Older and Far Away

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A RQG campaign set in the Alda-chur Confederation.

Player Characters[edit]

  • Soinnarios An Ernaldan with a Maran Gor leaning
  • Kathea A Yelornan light cavalrywoman.

The Adventure[edit]

Current Location[edit]


Current Date[edit]

Windsday, Fertility Week, Sea Season, 1605

Current Loot[edit]

  • 20L apiece
  • 1 elf-bead apiece, marking you as elf-friends.
  • 1 elven coin pouch apiece, and 1 elven coin purse for Kathea.
  • 5 Tusk Rider swords
  • 5 Tusk Rider daggers
  • 1 bronze open helm
  • 1 bronze light scale hauberk
  • 6 giant boar tusks
  • 1 3 MP crystal
  • 100L bonus



  • Begana. Born 1535, married to Artar (1533-1602). The Matriarch of the bloodline, and the priestess of the Earth Temple at Fieldstone. Very old and dignified, and still very mentally capable.
    • Lernt the Sorrowful. Born 1554, married to Amdavo (1556-1602). Her father, husband, and children were killed by a mysterious illness in 1602. She never fully recovered from the loss.
      • Harnasta (1572-1602), married to Benar (1570-1602).
        • Lernasta (1590-1602)
        • Berian. born 1592, still a boy.
      • Arvor. Born 1574, married into a clan of the Princeros.
      • Vernora (1578-1602), married to Ernvorth (1576-1602).
        • Imdar. Born 1597, still a boy.
    • Yegana. Born 1556. A devotee of Maran Gor; she frequently encourages her many nieces and nephews in their adventures.
    • Enmarev. Born 1558, he married into the Badari of the Amad.
    • Kelista. Born 1560, married to Harnast (born 1555). Harnast is a Yelmalian. Kathea's mother and the family manager, tending to their land grants and money.
      • Erinreeth. Born 1581, married to Barvor (1581).
        • Nerna. Born 1599, still a girl.
      • Derdast. Born 1583. Initiate to Yelmalio and geased to utter celibacy; as a result, he can't be married off and is stuck at home. He's taken this in stride, and remains as helpful as he can be.
      • Kalor. Born 1586. He went adventuring when Boldhome fell, and came back with a freed thrall (Inara, born 1585). . . that he married. He's been shunted off onto Lernt's land, and has built a small home there. He's happy.
        • Mendar. Born 1604, still a baby boy.
        • Imeeka. Born 1604, still a baby girl. They're twins.
      • Kathea. Born 1589. Initiate to Yelorna.
      • Yorva. Born 1592. Still a girl.
    • Kelmalethna. Born 1565, married to Rastar (1562, Barntari). Mother to Soinnarios, she is the heir apparent of the family and is preparing to rise in the Earth Temple.
      • Merinka. Born 1583, married to Hendar (1580).
        • Indavo. Born 1602, still a girl.
      • Soinnarios. Born 1589. Ernalda and Maran Gor initiate.
      • Koramtip. Born 1590, still a boy.
      • Odris. Born 1591, still a boy.
      • Orlolast. Born 1593, still a boy.
      • Bryroth. Born 1596, still a girl.
      • Minalis. Born 1597, still a boy.
      • Kalgrev. Born 1598, still a boy.


  • Derdast, Kathea's older brother. A stalwart and celibate Yelmalian who is slumming it with the youth. 24.
  • Yenor, a charming player of instruments, a fine singer and dancer. Also an Eurmali, but don't hold it against him. 16.
  • Elendor Blue, a Vingan and Heler initiate. A solid skirmisher on foot. 16.
  • Mardena Greenbeard, a Lhankor Mhy initiate, she has a beard of leaves. 16.
  • Orstar, an Issaries mason and carpenter, and just, like, a really good guy. 16.
  • Artkora, an Odaylan hunter. Strong and a skilled outdoorsman, but he has trouble keeping his head in a fight. 16.

Other Clan Members[edit]


Other Outsiders[edit]

  • Penacyr with his 3 elven warriors
    • Elmalandti Blue-eyes, initiate of Yelmalio, leading four Sun Dome soldiers armed with pikes and shields.
    • Mariya the Dancer, God-talker of Maran Gor, leading four Babeestor Gor initiates armed with great axes.
    • Harvar Lightfist, Light Son of Yelmalio, leading four Sun Dome soldiers armed with pikes, self bows and shields.
  • Illysia, leader of the dryads at the grove.

Character Creation[edit]

  • Homeland: Choose either Sartar, Lunar Tarsh or Old Tarsh.
    • Record your passions.
      • If you took Lunar Tarsh, do not use Loyalty (Red Emperor). Choose a temple instead.
      • Add one Occupational Passion at 60% or add 10% to an Occupational Passion you already possess. You may need to revisit this after selecting an Occupation.
    • Add 20 to one passion, and 10 to another.
  • Runes: Pick three elemental runes, one at 60, one at 40, one at 20.
    • Add Cultural modifiers: Sartar is +10 Air, Lunar Tarsh is +10 Moon, Old Tarsh is +10 Earth.
    • Choose two Form runes to set to 75, and set their opposites to 25.
    • Distribute 50 points between the runes.
  • Characteristics: Distribute 95 points, following human minimums and starting character maximums.
    • Don't forget your Primary and Secondary Elemental Rune bonus points!
  • Skills:
    • Record Base Skills
    • Add Homeland Skills
      • If you took Lunar Tarsh:
        • Replace New Pelorian with Tarshite.
        • Replace Tradetalk with New Pelorian.
      • If you took Sartarite:
        • Replace Sartarite with Tarshite.
        • Replace Tradetalk with Sartarite +10 additional skill points.
    • Add Occupation Skills (get a job!)
    • Add Cult Skills (as on p73). You may need to come back to this after selecting your cult(s).
  • Cult: Pick a cult.
    • Add One Rune point to your pool.
    • Choose one special cult rune spell.
    • Select 5 points of spirit magic from your cult and associated cults.
    • If you select a second cult, sacrifice one point of POW, gain 1 Rune point and one special spell.
      • Do not select extra spirit magic, though you may assign your initial five points from this cult and its associates.
      • Take the (Cult) Lore and Worship (Deity) skills from your second cult, but no other skills.
  • Gear: take gear as per your occupation.
  • Finishing Touches: Record your derived stats, armor and weapons stats, etc.
    • Also your name, gender, description, personality, backstory, etc. You know this stuff.

Your Clan[edit]

Ernvoding Stats[edit]

  • Runes:
    • Earth
    • Harmony
  • Resources:
    • War 12W
    • Magic 9W
    • Wealth 18
    • Peace 18
    • Morale: 12
  • Values:
    • Shrewd +4 "Keep your wits about you. The sharp mind is the greatest weapon. The sharp tongue is mightier than the sword."
    • Ambitious +2 "The sleeping alynx does not catch the sheep, nor the slumbering man victory. Ambition is the spur to gain wealth. Do not let opportunity escape you."
    • Hospitable +2 "Those who welcome others into their home will in turn be welcomed into the homes of others."

Ernvoding Information[edit]

  • Population: 1,200
  • Clan Seat: Fieldstone
  • Clan Chieftan: Ara Sable-Fur
  • Friends:
    • Stag Shield, the clan of the current tribal Queen.
    • Badari of the Amad, a War clan and followers of Hedkoranth. Population 900.
  • Allies:
    • Blue Hill
    • Zerdavos
    • Dondaring of the Princeros, who know the Seven Songs and One. Population 1,400.
    • Ancient Allies: Aldryami
  • Enemies:
    • Mandaring, who overstepped. You are taking your price while they fight other clans.
    • Emerald Swords of the Dinacoli. They are also Tarshites, but joined the Jonstown Confederation in 1582.
    • Rain Blossom of the Dinacoli. Also Tarshites. They hold the Blue Boar Fort and the sacred Blue Stone of Orlanth. Population 1,200.
    • Blackstone of the Bachad. They are noted Troll-fighters. Population 1,000.
    • Iljaring of the Vantaros. Population 1,300.
    • Ancient Enemies: Tada the Green and his Praxians
    • New Enemies: Tusk Riders
    • Chaos Foe: The Hydra

Ernvoding Wyter[edit]

  • POW: 28
  • CHA: 14
  • MP: 28/28
  • Abilities:
    • Food for Everybody Here
    • Create Sinkholes
    • Bless Marriage
    • Glimpse the God Time
    • Sharpen Ax Blades
    • Stagger Animal Nomad Mounts
    • Shield Against Damaging Rains (and burning blood rain myth)
    • Seal Wound
    • Make Warriors Fearless
    • Summon Shooting Star

Ernvoding History[edit]

In the most ancient days, your clan walked in the footsteps of Orenoar, goddess of Truth, mother of Lhankor Mhy. You accepted the Full Dish and Spoon from Asrelia and were awakened to the masculine energies of Creation. You stood with Umath when he separated the Sky and Earth, and learned that 'violence is always an option'. Umath was slain, and you joined his son, Orlanth, when that god wooed Ernalda and proved himself to be more than a brute. Your ancestors helped Ernalda when she wove the Tapestry of Fate, revealing the destiny of the gods. At the wedding, you stood with Ernalda. You adopted the Aranto Viv, the Axe People, and allowed them into your clan as a free people, taking no thralls. In those ancient days, you fought against Tada the Green and his Praxians. When the world broke and everything went wrong, you survived the rain of burning blood and fought the Hydra, the many-headed serpent of Chaos. Even so, you only survived when a star fell screaming from heaven and led you out of the Darkness and into the Dawn.

In those new days of time, your clan befriended the tree people, called Aldryami. You joined a new clan under the star hero Liorn the Young and helped to awaken Ernalda, your ancient goddess. When evil Lokomoko rose to prominence, you bided your time and rebelled at the best moment. When Arkat came, you sent a reasonable number of warriors and honor him still as a great, but flawed, hero. You were suspicious of the EWF and learned from the Dragonkill that knowledge itself is not harmful, but its use can be.

Eventually, your clan left Holay across the Death Line into the lands now called Tarsh, and settled at the fertile river bottoms you found there. You warred with the Tusk Riders, and when the time was right, joined the Alda-Chur Confederation. The Shaker Twins came and did many things, though you honored them most for their building of roads and cities. When the Lunars came with their missionaries, you showed them hospitality, but they made no headway. When the Lunars came with their armies, you fought honorably and took their eventual victory with acceptance, but not love.

Now, it is the year 1605. Your refuge of Sartar has fallen three years ago, and the Lunars rule everywhere. You are strong in arms and magic and in favor with the Lunars. Thus, you raid a hated clan, seeking to drive them off a part of their lands and seize it for your own. Such is the way of Tarsh!


You are 'Axe Orlanthi' and favor the axe as your weapon over the sword. You speak Tarshite, which is related to Sartarite and somewhat mutually intelligible. Outsider Orlanthi sometimes call you 'Alakoringites' for your descent from those who followed Alakoring Dragonbreaker against the EWF. Your clan favors Ernalda over the other gods and is matriarchal. You also curiously maintain the worship of Yelmalio's fiery sister, and support her only temple in the region. People with the Fire Rune are slightly more common here than in other places, though most are still of Earth and Air.


Your clan holds the center of the Yelorna cult in Dragon Pass. It is not a large cult, but followers are not uncommon on your tula. In general, Odayla and Kolat are more popular in the Far Place than elsewhere, and there is a solid minority of Yelmalio worshipers centered on Alda-chur and the Vantaros tribe. Heler is a popular deity, for the Skyfall Lake is near. Most of the Thunder Brothers do well here, though Elmal has fallen by the wayside. Among Earth cultists, Maran Gor is more popular than usual and your tribes look to the Shaker Temple, not Clearwine, as the center of its Earth worship.

Clan Resources[edit]

  • Minor Temple to Ernalda
  • Minor Temple to Yelorna. This temple is the only major sacred site for her in Dragon Pass. It's still not that big, but it's here.
  • Shrines to Orlanth, Yelmalio and the various associated deities of the gods so far named.

Your Tribe[edit]

  • Tovtaros
    • "The Source of Heroes"
    • Population: 6,000
    • Tribal Seat: None.
    • Tribal King: Queen Kenrella Red-Wine. Devoted to Maran Gor.
    • Attitude Towards Lunars: Suspicious
    • Constituent clans:
      • Ernvoding, your clan. 1,200.
      • Mandaring, your enemies. They dislike the Lunars and overstepped their bounds. Now, your clan and others exact a price. 1,000.
      • Blue Hill. Allies. 1,400.
      • Zerdavos. Allies. 1,200
      • Stag Shield, the clan of the current Queen. Your friends. 1,200.

Alda-Chur and Surrounds[edit]


Alda-chur is the second-largest city in Sartar, dwarfed only by Boldhome. It is protected by strong walls of solid glass, and is a prosperous center of trade. The population is roughly 3,500 people, with the number increasing substantially on market days and during major holy days.

Alda-Chur Tribes[edit]

  • Vantaros, Seat: Alda-chur, Population: 9,000
  • Tovtaros, Seat: none, Population: 6,000
  • Princeros, Seat: Glasswall, Population: 9,000
  • Amad, Seat: None, Population: 3,500
  • Bachad: Seat: Alone, Population: 5,500


  • Cliffhome, sanctuary of Cragspider.
  • Skyfall Lake, and its troll inhabitants. You can almost always see the storm above it in the Air.
  • Dwarf Mine, which is unusually open and friendly.
  • The Indigo Mountains, full of volcanoes and angry trolls.
  • Kero Fin, which is a fair ways away, but you can see it.
  • Snake Pipe Hollow
  • Wintertop Fort
  • The Earthshaker Temple
  • The Woods of the Dead
  • The Ivory Plinth
  • The Stinking Forest
  • The Vale of Flowers


This is a rough map of the region. I'll be adding revised versions with more settlements, locales and roads as I find time to work on it. Alda-Chur.png