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Adledross is a sunny sky world.
East is mountain range of clear inhabited dwellings. Crowds of watchers from far balconys look down on the arriving armies.
The 5000 amberites are one of 5 Armies.
Upon arrival wearing green and white one piece outfits they all regain their memories and included in them is 12 years of Rasak.
Jurt falls to his knees screaming. He isn't the only one.
In time a man who looks like someone from a history book she ignored in class comes and address the 5000 Amberites as they gather their wits about them.
"Amberites! Welcome to the Battleground of Adledross"
"You'll take the Northern camp there" He points with a baton. "Its rocky but flat, between the rocks you'll see running water. Establish water discipline, latrine positions are marked, set them up. Diamond formation for camps. You, Jurt, take your cohort on the north side. You, Kablin, take your 2nd cohort right of 1st Cohort. You, Traxton, take the 3rd next. "
Jurt stands a bit stunned to have been given command over a thousand Amberites. "Dandilar, you take 4th cohort and take 4th spot.. Alvah, take the 5th cohort to that section of blue trees. You'll have the northern border."
"The army to your right are from the Empire of the Reskara. The other armies on this eastern edge are not necessarily your enemies. They are fellow competitors. Your army will not gain points toward victory by fighting fellow competitors but you may engage them to fight over resources. Remember they are not necessarily your foes."
Looking down the vast rocky plain before the massive forest line are seen an army of 5000 making a similar camp and receiving a similar speech. They are a collection of groups of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, bugbears and minotaurs. Alvah can't help but think they look like people form a middle earth movie
"The middle force ar the Kzin. They are fierce cat like warriors. Next are the Doodledru, a Vinceanan racial group. Lastly, newcomers to Adledross, a force of Tosian-Yorkists and members of CHAD."
"Points are garnered by the collection of supplies. the defeat of foes. Negotiation and accommodation with foes in non-violent agreements are also counted towards victory conditions. Force Commanders will be changed at irregular times to simulate the deaths of members of the command staff."
"Supplies will be regularly provided at this base camp, and my be transferred forward but resources will be provided along the way. "When you are slain, you will be translated to this spot, so it would be wise as you move forward to leave a force to maintain home base rotating elements forward with supplies.
"You will have four days to establish camp before the battle commences. Meet your neighbors if you wish. Each of you will have a Adledross Liaison and an Observer. The Observer is not required to answer questions. I will be the Amberite's Liaison. My name is Belisarius. I answer to Belis or Liason. "
"You are dressed in the basic military garb of your realm. Weapons, armors, supplies will be found in the west. The first force to reach the ocean wins valuable victory points but does not necessarily win the competition.
"I will not wish you good luck. Luck is undependable. I will wish you honorable battle. Honor is undependable as well but is under your control, which luck is not. Now... Make camp.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah would not be different then others. Falling to the ground her fingers digging in the earth beneath her. A primal scream of pain, mental, physical and emotional. Filled with a new found fire and fury within her.
To say it was hell was downplaying it. But she feels ready now for more on her path.
Fighting with teeth and claw.

Michael James Watson
Jurt looks to Alvah, eyes wide. He's never been in command of an army, nor more then drunken revelers and the occasional adventuring company or raid group. But he was taught.
"First Cohort, assemble by your Rasak numbers. Companies of 50, 20 companies. You will pair up with your nearest Rasak number. Assemble. After Assembly we will pitch tents, establish water and latrine discipline. I can see some features of thos roccky ground is designed for run off. Lets not collect water from down hill of the latrines please! Casseli, Drem, Franks, to me, for cohort command staff. Go!! go!! "
The other commanders issue similar orders.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah joins in with the same orders first things first camps need to be made. She observes for a moment who is in her cohort what kind of types they are.
Alvah conciders who she might point out to have in command. From working alone to commanding an army there is a big difference but she will manage the knowledge is there. She trusts her instinct if they would have helped in the marines then they will in an improved state help here.
Alvah scans her group for several type of strengths wanting them mostly represented. The tanks, the front fighters, the sneaky predators, teh facilitators.

Michael James Watson
Several hours pass. A 8' Orc, with green scaly hide comes to the edge of the encampment, near Alvah's cohort.
One of the tropers reports that a representitve from the Reskara wishes to parley.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah while giving orders and suggestions preparing the camp and sending people back and forth to check on the other cohorts, to keep it all a bit in unison and if they need help, she moves to the edge of the encampment with two people she trusts enough with her.
Greeting the green guy at the border

Michael James Watson
Another representive comes to the campline as the Orc is waiting. She is a short fierce looking woman with long unkept hair. It looks like she has torn part of her shirt to make a headband to hold her hair back. She also wants to parlay.
The orc says his name is Gaxal of the Red Foot. They want to ally on the first month. The woman says she is Geata, of the Tosians. They are open to alliences as well. She also said she was attacked while trying to make contact with the Kzin.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright Gaxal of the Red Foot, Geata, of the Tosians. I will call the other commanders and we can talk." Alvah points to one of the two with her to get Jurt and the others or someone that can join in on the conversation."
She looks Geata over.
"Are you hurt?"

Michael James Watson
Geata scowls a look that clearly her face hace grown making as is clear from the scowl. line, "Ak? Hurt by a Kzin? They are just smart kresh, and ilve killed thousands and thousands of kresh. I killed 300 in one battle.. I think they were experiencing the same disorientation we were. We went through Yorkian Total Warrior endurance trials while you went top Rasak. I applied for Rasak but Fortunadus asked me to do TW instead. I plan to get Rasak some day..Gaxal of hte Red Foot, our interest in alliances extend to you as well. "
Gaxal,"O? Yet you passed 4 armies, including ours to talk to these Amberies, why? "
She says, "I live in Amber currently. Have fought there in the street battles against the Puma Cults and at Port Tosa against the Clemens criminal contingent at the Harbor of Amber. I don't like Kzin, and the Dooddleroo look crazy as hell. And frankly Gaxal, your forces looks like they are seperating to fight each other first"
Gaxal .looks back, takes a few steps. Yells guttural curses.
"Amberite! I came in good faith and you received me in good faith. I must return to my command before the diseased dwarves attack. We will have time to bargin in the year ahead. Remember i came in good faith. Ah... You as well Geata. Let us bargain in the future."
He waits for a response but then quickly runs to his command as the orc group of 500 look like a dwarf unit of 500 are setting up barricades to attack them
Geata says, "I can't imagine what kind of training they went through before coming here. Must have been a racially directed training..They will be a handful"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds her hand up in a goodbye to Gaxal and watches him leave.
She then turns to Geata.
"So you come to see if we can work together hm? I'm Alvah, come lets see if the rest is available." Alvah nods with her head that she should follow her. She then tells others to keep an eye out for more that wish to talk. And warn her if there are.
She then walks towards the other cohort spaces. Checking if she can at least find Jurt as she does not want to do negotiations alone.

Michael James Watson
Geata sees Jurt as you walk toward him
"Well rape a rock, Thats Thin Whip....Amber sent Thin Whip to Rasak? By all means..."
Jurt is talking to company commanders nods seeing you are walks over.
"Well, Alvah...I'd hoped we would get to relax but this is going to be tough,. ..ah...Rock Eater? the fangs of the serpent.,...What a surprise.. Is your husband around?"
"no.. He is with troops on the Jeweled Road. I propose as we move forward we keep in communication on goods and resources"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Jurt and shrugs
"i think we are going to relax when we are on the coast line of the ocean. But since when are we here to relax. Got to keep moving! "
As Jurt and Geata talk clearly knowing eachother Alvah turns to keep an eye out on the troups.
She doesn't mind having part of the command as much but she feels like her eyes need ot be everywhere.
Turning back she nods back to her side of the camp
"One of the other camps came as well Galax an orcish type. He wanted to speak about alliance, but he had to return as things were going south i his own camp. What i understand from Geata here is that the Kzin are not in the mood to play nice with others. "
Alvah turns to Geata
then looks at Jurt "you okey with that?"

Michael James Watson
Geata nods. "CHAD's deal with Amber doesn't extend here. However, we are in a better position to cooperate then the others. I'll return to my command. we will see each other on the way west"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Always good to know there is room to talk and work together in a way. We will see what the rest is going to be doing. " Alvah asks the one that was from her cohort tagging along, to escort Geata neatl to the border of the encampment to make it all look a bit professional.
She then turns to Jurt
"So we got a plan of attack? Or none attack.. what route do we want to take?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "i've been here as long as you have. Oh...someone is coming. "
A man in an old rumbled green military suit coat of a distinctly pre-victorian look.
He says "Amberites. I am your liaison. You may call me Bones. Your advocate is Percy. He will be along in time. Commanders assemble. " He lays out a map.
"This is the Battle Realm. We are in the east, in this square. You will march west to the sea here. Within a day's march straight ahead you will find vig cherries, as well as tubers, dried wood, and other resources.. There are also a few enemy troops in the area. You may call me once a week. I may show up to watch. I will certainly visit your fires and camps. You may call your advocate if you think some foul has been committed. There are only a few rules. You will discover them if you break them. Your commanders will be changed monthly or if they fall in battle. Your Senior commander will have the final say in all matters of assignment., alliances and discipline though any may be delegated, except command authority. As you defeat foes you will gather armor and weapons. Your first senior commander will be Cadet Alvah. Any questions?"

Amber Bronkhorst
A bit shocked she has senior command for now but she tries not to show it.
"No sir it is clear. "
She looks to the others.

Michael James Watson
The morning dawns foggy as the troops head out. The sneaky types leading ahead. The 5 cohorts spread out in their companies, a open order fomation with skermishers in the lead and sneaky types going out far in front.
The sneaky types come back with word. about 20 miles in is a large meadow. It is piled with produce. Meats, Vegis, cheeses. tons of it.
But on the other side are some blue armored creatures keeping eyes on the meadow

Amber Bronkhorst
Receiving report of the produce in the meadow and the waiting blue armored creatures, Alvah conciders it is clearly a trap. Discussing with the other commanders she suggest a plan .
"We move around the meadow, set up camp on different points, give the impression we want to flood the meadow by pure force from all sides. Lets see the reaction of the blue armored force from there.
While they are focussed on the camps being set up the stealth team will go in. I want commanding officers of the blue armored group incapacitated, the second or thirds in command i want poisoner for questioning. "
Alvah looks about the group.
"agreed? suggestions? additions?"

Michael James Watson
An soldier comes up and says, "My cousin is an Elite and he said these places are common, and that foemen are often teleported right before them"
THe blue creatures seem to be smashing the food on their side with great delight

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"alright then, they are resources we can use, So lets not pass it up. Same plan we move up to them three sides. keep them busy fight them. The best defenders up front the ones dealing quickest and most damage to the sides. The stealth team still gets to pick off the commanders of the foemen.
Cause chaos and disarray among their ranks. Make them spread out more.
Last team, grab the resources that you can reach while the rest keeps them busy. "
Alvah turns to the commanders and nods
"lets get some goods. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt comes up, "ah, we have a few magic uses like myself, otherwise it s that friggin pile of wood against armored owlbears"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah throws up her hands
"right weaponry... fuck... armored owlbears... How fast are they moving in those armors? they are trained in them i assume but how adaptable are they to their agility? Cause we need to pick them off bit by bit then. "
Alvah gets a more sinister look
"or if they can't stand heat... see if we can cook them in those armors. we have wood. we have magic users... if we create a cloud of burning ash their way... "
She then grins at Jurt
"but that is just one of the ideas we can do. "
"Another idea, make traps. With the wood around. Obfuscate the traps with smoke at night lure them out with sounds. Take them out group by group. That way we can gather their weapons. Arm ourselves. See if their armor is usable for us. "
Alvah smiles
"Less gruesome and doable believe. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt, "Ah, at night? They are making our provender in soup now. Now, i like soup, but not with rocks. "

Amber Bronkhorst
"Right, so we need to move fast. Well, Jurt, do you have suggestions? We have minimum to work with. Armored foemen. I am open for magic solutions as well "

Michael James Watson
"I have two ideas right off." He raises the sign of the logrus and slides his hands in grunts several time.
"Wherever this p!ace is its tough. I couldn't conjure nor use logrus tendrils. But my spells look fine. Second idea."
A moment later he starts shifting into a black leopard of huge size. He bounds across the field as fast as a train raging into the pioneers,who having no silver or magic weapons, can not harm him

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods at the logrus and the idea of spellwork.
Then seeing Jurt change she is surprised especially seeing the big black leopard storming off.
"Well yeah that works to... did not concider shapeshifting."

Michael James Watson
He looks like a large cat jumping around in a box of mice, tossing them into the air, ripping them apart. One of the commanders orders his cohort to cross the media fast

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah orders her cohort to keep the sides in check and another part to move to the provisions bringing them in to the rest of the army. Just like with weapons and anything useful.
She does look appreciative to Jurt, that looks like fun. And she is grateful he helped her out.

Michael James Watson
Once third Legion reaches the owl
bears they grab th downed mauls and wade in.
In the end about 60 are killed
Take from the encounter is 60 mauls, 60 hand axes, 60 sets of owl bear heavy plate armor. 60 heavy fur cloaks.
Jurt walks over covered in gore, smiling a genuine smile.
"Damn it been a long time since I engaged in wholesale slaughter. Forgot how fun it can be. Ah..let me see one of those mauls"
He transmitted material into a twin handed blade. Taking s moment he rehangs the spell.
"at least I can still hang spells. Alright. Mon general, I suggest 12 sets per cohort."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins wide, not realizing she would enjoy seeing a huge leopard going to town like that.
"well if you enjoy it so much, don't hesitate do it more, it sure did look like fun." A tiny tone of jealousy could be heard in her voice. "ANd you looked good while doing that" She says with a bigger grin.
Alvah looks over the weapons.
"It is not much but it is a good start for now, at least we have something more to defend and attack. Lets divide the things amongst our troops. At least now we have some weapons, armor and supplies we can get some more things done."
Looking at Jurt as he changes the material she raises her eyebrows
"alright. that works too. 12 sets per cohort agreed. "
Alvah grins wider
"Who knew it could be so much fun being the boss over you." She ends her sentence with a playful wink.

Michael James Watson
"I'm flexible. But things change her so don't let it go yo yo guy r head!" Winking.
"It really has been a long time since I took my animal form. The Forvalaka is a formidable beast. -"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Heh this place is good for you in multiple ways,,, but yeah formidable beast, and i'm saying that as someone who does not particularly likes cats."
Alvah then shrugs
"I don't let things get to my head. Don't worry just enjoying bossing around instead of being bossed around."
She steps closer ot Jurt and whispers
"thanks for jumping into action, i really was at a loss for a moment what to do. Kind off suck at giving orders."

Michael James Watson
"Thats one of the reason the Adledross picked you. I understand its their manner. "
One of the troopers comes up and reports. "Nearly everything is in baskets with shoulder loops."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Eh well happy it rotates at a point. Letting people follow me like at your club easy enough. This...pfff but okey can't complain."
She looks up hearing the report she nods.
"Alright then divide the load evenly those that carry food give a part of their pack to others.
Send ths group of scouts ahead as well. We need to keep.moving as long as we got light. I don't want fo camp out at the meadow."
She looks at Jurt... and leans in.
"Right? You agree?."

Michael James Watson
"As Grant said, its better to flank then retreat. Lets move."
Going to his cohort he issues orders for the march. Moving through brush is slow but stead as the forest is filled with opening, meadows, for camping. One of the other cohorts has a minor mage who flys up. When he does Jurt follows suit, takign his chaos form and flying up. The two confer then return to earth.
Landing near Alvah he says, "the forest lightens after tomorrow. then its rolling hills for hundreds of miles. fairly easy going but when we reach the hills i recommend we stop and make wagons. The woods here are good for that and ahead the copses of trees may not have a lot of straight wood. I don't want to depend on magic but at this point its useful. I have a spell that renders wood into useful pieces. I usually use it on shipping pallets but it will work on trees too. And we have hand axes for finishing work.
The second night Jurt has his troops stop set up on the edge of the hilly land and start felling trees. He starts making travioses and small wagons.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and let Jurt put his plan into action. Wagons would help greatly along the lines.
While the troops of Jurt are making the wagons.
Alvah moves along the others. Keeping an eye out as she moves along the people guarding the edges of their encampments.
She also passes along Jurt and his troops checking how things go.

Michael James Watson
Two days pass building wagons and travois. on the second day a pickets come in and report a large company of orcs approaching. at least 5 hundred, coming up from the south.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah calls Jurt and the other commanders of the cohorts to her.
"My suggestion is to check if this is the group that Galax of the Red Foot is with. they were willing to ally themselves with us. So if that is them we can perhaps come to an agreement. Pass over hte hills with joined forces would not be bad. what do you all think?"

Michael James Watson
Ashort time later Galax and 20 of his troop are led into the meadow with all the wagon works.. He and his men have fire harden spears.
Jurt turns to one of his subcommanders, "Tell them to find good wood for spears, like the rattan we are making the travois out of but maybe pine.."
Galax raises a hand. "Hail amberites. My band fended off some kind of massive pigs. The diseased dwarves are trying to tame them to ride, which shows their diseased minds. I have 500 spearman at this point. may I put my troops in camp south of this clearing, and march along west with you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds up her hand
"Hey there, Galax of the Red Foot. "
She moves closer to them
"Some giant pigs you say, earlier we had some blue owlbear like creatures. And that would be a sight, dwarves riding giant pigs. "
She looks over the troop that Galax has with him,
"South, yes no problem set up camp there. We can move together along the hillsides. We move further when preparations are done."
Alvah looks over to Jurt
"any estimation when that would be?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "Tavois are mostly ready. Wagons will be tomorrow. Galax....Im guessing your didn't find a food stash like we did?"
"We have a couple dozen of the pigs before the diseased dwarves started riding them. "
Jurt says, "Commander, i should go flying. Get a look at these pigs.. see what lays ahead, my cohort is busy with wood Working projects. This bounty will hold us for a few days, consider us 5000 and 500 of Galax's crew."
Galax, "I thought to seize food here but make talk instead.. better.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Jurt
"yes you go up and look around. Prepare a plan for how we best can move when the wagons are ready with the group of us. While you are at it, can you send out a group of scouts to cover some ground and see if there might be more in the form of food or water around."
She turns to Galax
"well you still wanted to form an alliance right? no better time for that i guess. I assume you command your forces? "

Michael James Watson
"I command the Red Foot. Our Emperor send bands here to make us work together but it only leads to more war. I don't speak for any others in the empire."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods while looking pensive over the troops.
"good to know, not good that it only leads to more war. But at least we know then how things can clash between you. "
She looks with a sideways look to Galax
"so how do you see this going, what would you be able to agree on and what are actions which could cause problems between our camps? I like to know before hand before any altrications might happen."

Michael James Watson
"We fight hard west. Stay far from diseased dwarves. Share finds. Drive foes into you. Humans head south to tiger people. Elves running days ahead. 2 hands of years, orcs not reach west water. Red foot will. Guard flank, share finds. Win. Prize great.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Very well, we share finds, you guard the flank. And we will reach the west waters, together."
Alvah smiles at Galax and gives a firm nod
"This your orcs will reach the west water. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt lands,"Well, we have archers ahead. And the dwarves are riding hip pigs. Fierce fighters, domesticatable, big things. 3 or 5 feet tall. Fast strong. Not big enough for us but excellent draft animals. The dwarves have about a hundred but the are several hundred about a days march ahead of them. If we make a strong push southwest we could cut the dwarves off and take them

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah conciders it looks at Galax then to Jurt.
"Sounds good strong push southwest. It will later surely help to have those pigs.
Those archers, are we bound to run into them? Or can we move around? "
Alvah thinks
"Though i wouldn't mind having bows on our side. Maybe if on the way we can make shielding against arrows we can take on the archers easier."

Michael James Watson
Galax asks" how far archers? How far pigs?"
Jurt answers," 12 hours hard march east 12 hours hard march southwest.."
He ponders. "Adleits say dead start back. 3 days back. You people fear death? You people run? 200 mine 200 yours, spears. 200 mine 200 yours run to death Take hard both. 200 mine 200 yours run hard hit diseased dwarves. Take bows. Capture pigs. Slow dwarves. Wait at pigs for the dead."
Jurt says' "audacious."
An amber commander says ," wait here. We can finish wagons and protect food. We send 400 slower to the bring back the pigs. They would have a couple days to domesticate them a bit."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head
"We do not fear death but why inconvenience ourselves with it if other solutions can be made."
SHe ndos to the amber commander
"that sounds like a plan. use the wagons and when the pigs are domesticated it makes traveling easier. "
She looks at Jurt
"We can make a run for the bows ofcourse, with you helping out." she grins a bit wider
"But a quick strike take the bows. use the stealth team perhaps. But those bows will come in handy in the long run. Still i think if we have something of simple shielding against the first barrage of arrows it would make a quick strike easier."

Michael James Watson
jurt nods, "I'll sort out the troops. 200 stealthy for the archers, 200 strong for the pigs. 200 fast for the dwarves?

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Great thank you, Jurt. For to the dwarves depends what the best tactics is to use against them. What is their fighting style and how can we easily overthrow them? IF that is with also quick strikes, then yes fast team for dwarves. slow them down and come back. then the rest of us can slowly start marching forwards."

Michael James Watson
Galax says, "Dwarves tend to hit and move. Not stay in place. Hit 2, 3, 4 times then move, let another hit them.. Makes it hard to just nail one down. "
He looks at the sun, "quick time... ah...tell troops not to kill dwarves.. not supposed to. rules.. but slow themm"
He runs off and starts yelling at his troops who divide quickly into 3 groups.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and looks to Jurt
"Oh right not suppose to kill them. So just slow them down. "
Alvah moves to the rest of the troops checking how things are going.
She is still not fully comfortable in her position as commander but at least she tries to be there for the troops and be seen.
Alvah conciders that she is lucky with Jurt by her side in command.

Michael James Watson
From among the legion 600 are chosen for speed. While all are excellent at running of course, some excel.

Amber Bronkhorst
The 600 will be divided in 3 groups. One that is focusses on speed and stealth against the archers, on which the stronger fighter for against the pigs and the rest will go to the dwarves.

Michael James Watson
The orcs assemble and Galax says he will go with the dwarf force to keep discipline of his troops in the face of the diseased dwarves.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"Wise choice Galax. " she turns to Jurt
"Are you staying here or joining the group against the archers. ? "

Michael James Watson
"I best go to the Archers. Ive a wind spell hung and can distract them. That does leave you herding pigs or staying here."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins
"I'll trust that herding pigs is a job the troops can handle, i'll start the march west when all is ready. We will meet up again soon enough. And this way if anything is needed or decisions need to be made, i'll be at a central point."
Alvah adresses the other commanders
"If you need assistance, backup or anything send a runner to us. "

Michael James Watson
The three groups set out to meet their objective, whit one of the other commanders leading the pig herding detail while Alvah moves the rest of the army forward. The travoises were ready but the wagon need another day so troopers pack the travois heavy and carry the rest till the wagons can catch up.
When the Army reaches Jurt and the Archer detail he reports, "Elven archers. Good ones. Even with wind and storm effects, and an occasional hail of toads we lost half our force and nearly all the Orcs. Whatever else you can say about them the Orcs are fierce fighters. Any word from the other groups?""

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah mutters
"Like a freaking fantasy book."
She looks over the remainder of the troops.
"With those losses you were still able to get the bows? "
She then shakes her head
"No nothing yet of the other groups. Hope they will catch up soon. Else we might have to send scouts that way to check."

Michael James Watson
"Well, yes. We killed a good third before they did something unexpected. They have about 400 alive. Their leader wishes to parley"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Parley, well lets have it then. I am willing to talk. No harm can come with that. Gives the troops a bit more time to catch and the others to rest. "
Alvah nods to Jurt
"But no setting up camp just yet, i want to be able to move soon again. Now where is their leader?"

Michael James Watson
A tall lordly elf and three followers are lead in. All are in forest greens. with sliver gear. Upon examination Jurt whistles, and whispers, "Mithril"
The leader bows his head slightly, and says, "I am Finorin of Gondolin. Why do warriors of Amber summon us here to be assaulted? We are friends of Marke, he of Amber."
Alvah realizes he is speaking Thari, not a type of elvish.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods politly
"I am Alvah, and why you have been summoned specifically i do not know. This is a training exercise. "
She then looks at Jurt hearing the name not knowing it she turns back to Finorin.
"Don't know Marke. Does not mean i do not believe you. "
Alvah crosses her arms over each other and titls her head
"So with this i assume you wish to negotiate to seize hostilities towards you?"

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "Marke is Fiona's son. In a Middle Earth world. "You have been summoned by the rulers of Adledross, at the behest of Prince Benedict. They pick forces from across shadow. Your being summoned here must be a coincidence. My understanding is any of the forces we fight that are slain return to the world they were summoned from"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Jurt raising an eyebrow she then nods short
"alright another one of the family then. Thank you. "
She turns back to Finorin,
"He is right. That is what we are told at least, forces get summoned here but when defeated are send back safe and sound. We do not know before hand who might be summoned here. "
Alvah thinks for a moment then says with a slight grin
"look if you wish to get back from where you came we can just do that, defeat you, but i can absolutly see that that is not something you would prefer."
She the ngestures to the troops
"you are also more then welcome to tag along so to say till the end of the exercise but that might take some time. Or do you have another option in mind."

Michael James Watson
"It is not in the nature of the Noldo to commit suicide, even if it means a passage across realms to Valinor. It seems our path is with you till this matte concludes. "
Jurt says, "Hot damn, 400 fully armed Noldorian archers? Yes please. How do your companies stand? "
"After your attack we have just over 400, in branches of 100, if that's what you mean, slayer"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright that sounds good, then welcome to our side, we are moving west, to the coast. "
Alvah grins to Jurt
"Well hot damn, Slayer. happy you didn't slay them all then. " She winks to Jurt,
With a more serious face she turns back to Finorin
"A shame of your people but know they are safely back to where they came from. Is there anything we should know before moving forward?"
She then holds up a hand
"Hey Slayer, heh yeah that is going to stick, we are giving the other army a day to catch up, since we have more people in our army now we need more provisions and space to have them camp with us. "

Michael James Watson
Fin says, "There are trees aplenty to make our rest. We came summoned a goodly way west of her with a compulsion to head east. Would that not be a better course?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Well our objective is to get to the western shore of the continent. What i understood from the orders, we are done from that point. The reason why you were summoned there and had a compulsion to go east is to encounter the armies moving to the west. "
She looks up to the trees and nods
"very well if that works for you and your people that is great. less sharing of the tents. "
Alvah looks at Jurt
"still leaves the search for extra provisions. "

Michael James Watson
as the army comes back together there is a collection of things that occur close to each other.
First is the pig group who return with about two hundred pigs. Alvah see that in body they are much like pigs but with more oxenlike legs. They are mostly in the 5' range. Jurt gets his people to hooking up harnesses for the wagons. They take to it well freeing up troopers from being beasts of burden.
Second is the return of the Orc contingent. The Amber commander reports, "Galax was killed in the combat. We hit Them and they hade nearly 800 dwarves. I don't know what Galax said but i saw no disease. We took very few casualties but the Orcs were annihilated. We brought back about 50 of them. We were supposed to slow them down and arrayed to hold them but the orcs just attacked. I guess sending them back is a delay. Enough survived to make raiding the bodies difficult. Ranky I don't trust Galax much. "
Third is the Elves seeing the Orcs. They all come bows readuy, aiming at them, and they wave timber spears back, hundreds to a small group, Fin yells, "Take Aim and hold fire! Commander? What are these nasty creatures doing coming into your camp?'

Amber Bronkhorst
First thing Alvah is just happt that it makes transportation so much easier and hopefully the march to the west smoother.
Second thing Alvah listens to the report and concern does grow.
"Great, it is clear that Galax has his own agenda to be hold on account, that can not damage our objectives! If he turns in to much of a problem we will deal with it."
Alvah holds up her hand to Finorin,
"We struck an alliance with them, travel together. But first a talk is needed." Alvah points to the now leader of theborcs
"Let your troops lower their spears. "
Turning to Finorin
"Let me talk first with their commander, lets lower bows."
Alvah steps to the side gesturing thenorc leader over "You and i talk now!"
Alvah looks for Jurt to join the talk as well. Stepping to a more quiet spot among the camp.

Michael James Watson
Azdrex, says, "My name is Azdrex. Im third of the Red Foot. Galax and Haxat both died. According to the terms they should be rising in the morning and be 5 days hard march behind us. I say we move forward, but i have only a small part of my force.. and... there is a chance the Dwarves and the Red Foot at the place of awakening will fight. The Human Rashaka are certainly avoiding batle and heading forward fast. The Human Reskara and the Dwarf Reskara are allies. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Azdrex.
"I do not know what the plan is of you or Galax. But we have played to Galax his wish to slow down the dwarves. Which clearly didn't happen as agreed on. The slowing down and not killing them. "
Alvah gestures to the rest of the camp.
"The elves we have an agreement with as well. I want no trouble from the rest of you and you can march with us. Cause trouble for us and our paths split. "
Alvah looks to Jurt. A slight look of frustration.
She leans to Jurt "i hate having command. Now lets talk to the Noldorian."
With a firm pace she moves to Finorin.

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "Pity, you have a knack for it"
Fin lowers his bow as do the rest.
"We have an accord. I have spoken to Marke often about the torubles of other worlds... We will abide this circumstance. Though telling that i had marched with Orcs would be entertaining.:

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah glares at Jurt, with a look that could kill she hisses under her breath
"Take that back. I work best alone. Else people will start to expect shit from me."
Then as if a switch turned Alvah has her face neutral pleasant when she looks at Finorin
"It would be quite a story to tell back home then. Lets hope it stays entertaining. "
Alvah then turns to her commanders and troop leaders.
"Alright people just heard others are avoiding fighting which is smart. But makes them move faster. So we head out. I want three scout groups moving ahead. Straight to west, north west and south west. Avoid contact, report resources immediately. Rest of us. Pack up camp and march!"

Michael James Watson
Jurt and the other commanders start sorting out pigs, attaching travois and wagons, and collecting all th food the can. what isn't in cargo is carryed by trooprs.
THe scourt groups, an element of each cohort, heads out as packing continues.
travel seems easier for several days with no encounters. the rolling hills seem endless. The troop sorts its movement out as the dead from the engagements catch up. 5th day out Galax and his second arrive with the bulk of the Orc contingent

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Jurt and nods to him "i want to talk to Galax and his second right now to make sure things doe not escalate. setting thigns straight. you keep an eye on things here?"
Without really waiting to much of an answer from Jurt, Alvah just starts to sprint herself to the side where Galax and his orc contingent arrived, if she spots him she makes it clear right away they need to talk.

Michael James Watson
Galax and Haxat turn as Alvah approach. Both are holding crude but efficient look great axes. They are smiling widely.
Galax says, "Amberite! Fine battles this world.. warweapons for the taking! "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stops before them and raises an eyebrow
"Galax, Haxat, welcome back, a note of warning, more have joined our ranks. The archers, elves, they are now marching with us, just like you. I want no trouble what so ever i have already spoken with Azdrex, and things have run smoothly. I expect the same to continue with your and your group return."
Alvah has a neutral but firm look on her face. She realizes that this has to work if they want to reach the westcoast without trouble.
"So Galax are we in understanding? no random killings, we follow the troops, our main objective reach the westcoast without to much trouble."

Michael James Watson
"Are the Elves Kalonak? If so our paths separate. others, then yes. We fought a band of yellow haired humans.. about 200. slaughtered them. Took chainmail, helms, human boots, knives, and axes.. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose JL Picard style.
"No they are not Kalonak, so we work together."
She nods
"drop the goods of at the carts from there we can dispense it to the right troops where it is needed. no more engaging an enemy without passing it by me or my other commanders. "
Alvah tries to make herself look a bit taller (which might be difficult with her small posture )
"Like i said. no troubles or our paths split."

Michael James Watson
"Right troops have them. We fight when pushed." He walks off to his group, gathering the orcs and goes to where their rowdy army is setting up for the night. There is howling and singing as they jopin up"
Jurt , "Hmmm Mon General, that one will be trouble. We give it a couple months, then slaughter him and his ardent supporters, put number three in charge. He'll never catch up"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands calmly next to Jurt and gives a short nod
"he will as long as the trouble is manageable and not endangering us, else less then a couple of months. They were not afraid to wait for death, so we can even make sure we don't kill them. just leave them somewhere to die. Gives us more time."
When they are out of sight of others Alvah loosens her strong posture and looks sideways to Jurt
"i need a drink. so badly. like copious amounts. and we are not even half way. how do people handle the stress?"

Michael James Watson
"Half way? We are 2 weeks into a 10 month gig. Why do you think Elites are so tough? As for stress relief, there are other things but i suspect we will find booze along the way. Early start tomorrow. push on hard.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Jurt
"yeah like i said not even half way, barely started. But i won't be the commander the whole way thank goodness. Cause seriously heads will roll."
Alvah grins wide
"but i'll behave. Good example and shit. Won't get drunk cause commander for now and stuff."
She pokes Jurt with her elbow
"when done here i'll just go to Thin Whip's and find a willing victim, they seemed willing enough when i was dancing."
ALvah then inhales deeply and nods
"yes early start tomorrow. I'll check if the night watch is prepared then we have to get some rest. "

Michael James Watson
As time goes on and conflicts occur, many battles test the skills and training they received at Rasak. Before Amber her interest in warfare, and combat arts was high, if largely academic but after Rasak its become very hands on.
Bloody strategy and deadly tactics.
Along the way they fought a variety of human troops, a lot of bugbears and owlbears. Giant rats and giant pumas. The Rasakara Humans and elves had veered south for several months leaving the Orcs and Dwarves to bounce off each other on a regular basis.
After 4 months emissaries from the human Rasakara came, with the Dwarf leaders barely cooperating and had a long talk with Galax. In the end the three groups made a unified center push. The humans said they and the elven Rasakara had run into the Kzin and had done poorly against them. They had come to collect the dwarves and orcs to defend themselves from the kzin, hoping the Amberites would keep to a northern path.
A couple encounters devastated the Amberites , the worst being a wing of dragons with wyvern underlings.
Occasionally6 Belisarius and the Observer Percy visited. They often stayed and talked war for hours, moving from fire to fire.
Near the End, after a two month shift as army commander Jurt is greeted by Belisarius he gives him a baton. Jurt looks shocked, and somehow proud and amused.
Still, the force maintained a good steady pace. Jurt created trumps for he and Alvah, and the origin spot. After a battle Jurt or Alvah would transport and open gates to keep the dead from taking months to catch up.
In the 3rd day of the 9th month the morning camp is being broken down when Belisarius enters camp and calls everyone who had served as commanders. Jurt and Alvah go.
"The Kzin have reached the Ocean. The Session is done. In a few moments i will be returning you to your training grounds. You will leave everything behind. Save the two batons I gave out. Finorfin, you were summoned as a contact group by the forces of Addledross. As an extraordinary coincidence the realm placed you opposed to Amberites and you connected to them, fought beside them well. When you return, tell Lord Marke to bring you to Amber. Commander Alvah, will you please tell Prince Benedicit that if he does not send Finorfin to Rasak he is invited here by the Adledross.. You all have fought bravely. Ferewell"
Moments pass and the forces of Amber find themselves back at Rasak, at the main battleground. What they see was not there when they left.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah will have been so glad when the command has been givrn to Jurt instead of her.
She nods to Belisarius
"Yes sir, will do. Thank you for the lessons and opportunity, farewell."
Alvah grins wide to Jurt "hey we did it."
Back at Rasak she looks curiously around.

Michael James Watson
Jurt nods, "So far."