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Myosho-Shintar Experiment


Augmented Occult Fanatic (Shintar Honor Guard)
lanky, tattooed, pensive Shintar citizen


Mettle +2 Physique +1 Influence +1 Expertise +0 Interface -1


  • Better: Your body can support two additional Bio Mods (three total). You gain two free Bio Mods if this Skill was chosen during character creation.
  • Harder: You resist damage as a Vehicle would: incoming damage is reduced by one step before you Brace for Impact, unless that damage has Penetrating or Breaching.
  • Martyr: When a nearby victim would suffer harm or consequences, you may interpose yourself and Roll+Mettle.
    • On a 10+, they are protected, and you suffer a lesser consequence.
    • On a 7-9, you suffer instead of them.
    • On a 6-, you share in their suffering.
  • Relic: A Relic is almost indestructible. If you become separated, you always have a vague, painful sense of where it is. Create a Class 3 melee weapon. It is a symbol of your order.
  • X (Starfarer Group Skill)


  • An injustice is rectified (Fanatic)
  • X

XP Earned


Shrine: A deeply personal space entirely devoted to your obsession, filled with samples, inspirations, trinkets and memorabilia.

Bio Mods[edit]

  • High-Capacity Erythrocytes | Body Part: red blood cells | Effect: Adaptation [Physical Fatigue]
  • Engineered Endocrine System | Body Part: glands | Effect: Adrenal Boost (special move)
    • Adrenal Boost: You have less need for sleep and are more focused, and may enter a short period of adrenal-enhanced focus. Roll +Physique.
      • On a 10+, receive a +1 on the next three rolls. There are no side effects.
      • On a 7-9, receive a +1 on the next three rolls and suffer from Minor Debility: Physical + Mental Fatigue immediately after the effect.
      • On a 6-, receive a +1 on the next roll and suffer from Major Debility: Physical + Mental Exhaustion (confers Minor Wound) immediately after the effect.


  • A Class 0 Attire (regular clothing)
  • Two Class I
  • One Class 2
  • Class III Melee weapon [Stun] [Switching: Hafted + Paired + Flexible] [Switching: Hafted and Rifle - Laser]
    • [Stun] Non-lethal. Stuns, snares, or renders unconscious.
    • [Switching: Hafted + Paired + Flexible] The weapon can switch forms between these.
      • [Hafted] Two handed. Long reach. Sweeping attacks. Range: Melee, Adjacent
      • [Flexible] Whip-like length capable of binding and lashing. Optimal Range: Adjacent
      • [Paired] Two weapons that act in perfect tandem. Mediocre if used separately.
    • [Switching: Hafted and Rifle]
      • [Rifle][Laser] Two-handed ranged weapon, Optimal Ranges: Close, Far. Projects focused beams of energy that can cut or melt materials.

Debt and Favor[edit]

Special Moves[edit]


  • High-Capacity Erythrocytes will allow you to ignore Minor Debility: Physical Fatigue; your character will go straight from being fine to Major Debility: Physical Exhaustion when they've suffered enough fatigue/exhaustion for that.
  • The effect of Minor Debility: Physical + Mental Fatigue is narrative, and you'll need to succeed on Face Adversity checks in order to take actions that would be limited by your fatigue. The condition will fade after a few hours or with rest.
  • The effect of Major Debility: Physical + Mental Exhaustion is that you'll have a Minor Wound. Any additional wounding will automatically be Major or higher. (PCs typically get one wound at each category of Minor, Major, Severe, Critical, or Fatal, and new wounds roll up one category if the category is already occupied). Any activity other than rest will require a Face Adversity check. Exhaustion needs to be medically treated.
  • Character concept: Regarding my character, I'm definitely thinking about someone who's been stripped of rank and exiled. Since I don't want to actually have mens rea, so to speak, nor do I want to be falsely accused, I think the most interesting play here might be that I was put in a situation where two legal directives or ethical imperatives of Shintar society were put into conflict. There's no way to hold true to both of them, so no matter which way one falls in this situation, they're guilty of something. Cast out for a crime I was forced to commit, I feel both resentment towards the structure of the Shintar Republic and a desperate need to somehow redeem myself. Because of the cultural differences between Myosho and Shintar, not only would I be distrusted for being from the other side, few Myosho would understand the problem that put me here because their ethics work differently.


  • Can you describe what the Shintar Honor Guard uniform looks like?
    • Though well trimmed with gold and cerulean accents, the sage Honor Guard uniforms are designed not to draw attention as their charge should almost always be the one the focus is on.
  • How long did you serve as an Honor Guard?
    • I had the privilege of serving as an Honor Guard for thirteen years.
  • How did you come to be an Honor Guard? Was it a hereditary posting? Were you promoted to it from another branch, or for a specific service you did? Did you attend a special academy for it?
    • Honor Guard are generally selected from the branches of the Shintar military. Those with great talent in close quarters combat, perfect loyalty tests, and an almost limitless capacity for boredom are those selected. I, however, was recruited from the priesthood of the God-Empress - I was not a goood fit there and my eventual posting to the Honor Guard was much more suitable for me. I was trained for over a year before I took my post.
  • Who was the Avatar you served? What was your relationship with them? What did you think of them, and they of you?
    • I served Avatar-Princess Nargisti as the captain of her guard. As one of the few people she felt would maintain her confidence, she would confess her true feelings on a number of matters with me, including her occasional regrets about becoming an Avatar. Despite this closeness, our relationship was never incredibly warm. I thought that she ably discharged her duties, though frequently with perhaps less aplomb than would be entirely suitable. Though she never spoke of her opinion of my performance, I assume I was adequate or I would have been transferred elsewhere.
  • What did your parents do in the Shintar Republic? Are they still alive?
    • My mother is a marine biologist and my father a sculptor. They both reside on Heset.
  • Any siblings? Have they done anything of note?
    • My elder brother was killed in the fighting with the Myosho over twenty years ago. My younger sister has become an archaeologist studying the ruins of the Ancients on Heset and Satet.
  • Other than your status as an Honor Guard, what/who did you lose when you left the Shintar Republic? How long ago did you leave?
    • It has been three years since I left the Republic. I have not spoken to my family since then as to do so would bring dishonor to them. I have also been unable to access the bioengineering technology that makes the Shintar who they are.
  • Are you still a citizen of the Republic, or was that stripped from you as well?
    • That status was stripped of me. It could be restored if I were to appeal my exile.
  • How did you come to be in the possession of the signature weapon of the Honor Guard upon removal from their ranks? Are they going to want your weapon back? What would a Shintar feel/think if they saw you with it in Myosho space?
    • I had one smuggled to me as the Honor Guard are the only users of the weapon. If seen with it, most Honor Guard would certainly disapprove, though it would be dishonorable to disarm anyone by force when they were not in the presence of an Avatar-Prince or the God-Empress. A Shintar in Myosho space might wonder what someone was doing with the weapon, though they would be unlikely to suspect the whole story.
  • Do you style your outfit to look entirely like that of an Honor Guard, or does your dress look more like a citizen of the Myosho Consortium now?
    • I still wear the same colors as the Honor Guard, though my armor only vaguely resembles that of the Honor Guard, as Myosho military surplus does not keep visual flair in mind as a primary goal.
  • What do you think of the people of the Myosho Consortium?
    • They are fools and criminals, far too greedy for their own good and focused on their own pompous self-promotion.
  • What is your opinion of the Myosho-Shintar Conflict?
    • The Myosho got many good women and men killed due to their avarice and disrespect for the rule of law.
  • How did you become a bounty hunter in Myosho space?
    • As no Myosho would hire a Shintar as part of a protection detail, it was one of the few things I could do to uphold the rule of law and protect the few honorable Myosho from the predations of their criminal society after my exile.
  • What do you think of the profession?
    • It is beneath me, but I must continue to display my honor in the hopes that I can eventually appeal my exile.
  • How long have you been doing it?
    • It has been a little over three years.
  • Who did you meet first: Rook or Case?
    • Case.
  • What thing is part of your life now that wasn't in the Republic, that you would be loathe to lose/surrender?
    • I enjoy being able to consistently put my bootheel on the necks of wrongdoers. Few are foolish enough to assault the Divine Presence anywhere in the Republic.