Once Giants Lived in the Earth

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A B/X D&D Campaign





Otherwise Departed[edit]


  • Sample Character, Alignment Class Level, X/Y HP, AC Z
  • [Blank Character Sheet] (Please do not save over the original, and when character sheets are completed, please change the link at the top of the finished sheet to refer back to the "Once Giants Lived in the Earth" page)

Encumbrance Ape[edit]

  • Kared the Dashing
    • Gear: 741
    • Treasure: key from Oglaf's boot (silver chest) (1 cn), fancy helmet (IC#769 25cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 767
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Gaxon the Mage
    • Gear: 396 cn
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 396 cn
    • Movement: 120/40/120
  • Glago the Greedy
    • Gear: 556
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 556
    • Movement: 90/30/90
  • Jarod the Just
    • Gear: 822
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 822
    • Movement: 30/10/30
  • Hallbjörn the Axe
    • Gear: 1080
    • Treasure: 27 sp, unidentified potion (10), tawdry necklace (40 gp; 10)
    • Total Encumbrance: 1127
    • Movement: 120/40/120

Unsold Group Loot (XP Already Awarded)[edit]

  • ogre sword (300 cn) currently stored with the Smith


Marching Order[edit]


  • Hallbjörn | Kared
  • Gaxon*
  • Glago* | Jarod


  • Hallbjörn
  • Kared
  • Glago*
  • Gaxon*
  • Jarod


  • Hallbjörn
  • Glago
  • Jarod
  • Gaxon
  • Kared

Watch Order[edit]

XP Awards[edit]


  • IC #162
  • "Staying in one of the private apartments in this keep there is a gem-merchant. He will pay more than the resident trader for gems and jewels, for he has the luxury of being able to travel to far lands and get higher prices than those whose trade is strictly local. His wife has attracted much attention also, for she is a beautiful woman who is festooned in some of the jewels and gems which he offers for sale."
  • "There are tales of orcs and goblins in the woods on the slopes of the mountains beyond the Keep, but in truth, what woods and mountains are not troubled by such humanoids, the unhappy lurkers who are remnants of evil armies of eras past?"
  • "Another merchant was said to have been attacked hereabouts. This, for clarificatory purposes, is a different trader than the gem-merchant. This merchant matters little to what I am about to tell you, for he is said to be deceased. However, his wife is apparently being held prisoner by humanoids. His kin, or perhaps hers, will pay a hefty ransom for her recovery. The tale differs slightly in its particulars."
  • "A visiting priest has moved to the Keep recently and taken up residence. He is a friendly, jovial fellow by all reports, although he has never stayed at this Inn. He is said to be generous and open-handed, and to offer loans at no interest. This has won him many friends."
  • "Ah! At the tavern next door, a few black-clad foreigners have been telling tales of the foreign city from which they hail. This place is said, allegedly, to be suffering from sort of plague or uprising of the undead. Valiant adventurers and stalwart clerics are apparently in need there. These dark-garbed travelers are, they claim, recruiting such men so that the city fathers will give them what amounts to a finder's fee."
  • "There was a man who stayed at my inn last night but left a few hours before you arrived. He said that he was traveling south and east, away from the mountains. He had serious but not life-threatening injuries. He told some crazed tale of being drubbed by some sort of lurking druid or other form of pagan."
  • IC 602/621
    • There have been rumors that an itinerant elf was lost in the marshes to the southeast of the Keep. The elf was said to be questing for an abandoned wizard's tower which he intended to plunder.
  • IC 603
    • From the body of Inler, the bandit boss, a treasure map of some sort. A crude drawing and some notes point the way to a mountainside complex dubbed "The Hovel of the Vile Coyote." The language appears to be some bastardized form of Common which is (or was) perhaps an unhealthy dialect spoken by an isolated sept of loons. From what little Gaxon can gather, the Vile Hovel is a place of death, danger---and riches. Looking at the pictures and comparing them to the party's map, he becomes confident that the lair depicted is located about three-quarters of the way up the south/southeastern slope of the tallest peak in Hex 2109.

House Rules[edit]

Bank and Jewel Merchant at the Keep

The bank charges a 10% fee for changing money or gems.

The bank will store valuables (coins, gems, jewelry, magic items) for free if the items are kept there for over a month. If under a month, the service incurs a 10% fee. Just to clarify, the customer gets to choose how the fee is paid. For instance, if someone stored a bunch of platinum coins and gems and then needs to leave before 30 days, the bank doesn't automatically get to choose 10% of that shit and keep it (unless the customer wants to withdraw and has no other funds). That customer could pay the 10% fee in any other legal tender they have ("I'll be paying this off in copper, sir!"). Assume that the bank will return deposits in the same denomination, although they may not be the exact same coins (different mint, different age, etc.). You don't have to worry about depositing a thousand platinum and then closing out your account after a year and getting your money back, except in more silver than you can carry.

The bank offer loans at an interest rate of 10% per month. Loans up to five gold pieces require no collateral. Any loan over that amount requires collateral whose value is at least two times that of the principal of the loan amount.

The bank is guarded and under the direct protection of the Keep.

Jewel merchant: I think that has been mentioned briefly IC, but people in the Keep are saying that he'll buy gems and jewelry at a premium (understanding is that he then transports them to farther-off markets where he can sell at a profit). In other words, his focus is more on buying than on selling while at the Keep.





Overland Map (Large)[edit]

Once Giants Lived in the Earth-Campaign Map Large.jpg

Overland Map (Detail)[edit]

Once Giants Lived in the Earth-Campaign Map Detail.jpg

Llw’s Map of Rival Castle[edit]

Once Giants Lived in the Earth-Llws Map of Castle.jpg

Bandit Tower[edit]

Once Giants Lived in the Earth-Llws Map of Bandit Tower.jpg