Ogóul's Ring of Spell Storing

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

From the Expert Rules, p. 49: This ring will have 1d6 spells stored in it when found. Once the ring is put on the wearer will know what spells are in the ring and how to cast them from it. The ring will hold only the spells in it when found; the exact spells may never be changed. After a spell is used, the ring may be recharged ba a spell caster, who must cast the replacement spell directly at the ring. The ring will not absorb spells thrown at the wearer. The spells in the ring will have the duration, range and effect equal to the lowest level needed to cast them. The DM should select the type of spells in the ring; about 20% of these rings contain only clerical spells.

Has four spells stored. They must be cast back into the ring by someone who knows them before they can be cast again.