Nina, Daughter of Oberon

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"Little is known of this elusive Princess of Amber.

She and her twin Sister Emilie live in a exclusive shadow Realms of Adagalasck that few have entered.

She is known there as Lady of Water. Mistress of the cold wind of the north."

Heirs And Spares-Tome of King Random

Lineage and Youth[edit]

Nina ag Oberon ak Relasa Adkefey and her sister Emilie ag Oberon ak Relasa were born of a brief union between Oberon and a Queen of Adagalasck. Relasa, born of an arranged union of Adask and Fey, combined the powers and royal linage of bother races.

There are tales of a tempestuous relationship between Oberon Queen Relasa, the last ruling Queen of The Four Winds. Oberon, and Outworld King, did not handle well the role of lesser monarch beside Relasa. When she perished in battle Oberon briefly brought his two daughters to Amber. They stoop out as particularly odd, not jut in appearance but in powers from the fairly mild princes and princesses of the royal family.

The sisters became close to the young princes Julian and Caine. While not exactly shunned in Amber, they were not popular.

After several years in Amber they disappeared over night. Though not entirely forgotten, No portraits of them existed in the public halls. a family grimoire in the restricted section of the Library of amber is all that was all that spoke of them. They were not included in the King Oberon Trumps, nor originally in the King Random Deck.

The rumors at the time were that Oberon removed them as threats to the safety of Amber and a disruption of the shadows by their reflections.

Other rumors were that Nina, Emilie, Julian, and Canine had entered into some form of Adagalasck union that violated the Consanguinity Laws of Amber.

Adask / Fey Heritage[edit]

Queen Relasa, the last ruling Queen of The Four Winds, was descended of a line of Royalty that had long been in control of Adagalasck. Her parents were King Raktar the Adask and Queen Shulsi the Fey in a complicated pairing that is repeated often unifying the royal families of the realm.

The Fey and the Adask royal families intermarry to provide a monarch eligible to hold the throne. The mot powerful coupling deemed the most secure to reign.

Nina and her sister Emilie, born twins, each strongly reflected one half Relasa's heritage. Nina born Adask and Emilie born Fey. Their father, Oberon of Amber, gave them an Amber heritage but was never comfortable serving as a the lesser of Monarchs to Relasa.

While instructing the children in the Powers of the Stairs, a year after seeing them though the Squiggle Inscription Relasa suffered a mgical effect sickness that Happened quickly. Oberon was unable to solve the problem and she died.

Battle of the Winds[edit]

Queen Relasa, the last ruling Queen of The Four Winds, was descended of a line of Royalty that had long been in control of Adagalasck.

When she suffered a magical sickness she passed away without a clear heir.

The war that followed was brutal and took many years but in the end solidified into a 4 part rulership of the realms.