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Chaomancer's Character in On The Run.

Leslie is small, compact, and shy. She's been at the Great Work for a while now, having learnt that while pain is fun, pain inflicted on yourself is also Power. When she figured that out she looked for others with Power, and though she's never found anyone who does things like she does, she met the rest of the cabal and agreed to join forces. Now collects interesting ways of hurting herself, and she was looking for ways to make life better with this stuff when shit went down.


  • Obsession: Pain (Epideromancy)
  • Rage Stimulus: Abusers. Hurting people without their consent gets Leslie's blood boiling.
  • Fear Stimulus: (Helplessness) Losing control of her body. It's the one thing that's hers.
  • Noble Stimulus: Protecting the helpless. No one's looked after her, so she'll damned well look after others!

Stats and Skills[edit]

Body 60 (Small but surprisingly solid)

  • General Athletics 15
  • Kung-fu 35
  • Cute 35

Speed 50 (Nimble)

  • Dodge 25
  • Driving 30
  • Initiative 25
  • Knotwork 25

Mind 50 (Focused)

  • Conceal 15
  • General Education 20
  • Notice 30
  • Endure (or enjoy) Pain 40

Soul 60 (Strange but compelling)

  • Charm 20
  • Lying 15
  • Epideromancy 60

Madness Meters[edit]

  • Violence 2H 2F
  • Unnatural 2H 1F
  • Isolation 0H 0F
  • Helplessness 0H 0F
  • Self 0H 1F


  • Minor Charges: 5
  • Sig Charges: 0
  • Major Charges: 0


None yet.


What's she grabbed on the way out the door? A few bucks, a big jacket, and a bag with the important stuff - knives, pliers, cord, and a chef's blowtorch.