Nellens Kaiyo

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An NPC for House of Bells

Nellens Kaiyo.jpg

Archetype: Future Superhero
Aspect: Fire
Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna
Theme: 'Hero' by Skillet

  • As any Exalt born to House Nellens, Kaiyo became one of their most celebrated members by 'simple' virtue of his Exaltation. It all went to Kaiyo's head, and he firmly believes himself to be the greatest hero the Realm will ever see when the time is right. Maybe he'll be the one to save the Scarlet Empress? Who knows! But it's going to be big. He's not a braggart, though. Kaiyo's hard-working, humble, and possessed of startling promise and ability... which few take the time to see because Nellens.