One Nebraska of Hamsters

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I use this term often when describing one of the few monsters that ever made the PCs flee. Part of the Jeweled Amber papers

Nebraska has 77,354 sq miles.

A Square Mile has 4,014,489,600 square inches.

That makes 3,120,679,548,518,400 square inches. An average golden hamster is approximately 12 sq inches. 4" long, 3" wide

That makes 260,056,629,043,200 hamsters per Nebraska.

260 trillion, 56 billion, 629 million, 43 thousand, and 200 Hamsters to fill Nebraska.

The PCs didn't quite know what to do.

Further more-The Damage.

A general humanoid body of 250 lbs and 6' tall has 3,535inch2 of surface area.

The bite of a hamster requires 3 square inches. So 1178 hamsters biting a person of that size would bite every point on the body.

In the game system i used, a natural 00, followed by another 00, hit any target, in a given attack round. Thats one automatic hit every 1000 bites.

So one bite would hit every round