Nolen Xel

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A PC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Male Trill
Environment: Homeworld
Upbringing: Science and Technology (accepted)
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Cryptography/Intelligence Officer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 11 / 11
Determination: 1 / 3
Phaser Type-1 Attack: 5 Damage Dice (Charge, Hidden 1)
Unarmed Attack: 4 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 1
Daring 9 Conn 4
Fitness 8 Security 3
Insight 9 Engineering 3
Presence 8 Science 4
Reason 12 Medicine 2


Cautious: Science: Whenever you attempt a Task with Science, and you buy one or more d20s by spending Momentum, you may re-roll a single d20.
Intense Scrutiny: Whenever you succeed at a Task using Reason or Control as part of an Extended Task, you may ignore up to two Resistance for every Effect rolled.
Intuitive Codebreaker: The PC knows many codes, and enough about cryptography and mathematics to be able to decipher unfamiliar codes quickly. During Extended Tasks to break code, the character may always use Reason + Science and benefits from the Triumphant and the Progression 1 benefits. In addition, she may make the very first check to progress on the Work Track after just a single minute of reading or listening to the code, regardless of how much time is normally needed for an Interval. Finally, setback Complications (p. 91 of the Core book) incurred by this character have only half their usual effect (ie. 2 work lost or +1 resistance)
Joined: You have a symbiont, with lifetimes of memories to draw upon. Once per mission, you may declare that a former host had expertise in a relevant skill or field of study; you gain a single Focus for the remainder of the scene, as you draw upon those memories. Additionally, you gain a Trait with the name of the Symbiont; this reflects potential advantages of the Joining, the ability to perform rites and rituals to awaken past hosts’ memories, and the vulnerabilities inherent in the connection.


Emergency Medicine
Small Craft


Doing the Right Thing is Never Easy
I See What Others Don't
Mathematics is the Music of Reason
Sucker for a Pretty Face


Ensign Nolen Xel is a slim, tow-headed young Trill. Slight of frame, he seems almost too fragile and youthful to be wearing the grey uniform of a Starfleet intelligence officer. He recently graduated from the Academy and at the tender age of 21, he has come aboard the Eclipse on his first assignment as the ship’s cryptography officer and resident mathematician.

He grew up on Trill, where his parents were both professors (his mother, a mathematician; his father, an engineer). At an early age he displayed a formidable aptitude for STEM disciplines, further enhanced by parents eager to nurture their son's abilities. He surprised his parents by his application to Starfleet Academy, but they supported his decision, and he remains close to them.

He is the seventh host of the Xel symbiont. When its previous host, Lenara Xel, died, Nolen – then a nineteen-year-old Academy cadet – was recalled to Trill for the Joining. It was felt that with the previous host having been a Starfleet officer who had been joined at a similarly young age, the two would function well together. Following the Joining, Nolen Xel returned to the Academy.

He was assigned to the USS Haller for his midshipman’s cruise. While serving, Nolen developed a new EPS power distribution algorithm for the ship’s computer. Although only applicable to ships the size of a runabout or smaller, it was a change easily implemented to all Starfleet ships that increased their available power by seven percent. He received a commendation for his work. (Life Events: Breakthrough or Invention; Special Commendation)

During the same training voyage, he worked with Miki Shimizu and programmed a holodeck simulation for her so she could test her hypothesis about the origins of an unknown disease impacting Federation colonists. This required him to disable the holodeck’s safety protocols to test Miki’s theory, leading to a (mis)adventure for the two.

Miki was reunited with Xel in the final part of her cadet training – a practice military exercise in the wilderness lands outside Outpost 7, on planet Perse. This was cut short as the outpost was attacked by what appeared to be Orion mercenaries. The Starfleet marines were quickly overrun, and the base captured. But a small group of cadets, led by Miki and Xel, with a mixture of bravery and cleverness, managed to board and disable the enemy starship, uncovering a Cardassian plot to foment disunity between members of the Federation.

Nolen Xel has graduated as an ensign and a well-rounded officer. He can be shy and quiet around others, though he becomes animated when discussing the things that are of interest to him – mathematics, cryptography, and his other cerebral interests. He is intensely curious and will inject himself into as many projects involving science, engineering, computers, or mathematics that he can. He also has a passion for flying, particularly shuttlecraft, though it is one he rarely gets to indulge outside of the holodeck. He has an almost freakish ability to spot and decipher patterns in numbers. To Nolen, mathematical constructs - codes, manifolds, equations - are a language, one he can easily understand. He is the most gifted natural codebreaker Starfleet has seen in a generation.

Previous Hosts of the Xel Symbiont[edit]

Host Number Name (Sex) Born Joined Died Profession/Notes Focuses
6 Lenara (F) 2270 2285 2350 Starfleet Communications & Intelligence Officer Covert Operations, Cryptography, Diplomacy, HTH Combat, Larceny, Linguistics
5 Emory (F) 2225 2255 Criminal - Burglar and art thief
4 ? Professor of theoretical physics
3 Namasi Self-sabotaging personality, musician of the Trill Global Theater Company, incurable romantic
2 ?
1 Jaara Thinks out loud, grandmotherly, intuitive

Relationships with other PCs[edit]

His previous host, Lenara Xel, mentored Vidya Kol.

Worked with Miki Shimizu aboard the USS Haller; Academy clasmates.