve?)
Clear the path to any location that has never been explored.
Reveal the location and something of the nature of Atlantis or the Holy Grail.
(HG's note: Major occult mysteries such as Atlantis or the Holy Grail may have their own miraculous protections that must also be dealt with.)

Level 9[edit]

Major Changes
Cause a puzzle to physically consume someone who is trying to solve it.
Cause a mystery location (cave, inaccessible beach, hidden forest, Bermuda Triangle) and any individuals within to become accessible only in the mythic world.
Cause anyone looking at an autostereogram (those pictures you can’t see what they are until your eyes cross) to become trapped inside it.

Additional Information[edit]

Created by : Roughtrade