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Neutral male human binder 8


Ability Scores
Ability Score Bonus Notes
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 10 +0
Charisma 16 +3 Cloak of Charisma +2

Basic Statistics

  • Armor Class: 18 (+6 armor, +2 Dexterity)
  • Hit Dice: 8d8+8 (47 hp)
  • Move: 30'
  • Melee Attack: +1 impaling spear +10/+5, damage 1d8+5, crit 20/x3
  • Ranged Attack: Crossbow +8, damage 1d8, crit 19-20/x2

Class Abilities

  • Soul Binding. Bind up to 2 vestiges; binding check 1d20+13
  • Suppress Sign. With a good pact, can conceal the vestige’s sign.
  • Soul Guardian. Immune to fear
  • Pact Augmentation. Choose one per bound vestige:
    • +5 hp
    • Energy resistance 5
    • DR 1/-
    • +1 insight on saves
    • +1 insight on AC
    • +1 insight on attacks
    • +1 insight on damage
    • +2 insight on initiative
Saving Throws
Saving Throw Total Bonus Base Ability Other
Fortitude +8 +6 +1 +1 resistance
Reflex +5 +2 +2 +1 resistance
Willpower +7 +6 - +1 resistance
Immune to fear
Knowledge Devotion
Knowledge check
Insight Bonus to
Attack and Damage
15 or less +1
16-25 +2
26-30 +3
31-35 +4
36+ +5
Skill Total Bonus Ranks Ability Misc. Creature knowledge
Heal +2 - +0 +2 Healing belt
Intimidate +7 4 +3 -
Jump +4 - +3 +1 +2 Dimension stride boots, -1 ACP
+11 8 +1 +2 Dragons, magical beasts
+5 2 +1 +2 Aberrations, oozes
+8 5 +1 +2
+8 5 +1 +2 Humanoids
+10 7 +1 +2 Animals, fey, giants,
monstrous humanoids, plants, vermin
+10 7 +1 +2 Undead
(the planes)
+10 7 +1 +2 Outsiders
Feat Gained At Effect
Scholar's Knack 1st +1 skill point per level, +2 on Intelligence-based skills
Expel Vestige 1st
(human bonus)
Unbind a vestige 1/day. Requires 1 minute and a binding check.
Next binding check is at -10; next binding check for that vestige is also at -10
Knowledge Devotion 3rd Gain Knowledge (nature) as a class skill
Make a Knowledge check to gain an insight bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Improved Binding 4th
(binder bonus)
Binder level counts as +2 higher for purposes of determining the level of vestige that can be bound.
Power Attack 6th Trade attack bonus for damage bonus, maximum = BAB. Double bonus for two-handed.
Item Cost (gp) Weight Slot Notes
Morningstar 8 6 - 1d8 b/p damage
+1 impaling spear 8,302 6 - 1d8/x3 p damage; 3/day swift action to strike as melee touch attack
Dagger 2 1 - 1d4/19-20 s damage, range 10’
Light crossbow w/20 bolts 37 4 - 1d8/19-20 p damage, range 80’
+1 mithral breastplate 5,200 15 Armor +6 AC, -1 check penalty, max Dex +4
Heward’s handy haversack 2,000 5 - Holds 100 pounds, move action to retrieve items (no AoO).
Healing belt 750 1 Waist +2 to Heal checks; has 3 charges, refreshes daily. Expend a charge to heal by touch, 2d8 [1 charge], 3d8 [2 charges] or 4d8 [3 charges]
Implements of binding 1,530 10 - MW dagger; +2 on binding check
Tome of worldly memory 1,500 - - +5 competence to one Knowledge check, 3/day.
Takes one minute; if 5+ ranks in the relevant Knowledge skill, takes one standard action
Dimension stride boots 2,000 1 Feet +2 to Jump; 5 charges, expend a charge to teleport 20’ [1 charge], 40’ [3 charges] or 60’ [5 charges]
Cloak of Charisma +2 4,000 - Shoulders +2 enhancement to Charisma
Vest of resistance +1 1,000 - Body +1 resistance bonus to saves
671 gp

Vestiges Level
Binding DC
Sign Influence Special
Granted Abilities
The Devourer
Tooth becomes a gem Seize power in any group Use a gem to summon Acererak Detect undead at will
Hide from Undead: At will, save DC 17
Lich's Energy Immunities: Immune to cold and electricity
Paralyzing Touch: Touch attack to paralyze living foe for 4 rounds. Fort DC 17 negates; can save again at the end of each round. 1/5 rounds
Speak with Dead: As the spell, save DC 17
Undead Healing: Healed by both negative and positive energy
The Gray Knight
Small, useless gray-feathered wings Listless and remote
cannot fight for more than 10 rounds
none Weapon proficiency with greatsword, lance, longsword and rapier
Mount: As a full-round action, summon a heavy warhorse with lance. Lasts for eight hours
Saddle Sure: +8 to Ride checks
Smite Good or Evil: +3 to attack, +8 to damage, once /5 rounds.
Sow Discord: Target creature within 40'; Will DC 17 or attack random ally
Sure Blows: Improved Critical with all weapons
The Bitter Angel
Voice becomes hollow and guttural Distrust clerics, must curse when entering a holy place Deal 1 hp damage to a sapient being Balam's Cunning: Reroll one attack, save or skill check 1/5 rounds
Icy Glare: Gaze attack, 2d6 cold damage, Will DC 17 negates
Prescience: +2 insight bonus to initiative, AC and Reflex saves
Weapon Finesse
The Star Emperor
Lifeless face appears on your torso Be aloof and stately, read the thoughts of leaders none Awe of Dantalion: Move action; single creature you can see cannot attack you for 1 round. Effect ends if you take a hostile action. No save. Use 1/5 rounds.
Dantalion Knows: +8 on all Knowledge checks
Read Thoughts: Full-round action, range 40', Will DC 17 negates. If you use this power on a creature with an Int 10+ higher than yours, you're stunned for 1 round
Thought Travel: Teleport 40' to a point you can see, 1/5 rounds.
The Deposed Lord
Devilish green cat-eyes appear outside your regular eyes Trust your allies, cannot roll Sense Motive or read thoughts Knowledge (religion or planes) 5 ranks Acidic Gaze: Gaze attack, 2d6 acid damage, Will DC 17 negates
All-Around Vision: +4 to Spot and Search, cannot be flanked, cannot avert gaze vs gaze attack
See in Darkness: See in darkness, including deeper darkness.
Swift Flight: Swift action, fly for 1 round, speed 60' (perfect). 1/5 rounds
The Turnfeather
Teeth and tongue turn black Fall in love easily, use poison none Birds Eye Viewing: Summon a dove or raven and see through its eyes [Listen +5, Spot +7]
Invisibility: Turn invisible for 8 rounds
Poison Use: Use poison without risk
Sudden Strike: Deal +3d6 bonus damage to flat-footed targets
The Grinning Hound
Voice becomes deep and growly Speechify at every opportunity Bluff, Knowledge (any) or Profession 4 ranks Disguise Self: As the spell, at will
Faster Ability healing: Heal 1 point of damage to all abilities per round, 1 point of ability drain per hour
Naberius's Skill: Choose one untrained skill; can make skill checks as if trained
Persuasive Words: Command, Will DC 17 negates, 1/5 rounds
Silver Tongue: Can take 10 on Bluff and Diplomacy, can make a Diplomacy check as a standard action
The Key and the Gate
Surrounded by wisps of blue fog Open all locks; become agitated at the sign of doors and gates none Air Blast: 10-foot reach, touch attack, 2d6 bludgeoning damage (no Str bonus).
Combat Reflexes
Concealing Mist: Full round action to grant self concealment (20% miss chance)
Open Portal: As open/close
Unlock: Full-round action, open a lock with a DC of 16 or less by touch, 1/5 rounds
The Shadow that Was
Seem to be standing in shadow at all times Detachment; never be first in combat Draw Tenebrous's seal in darkness Deeper Darkness: As the spell, centered on you; can move it 10' as a move action and suppress it as a standard. Lasts indefinitely
See in Darkness: See in darkness, including deeper darkness
Touch of the Void: Swift action; charge next melee attack with +1d8 cold damage, 1/5 rounds
Turn/Rebuke Undead: As cleric 8, 1/5 rounds
Vessel of Emptiness: Use the flicker shadowcaster mystery as a Su ability 1/day