Naval Sabotage

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May 2520[edit]


Across the 'Verse over the last few weeks, numerous capital ships of the Alliance Navy suffered catastrophic fuel systems failures. The source of the failures has yet to be determined but the failures seem limited to the massive Tohoku Cruisers including the Dortmunder, Magellen, and Trafalgar. The other three Tohoku class vessels: Sun Tzu, Alexander and Pericles were ordered to safe harbors for full evaluation and possible replacement of fuel systems.
It is unclear whether it was the fuel, fuel systems, or direct sabotage that was damaged, but investigations are underway. Engineers for the Iskellian Shipworks (designer of the Tohoku class) assert that the systems of Tohoku class are not fundamentally different from those of other ships, so it is unlikely that a design error is responsible. However since the specifications are classified, this could not be verified.
Other vessels in the fleet are maintaining limited patrols and pulse use until the extent of the sabotage or malfunctions can be ascertained.

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