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North Vale is the furthest north region on the east side of the continent of Amber. It is bordered by Arden on the west, the Great Shoals on the north, the Coral Road Sea on the east and the River Ob on the south.

The city of Rundal is the northern most major city with a population that fluctuates around 40,000 with a similar number of people in outlaying small holdings. A large community of migrant laborers is active in the North Vale. House Arasel is the Baronial family based at Rundal

The Jeweled Road ends its northern spur at Rundal.

An agricultural similar to Scandinavia includes potato and tuber plants. Varieties of cold weather vegetables found throughout shadow have been transplanted her to feed the growing population of Amber. Many villages and farmsteads have communal gardens with dense growths of herbs. The vast herb gardens give the region above the Ober a slightly herby smell that many find pleasant. Residents of North Vale produce a great many specialized herb products such as soaps.

Fishing, a usually cold weather industry, is mostly managed by Rebmans, though a few deep sea hard fight fishing vessels sail out of Rundal.

The Great City of Ober is the main city in the North Vale. It deals with the lumber industry for Amber as well as one of the northern sea routes out of cold water shadows.

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