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Appearance: Omega appears as a Fiery, Satanic, Minotaur-like monster. He perpetually pulses and churns with the energies of the Terminus and he wields a Trident that harnesses his awesome cosmic powers. Outside of the Terminus, Omega wears an Encounter Suit that allows him to constantly bathe himself in the life-giving energies of his Dimension that provide him his powers. This suit is almost literally invulnerable with only the full strength of the Centurion having ever damaged the suit and exposed Omega to the hated energies of life.

History: Many people believe that the concept of evil is a fallacy. In their mind there is only different perspectives and idealogy. These individuals have probably not met Omega. If there is anything that resembles the genuine embodiment of all evil in the Omniverse then it is most likely him. He is the scourge of a million realities and a being whom takes pleasure in the degredation of the spirit on a galactic level.

Omega was born at the dawning of creation before it was shattered by the introduction of entropy into the universe. This introduction resulted in the creation of multiple Alternate Realities and also a dimension of pure destructive anti-matter energy. This dimension is known as the Terminus. Legends debate whether Omega is the product of natural forces having given birth to an embodiment of destruction or whether he is simple a monstrously evil and god-like being who worships the destructive forces of the Terminus.

Omega swiftly came to dominate the Terminus as similarly Primal Entropic beings were driven to the fringes of creation (and have on occasion overthrown him or been overthrown). For now, though, Omega is the absolute ruler of the Terminus dimension and has established himself as the sum total god of his dimension. He rules, primarilly, through a vast unconquerable force of Omega Drones that are warped with his power to resemble himself.

Omega also has a Royal Guard of warped and bent super heroes that are the only beings allowed to have color and beauty in his twisted world. Unlike the Omega Drones in the picture above, they maintain individuality but also seem to be all a bunch of psychopathic loonies. Omega is not content with the single dimension that he rules, however. Instead, he intends to plunge all dimensions into the Terminus and enslave all peoples in the cosmos. His method of conquest is not subtle. The majority of planets are blasted repeatedly until all their pitiful survivors are forced to surrender. Then, Omega rounds up the survivors as slaves before opening up vast hyper-dimensional gates to slowly bring the realities' frequencies in line with the Terminus. In the end, all is consumed and made part of his diabolical dimension.

Omega has conquered literally millions of worlds and destroyed thousands of dimensions in his mad quest to dominate all of Infinity. Indeed, the only time he has ever been defeated was at the hands of the Centurion who has changed literally everything for the Entropic Demigod. The Centurion shattered Omega's encounter suit during the initial phase of the invasion and proceeded to expose Omega to the energies of life that tormented him beyond reason.

Omega is still recovering after fifteen years, No longer are his forces lead by him personally but instead minor servants. Thus far, his enemies have not yet made a move to usurp his power from him but Omega broods and plots in his dark dimension, using far more subtle methods to plan his revenge than anyone ever thought possible for the Dark Lord.

In truth, Omega's dark genius is capable of plots of the like that few mortals could scarcely conceive. Throughout the cosmos, agents of Omega are infiltrated into the Halls of Power. There, they aid the most ruthless and despicable tyrants imaginable. They use their positions to spread creeds of conformity, hatred, militarism, and xenophobia in preparation for the time that Omega will spare some of them to supply his war machine. Indeed, sometimes, Omega's agents simply seem to spread horror and misery for its own sake.

Personality: A calculating and cultured villain, Omega finds nothing so beautiful as the degradation of everything. He believes himself a God and that he is a God of the End of Everything. Watching the slow entropic erosion of hope is something that only reinforces his sense of omnipotent power. Omega claims to be an honorable man but if he ever chooses to honor a promise then it is because he sees greater advantage in doing so than in breaking it.

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