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Katerina Geronikolou as Kate Roussos.jpg
  • Name: Katerina (Kate) Roussos
  • Rite Name: Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
  • Breed: Homid
  • Auspice: Philodox
  • Tribe: Black Fury
  • Concept: Environmental Activist


Appearance: Kate has the classic Mediterranean features: olive skin, wavy black hair, large dark eyes―although the latter sometimes have a lupine-yellow glint in the right light. She's compact and tough-looking, and although she isn't gay she's deliberately cultivated a "butch" style to intimidate and disconcert opponents across the negotiating table. She usually dresses in tough, practical clothing―cargo pants, hiking boots, and tank tops that show off her muscled arms. In wolf form, she has the typical black fur of her tribe, with white socks.

Background: Kate is the daughter of Greek immigrants and grew up in Boston's South End neighborhood. She did not take the discovery of her true nature well at first―to put it mildly. After a rough Rite of Passage (one cub was killed, another mauled), she told the local sept in no uncertain terms to leave her the hell alone. Even at 13, Kate was strong-willed.

(The sept alpha, who happened to be Kate's grandmother, chose her Rite Name: Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. Kate didn't get the reference at the time; years later she would exclaim "that BITCH!" in the middle of an English Lit class.)

Although she's mostly shunned Garou society until recently, Kate has long since become reconciled to being a werewolf. And even come to enjoy it, somewhat―loping through the wilderness in Lupus form has become a favorite way to relax. For awhile during her college years she'd tease her fellow students with brief nighttime glimpses of her, giving rise to dorm room tales of "the Black Wolf of Wellesley". She never hurt anyone and it was all in fun―until some local hunters heard about it. Bullets still hurt even when they're not silver. She has since become much more circumspect.

Sensing the growing influence of the Wyrm, Kate got involved in environmental activism in college. She graduated from Wellesley College last spring with a degree in poli sci, planning to make a career as an activist and, eventually, lobbyist. Meanwhile, an internship with the Sierra Club branch protesting fracking at the Bakken Formation seemed like a good use of her summer....



  • Strength •••
  • Dexterity ••
  • Stamina ••


  • Charisma •••
  • Manipulation ••••
  • Appearance •••


  • Perception •••
  • Intelligence •••
  • Wits ••



  • Athletics ••
  • Brawl •
  • Dodge •
  • Empathy •
  • Expression •••
  • Intimidation •
  • Subterfuge ••


  • Animal Ken ••
  • Drive ••
  • Etiquette •••
  • Leadership ••••
  • Survival ••


  • Investigation •
  • Linguistics (Greek) •
  • Occult •
  • Politics •



  • Contacts (environmental activists) •••
  • Resources •
  • Rites •
  • Totem •


  • Persuasion (Charisma + Subterfuge)
  • Truth of Gaia (Intelligence + Empathy)
  • Sense Wyrm (Perception + Occult)

Other Traits[edit]


  • Glory
  • Honor •••
  • Wisdom


Rage •••

Gnosis ••

Willpower ••••


  • Greet the Moon
  • Hunting Prayer

Freebie Points[edit]

  • Strength +1 (5)
  • Subterfuge +1 (2)
  • Athletics +2 (4)
  • Background: Totem +1 (1)
  • Gnosis +1 (2)
  • Willpower +1 (1)