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Experience rewards are in the amount per player. Each achievement can only be earned once. Much credit goes to the original list and to the Wyzard.


  • First Step into a Larger World: Visit a new planet, 500 COMPLETE
  • Traveler: Visit 5 new planets, 1,000 (2/5)
  • Far Traveler: Visit five sectors, 2,500
  • First Contact: Discover an alien race, 500
  • Contact Specialist: Meet five alien races, 1,000
  • Tourist: Visit ancient ruins, 250
  • Jaynestown: Have something significant named after you, 2,000
  • Trek: Do a complete survey of a star system, 5,000
  • Five Year Mission: Survey a sector, 50,000
  • Colonize a world successfully, 100,000
  • Roughing it: Spend at least two weeks at TL0, away from your ship, 10,000

Politics and Technology[edit]

  • Friends in High Places: Formally ally with a faction, 500
  • Enemies in High Places: Make an enemy of a faction, 500
  • Carthago Delenda Est: Bring utter ruin to a world, 50,000
  • New Prometheans: Raise a world up to TL4, 100,000
  • Trendsetting: Cause a major societal shift, 20,000
  • Playing the Game: Form a faction, 2,000
  • Building Your Brand: Make a long-term effort to promote the group's reputation, 10,000
  • Private Eyes: Unravel a hidden plot, 2,000
  • Back at the Lab: Invent a new technology, 5,000
  • What was Old is New Again: Produce a T5 item, 20,000


  • Buy a Starship, 5,000
  • Savings Account: Save 50k in the slush fund, 500 COMPLETE
  • One Percenters: Save 500k in the slush fund, 2,000
  • Mission of Mercy: Deliver important medical supplies to a low-tech world, 5,000
  • Upgrade: Get a better ship, 10,000 COMPLETE
  • Look to Windward: Conduct a successful far trade run, 2,000
  • Professionals: conduct a trade run that is peaceful, profitable and has no troubles, 5,000
  • Nerf Herders: successfully smuggle a cargo of illegal goods, 5,000
  • Incorporate: Establish a holding, 250
  • All Business: Maintain a holding for at least a year, 10,000
  • East India: Maintain at least three holdings linked by import/export lines and banks for at least a year, 20,000


  • Healer: Stabilize a PC, 500
  • Consider Phlebas: Die permanently, 1,000
  • The Heavy: Use a Gunnery weapon in personal combat, 1,000
  • Destroy an armed, manned, spike-capable vessel in space combat, 10,000
  • Fire a nuclear weapon in anger, 10,000
  • Kill an important antagonist with at least 8 hit dice, 5,000


  • I'm in My Element: Explore and loot a dungeon, 250 COMPLETE
  • Avatar, Master of the Elements: Explore and loot four dungeons, 1,000 (2/4)
  • The Fifth Element: Explore a dungeon in hard vacuum, 1,000
  • Shiny: Acquire a T5 artifact, 250 COMPLETE
  • Exotic: Acquire an alien artifact, 250
  • I am Become Death: Acquire a maltech artifact, 500 COMPLETE
  • Good Samaritan: Give away a significant find, 500


  • Complete a major character goal, 5,000
  • Experience a major shift in goals, 5,000


  • Improving Your Lot: Spend 30 days at Slum living, 100
  • At Poor, 200
  • At Common, 300
  • At Good, 500
  • At Elite, 1,000
  • At Peerless, 2,500
  • Wealth of Worlds: Waste 20k credits on hedonistic pursuits in one go, 5,000
  • Wealth of Sectors: Waste 200k credits on hedonistic pursuits in one go, 10,000

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