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Olosil, (Sindarn: "The Dreaming Pinch"), is an ash-wood spear taken from the armory of Caran-Rhaw when Amroth first awoke. It was forged in SA 3,429 by the Elven smith Mablung, probably named after the Mablung of Doriath. It was created, like several others, for the Elf Warriors who rode with Amrohil of Caran-Rhaw to Mordor during the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. When Amroth, his son, and others, were determined to not be included, this spear, along with several other armaments, were left in the vaults below the castle, not to be seen for many long centuries.

Amroth, heir to Caran-Rhaw lay down to sleep in TA, 1,000, and did not awake for almost two-thousand years. Thus did Olosil also lie dormant. When he awoke in 2,946, he claimed the spear, along with other armaments, as his own weapon.

Several months later, when his mind was fully awakened and his strength renewed, he called for an enchantment of waking to be placed on the weapon, and placed spells of death and ruin upon it's blade. It was thus that the weapon was officially baptized as "Olosil" the Dreaming Pinch, named because it's sharp edge was able to put foes to sleep with but a gentle pinch of the flesh.