Non-Partisan Anti-Agolith Association

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A small circumstance in Jeweled Amber


The Agoliths are people of a Shade of Amber, Agolia, that gained access to the true realm of Amber due to manipulations of their shadow of the Jewel of Judgment that made a connection with the true Jewell in Amber.

All the people in Amber are reflected there but they are half the original's height. New births in Amber are often reflected in Ambolia as well as new non-shadow births. Heralds for some reason are delegated the responsibility to determine if a new birth is a Shade Birth or a New Birth.

Their appearances in Amber are infrequent due the the uncomfortable relation of them to members of the kingdom of Amber but they do manage a trading arrangement with several merchant houses trading in small items for big items.

Shadow walkers from Agolia travel among shadows where they are of the normal height.

Agolians get along poorly with the Hookas.

In Amber there has been a few considerable problems that have caused anger and resentment against them for which many in Amber feel bad about. As if they were supporting the kicking of puppies. Many Amberites consider them adorable, at least till they meet their own shadow in half their height.

Agoliths in Amber[edit]

The association was founded in the 17th year of King Random's reign.

It began as a cafe group angry at the arrival of Agolith members of the Agolia Royal Family requiring royal rights. In time the organization grew in size, and went underground as an anti-Agolith propaganda movement. Despite the sound of the name and some interactions with law enforcement, the group has never been more then a drinking and social group. Its members taking the original purpose of the group as a tongue and cheek kind of joke.

In fact there are a considerable number of Agolith in the organization because as they put it, The disliked a number of Agoliths

In time few people admitted they were members, despite many people being part of it at one point in time. It is somewhat embarrassing.

Known Members[edit]

  • Prince Caine of Amber
  • Prince Arloxedra of Amber
  • Duke William Feldane
  • Lady Helene du Sarn