NX 77001 USS Eclipse

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The main starship the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse


Registry: NX 77001
Service Date: 2383
Frame: Prototype Eclipse-class
Mission Profile: Technical Testbed
Traits: Federation Starship, Prototype

Disciplines & Systems & System Breaches[edit]

Discipline System Breaches
Command 1 Comms 10 0
Conn 2 Computers 10 0
Security 4 Engines 10 0
Engineering 3 Sensors 11 0
Science 3 Structure 11 0
Medicine 2 Weapons 9 0


Scale: 6
Crew Support: 6
Resistance: 6
Power: 10
Shields: 15


Phaser Array: 10 Damage Dice, Energy, Medium Range (Versatile 2)
Photon Torpedoes: 7 Damage Dice, Torpedo, Long Range (High-Yield)
Quantum Torpedoes: 8 Damage Dice, Torpedo, Long Range (Calibration, High-Yield, Vicious 1)
Tractor Beam: Strength 5


Advanced Sensors Suite: The vessel’s sensors are amongst the most sophisticated and advanced available in the fleet. Unless the ship’s Sensors have suffered one or more Breaches, whenever a character performs a Task assisted by the ship’s Sensors, they may reduce the Difficulty of the Task by one, to a minimum of 0.
Electronic Warfare Systems: The ship’s communications systems have been specially designed to intercept and disrupt enemy communications in battle. Whenever a character on the ship succeeds at the Intercept or Signals Jamming Tasks, they may spend 2 Momentum to select one additional ship to target.
Energy Signature Masking: Increase the difficulty of any other ship's Sensors-using Task by +2, such as Sensor Sweep or Scan for Weakness. The difficulty is reduced by 1 if Engines or Structure are damaged (and negated when both are). Taking certain high-profile actions can also reduce the difficulty.
Extensive Shuttlebays: The vessel’s shuttlebays are large, well-supplied, and able to support a larger number of active shuttle missions simultaneously. The ship may have twice as many small craft active at any one time as it would normally allow, and it may carry up to two Scale 2 small craft.
High Resolution Sensors: The vessel’s sensors can gain large amounts of accurate data, though they are extremely sensitive. While the vessel is not in combat, any successful Task that is assisted by the ship’s Sensors gains one bonus Momentum.
Quantum Torpedoes: The vessel has been equipped with the latest in ship-to-ship munitions: the quantum torpedoes. The ship has quantum torpedoes in addition to any other form of torpedo it carries.

Launch Bay[edit]

Two Aerie-class survey vessels, numerous standard shuttles, and a couple of modified civilian small craft for undercover missions.