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Tivan Blue[edit]

Physical description[edit]

Tivan's plumage is a deep blue, with some white around his beak and a black-and-white pattern on his outstretched wings. 'Blue' is an adopted surname; he doesn't know what name his parents use, if any.


Tivan's life has never been easy. The young Siren grew up on the streets of Aurumia, abandoned by his family when the year finally came that their crop, dwindling in value season after season, was not enough to feed them all. Forced to fend for himself, he learned to run and hide, to take what he needed when the merchants weren't looking, and - as he grew older - to fight. It started out of necessity, a way to defend himself and occasionally other children like him, and over time he grew good at it. He never learned to relish the violence, but it seemed to always find him. Eventually, it became a way to make a semblance of honest coin.

Now in his twenties, Tivan has built a reputation as a brawler and fighter-for-hire in Aurumia and the surrounding regions. He's found purpose in supporting a new orphanage founded by a friend* back in the city, sending them what winnings and wages he can. He prefers not to dwell on the past, keeping surprisingly hopeful eyes fixed on the future.


Refresh and stress[edit]

Refresh: 4

Physical stress: [][][][][]

Minor Consequence Slot ______________

Mental stress: [][][][]

Magical stress: [][][]


High concept: Scrappy Siren Streetfighter

Gameplay archetype : Agile unarmed combatant

Trouble: Doesn't know when to back down

Reveal: LOCKED

Advancement: LOCKED


Former Aurumian Street Rat

The orphanage's benefactor

Looking forward, never back


Great +4[edit]


Good +3[edit]



Fair +2[edit]




Average +1[edit]






As The Siren Flies

In a conflict, Tivan can move two zones for free without rolling (instead of one), provided there is nothing preventing him from flying between them.

Usually Outnumbered

When Tivan succeeds with style on a Brawl defense while facing multiple attackers, he may redirect the attack onto one of his other opponents (inflicting a 2-shift hit).

Won't Stay Down

Tivan has one additional mild consequence box (which can only be applied against Physical harm).


Name has access to the following magical elements