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Nouveau Lyon is one of the larger cities on Beaumonde. It is heavily industrialized. All of the megacorps are represented in Beaumonde, and many smaller companies act as subcontractors to the mega-corps. The city was recently shocked by a terrorist bombing at the Blue Sun Pharmaceuticals plant on the north side of town.

Nouveau Lyon is at the mouth of the great Louisiana River which is one of the great navigable rivers of the planet and 'Verse. At any time, hundreds of ships help transfer goods and raw materials to and from the city.

  • Colonel Ngyuen has his headquarters at the Cordon Vert culinary institute in New Dunsmuir.(First Season episode: Volatility)
  • Toys was in Nouveau Lyon
  • James Brion - Mid-level crook and former Independent Officer runs a chop shop in the bad part of Nouveau Lyon.
  • Summer 2522 - Life on Beaumonde has enjoyed a wealth of investment and influx of activity, many small to medium businesses previously located in more dangerous areas have relocated to the distant Beaumonde in hopes of avoiding conflict. Meanwhile on the moon Hastur, Beaumonde is quietly developing an arsenal of anti-ship weaponry. The last line of defense if an invasion force arrives.