Olivia deHavilland

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Currently running on a freshly-issued Imperial ID as Olivia Hawthorne...age 10.

Olivia stands 4'7" tall and weighs in at about 70lbs; at 28 standard years of age, she is living proof and evidence as to why you should NEVER give antigathics to children.

It wasn't her fault--her parents were pure criminals, raising their 8-year-old daughter in the same path, and, where our story starts, were using her as a Mule, carrying the illegal antigathics between systems, smuggling them in, not sure where, but for the profits they were going to make, well worth the time, effort and daughter's life, if it came to it.

It very nearly did come to taking her life. Four of the eight containers, hidden in her stomach, ruptured-overdosing the child on antigathics.

The others were surgically removed, she was treated for a year, recovering from the overdose...and her parents, to the very best of Olivia's knowledge, are still in prison.

The problem is that that massive overdose to her system literally halted her physical growth, slowing it to a rate of 1:10, she ages 1 year physically for every ten that pass. Now appearing to be nothing more than a child but in reality, having both a teenage attitude and now adult patience, Olivia left the Imperial Orphanage on her own recognizance at 12 and headed out on her own, destined to make the Universe her own little oyster...or grab a pearl or two to call her own.

Since then...she's made quite a few cons in her day--how many marks wouldn't trust a child?-and one big score when she was sixteen. On the downside, she's on her fifth ID, and thank the gods for the war, because it wiped out enough records for her to make a clean break with the past--now...she's broke...and here on Biter…and freed from the damn Sword World prisons...

When the war broke out, she ended up doing courier work or something similar--that's also where she picked up knife-fighting as a blade combat skill.

Olivia’s body is criss-crossed with scars; that's the really only give-away that she's seen as much action as she has; those wounds that were accumulated during the war are poorly healed, as the Sword-Worlders view scars as badges of honor-and therefore, do enough to keep the individual alive while leaving the scars intact.

And a half-dozen IDs, all of which check out as legal...one of which was recently issued by the Imperium for those children liberated...

...too bad they didn't have good security on that little orphanage the Imperials set up.

Olivia deHavilland[edit]

Imperial Criminal STR 2 DEX 7 END 10 INT 9 EDU 9 SOC 7

Intrusion-4, Small Blade-2, Research-2, Handgun-2, Tracking-1, Streetwise-1, Recon-1, Pickpocket-1, Linguistics (Swordie)-1, Laser Weapons-1, Energy Weapons-1, Disguise-1, Electronics-1, Brawling-1, Acting-1, Ship's Boat-1, Computer-0

Money: Cr 20,000


Weapon-Custom made triangular with serrated edges blade, holdout pistol; Teddy bear forever clutched that contains: Cr20,000 3x Imperial ID, all current and ‘legit’ 1x Sword World ID, current and ‘legit’

Worn: Clothes: 1x long denim pants, worn & dirty, 1x pair socks, underpants, short-sleeve t-shirt ordained with a “My Little Bwap” upon the front, worn and ragged running shoes-with soles in surprisingly good shape.

A raggedy “Hello Bwap” backpack in pink, off-blue and mottled green, which contains: 3x pr underpants 1x pr tattered denim trousers (relatively clean) 2x shirts, 1 button, 1 pullover sleeveless, both clean but very worn 2x pr socks 1x brush, comb, misc. hair tiebacks 1x PDA, very battered case, state-of-art with electronic lockpick connectors

1x mechanical lockpick set, excellent 1x mini-flashlight 1x e-lockpick, midgrade

Homeworld codes: Port: B, Size: Small, Atmosphere: Standard, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Mod, Law: Mod, Tech Level: Average Stellar.

Untrained (latent) PSI=5

  • Age 13 Bad Wnd (leg)
  • Age 14 Wnd (chest)
  • Age 15
  • Age 16 Scam
  • Age 17
  • Age 18 Wnd (arm)

-- Attained physical age of 9

  • Age 19
  • Age 20
  • Age 21
  • Age 22 Wnd (lower torso)
  • Age 23 Wnd (chest)
  • Age 24
  • Age 25 Wnd (chest)
  • Age 26 Bad Wnd (lower torso)
  • Age 27 Wnd (chest)
  • Age 28 Liberated from Sword World Camp

-- Attained physical age of 10