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This system is intended to be a streamlined and open tactical RPG. The primary source of inspiration is Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.

Our system goals:

  • A unified class design system, with simplified hybriding and multiclassing
  • Better balance between power choices within a class
  • Smoother progression between levels, and an elimination of "speedbump" and "tax" feats


The Core Mechanic[edit]

All situations are resolved through a single mechanic, called a check: you roll a D20, add modifiers based on your competency or the situation, and announce the result. The Dungeon Master (DM) will compare this check result to a difficulty class (DC) based on the situation and the inherent difficulty of what you’re trying to accomplish. If your check result matches or exceeds the DC, you succeed; if it doesn't, you fail.

Performing Actions[edit]

When you want to do something in the game, you tell the DM what you want to accomplish, and then the DM assigns a difficulty class and tells you what modifiers apply to your check roll. While this is enough to get started, the game provides more detailed rules to determine what kinds of actions that you can perform at what times.

Pacing and Tempo[edit]

During the game, the flow of time may be measured in two distinct pacings, based on the tempo and tactical danger that the characters are in.


Scenes are periods of improvisational acting and preparation, where second-by-second decisions are less important than maintaining a smooth flow of the dialog and narration.


Encounters are periods of fast-paced action where every second counts.


All characters in this game have six core abilities, which determine or influence all their other statistics: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom.


In addition to Abilities, Skills are a more detailed way to specify your character's proficiencies.

Other Traits[edit]

In addition to Abilities and Skills, the following traits help define your character's capabilities in and out of combat.


Hit Points and Vitality[edit]

Weapon Proficiencies[edit]