Orca's Wayward Daughter

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Basic Info[edit]

Caste: Full Moon Chosen of Luna          Concept: Air Pirate          Spirit Shape: Giant Squid
Motivation: To be renowned in the wake of my passing as the largest, strongest, fastest, cruelest, most cunning and ferocious pirate to ever sail, while secretly making the world a better place while no one is looking.
Intimacies: Leviathan (thinks of him as a distant father figure), Coral Protectorate (nostalgic for how things were in my youth but glad to be gone), local Guild affiliates (contempt), Scherazad (wary respect), Keahilani (protective of and concerned that his emotions over his wife's death are bottled up), my crew (fierce loyalty and protective of), my ship (my pride and joy), my contact (professional respect)
Current Status


PHYSICAL (includes Small, Moonsilver Heart of the Great Whale God):

  • Strength 5 (+Athletics = lift 550 lbs)
  • Dexterity 5
  • Stamina 4 (soak 4 bashing / 2 lethal)


  • Charisma 5
  • Manipulation 3
  • Appearance 3


  • Perception 3 (Favored Attribute)
  • Intelligence 3
  • Wits 3



  • Martial Arts 3
    • Grappling 1
  • Survival 2


  • Athletics 1
  • Awareness 1
  • Craft 1
  • Dodge 1
  • Integrity 3
  • Investigation 1
  • Larceny 1
  • Linguistics 1 (Riverspeak, Seatongue)
    • Coralese (dialect of Seatongue)
    • Luthan Old Realm patois (dialect of Old Realm)
  • Lore 1
  • Medicine 1
  • Performance 3
  • Presence 1
  • Resistance 1
  • Sail 1
    • Airships 1
    • The Brazen Gypsy 1
  • Stealth 1
  • Socialize 1
  • Thrown 1
  • War 1

Willpower and Virtues[edit]


  • Compassion 2
  • Conviction 3 (Limit Break: Curse of the Heartless Weasel. Limit Track: 0/10)
  • Temperance 2
  • Valor 2

Essence and Anima[edit]


  • Personal Essence: 23
  • Peripheral Essence: 44
  • Committed Essence: 8
  • Recovery Per Hour
    • At Ease: 4
    • Fully Relaxed: 8


  • Power: 5m, Reflexive; 1 Scene.
    Double speed, leaping distance, and Strength for feats of strength.
    Effect activates automatically for no cost at banner level 4.
Banner   Essence   Fades One
Level    Spent     Level After   FX
1        1-3       1 hour        The caste mark glitters and is visible from certain angles, and her
                                 Tell becomes prominent. (Perception + Awareness) roll at standard
                                 difficulty for anyone seeing the Exalted to notice her caste mark and
                                 Tell. If the character’s tattoos or Tell is hidden by a Charm or
                                 Knack, they remain hidden, but her caste mark may still be spotted.
2 4-7 1 scene / The caste mark and tattoos burn and shine through anything placed 20 minutes over them. The Tell becomes impossible to miss, and her nature is on display. Charms and Knacks that suppress her Tell or tattoos fail. Stealth Charms and other magics that mute impressions also fail; use of Stealth to hide in natural cover incurs +2 difficulty
3 8-10 1 scene / A coruscant, blue-silver aura bright enough to read by radiates, and 20 minutes her caste mark becomes a shining silver brand on her forehead. Stealth is impossible. If shapeshifted, she is forced to return to her true forms.
4 11-15 1 scene / Locked in her true forms she is engulfed in a brilliant bonfire of 20 minutes Essence, which burns from her feet to at least a foot above her head. Objects that come into contact with the aura may be left damp and warped, as if they had been exposed to the night air and elements for many days. She is visible for miles. The brilliant, steady light illuminates the surroundings out to a spearcast’s distance as if in moonlight, and is sufficient to read by within a dozen yards. The caste caste mark remains etched in the vision of anyone who sees it for minutes afterwards. Her anima power auto-activates if not already up.
5 16+ any action She is surmounted by a coldly burning image totemic to her person—her in which spirit shape. She remains locked into her true shapes. Essence is not spent



  • The Brazen Gypsy


  • The Moonsilver Heart of the Great Whale God
    • To save his impetuous, dying adoptee, the Whale Tyrant used his ancient protean prowess to fashion a second heart from his own flesh. Replacing his daughter's torn and failing heart, the new transplanted heart was a resounding success; its heartbeat relentlessly pumping blood and essence whilst forever bending the young Lunar to Leviathan's will as inexorably as the moon bends the tide.
    • Resonating with the boundless power of Leviathan, the heart adds 4 dots to Strength and Stamina, 2 to Integrity, 1 to Conviction and -1 to Compassion. Any dots that exceed the Exalt's age cap are converted to dice that count against their die cap.
    • Leviathan may at any time experience any of Orca's Wayward Daughter's senses at will. She must pay a +3 willpower cost to resist his unnatural mental influence up to a revised maximum of 8.
    • Attunement: 8m






  • First Attribute Excellency - Essence Overwhelming: 1m per 1d; Reflexive; Combo-OK, Free Charm, House-Ruled; Instant.
    May buy up to Attribute in dice that can be added to an Attribute roll or rolled with successes increasing the effective relevant Attribute by two (thus increasing DVs when relevant by 1).
    Valid Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Appearance, Perception


  • Wind-Wings Carry Technique: 1m or 2m per; Supplemental; Combo-Ok, Obvious (if Melee/Martials Arts); Instant.
    Multiply range for a single attack by (1 + motes spent) for naturally ranged attacks, or (1 + 1/2 motes spent) for Melee and Martial Arts attacks.
  • Roused Bear Throw: 3m; Reflexive; Combo-Ok, Knockback; Instant.
    When grappling, the yards thrown with the Break Hold option increases to (Strength x Essence). Target suffers -(Lunar's Essence) external penalty vs knockback.


  • Golden Tiger Stance: 2m; Reflexive; Combo-Ok, Fury-Ok; Instant.
    Eliminate up to Dexterity points of penalties to Dodge and Parry Defense Values.
    Fury: Eliminate 1/2 Dexterity penalties to PDV and DDV not stacking with non-fury use.
  • Ferocious Guardian Beast Stance: 8m; Reflexive; Combo-Ok, Obvious; Instant.
    Perfect parry vs attacks the Lunar is aware of, including unblockable attacks, that are aimed at targets the Lunar is guarding with Defend Other.
    Flaw of Invulnerability: Compassion - can only use this Charm when in the presence of someone or something she cares about.


  • Bruise-Relief Method: 1m+; Reflexive; Combo-Ok, Gift; Instant.
    Heal 1 bashing damage per mote spent up to Stamina levels per action. May use while unconscious.
    Gift: Commit 2m when activating Deadly Beastman Transformation. Reflexively regenerate 1 bashing damage per action not stacking with non-gift use.


  • Cobra Hypnotic Method: 7m; Simple; Combo-Ok, Obvious, Social; Essence actions.
    Roll (Charisma + [Presence or Performance as applicable]. Any target whose Mental Defense Value is less than Lunar's successes becomes Inactive for (Lunar's Essence) actions. This is Unnatural Mental Influnce and can be overcome for (2 + [Excess Successes/3]) to a maximum of 5 WP. This charm may be used in physical or social combat; it is Speed 6 long ticks in social combat.


  • Hide of the Cunning Hunter: 2m; Reflexive; Combo-Ok; Indefinite.
    Renders distinctive marks and moonsilver tattoos undetectable by sight or touch, though supernatural senses still reveal them.

Lunar Traits[edit]


  • Towering Beast Form
    Required for giant squid spirit shape.
  • Hybrid Body Rearrangement
    May transform part of her body, producing any mutation as long as it is based on her spirit shape or a shape in her library. 1m for Poxes and Deficiencies, 2m for afflictions and debilities, 3m for blights and deformities, 4m for abominations. These motes are uncommitted. As many mutations as wanted can be worn simultaneously and they last as long as desired. Such mutations do not recede when her anima flares. Stackable mutations, regardless of source, stack up to Essence times; more than that is cosmetic.
  • Deadly Beastman Transformation
    5m to change into this form
    +1 Strength, Dexterity and Stamina
    Can regrow lost limbs or organs with healing Charms over the course of an hour
    Wounds do not worsen when in the Dying state
    Can utilize Gift abilities
    Terrifying Mane: Hair can form multiple hair "tentacles", move according to her will and extend to 10 yards. Subject to standard multiple action penalties. Strong enough to support her weight and has the same Strength and Dexterity as her regular stats.
    Water Adaptation: Can drink salt water without harm. Can be immersed in salt or fresh water continuously without harm. When underwater, can hold breath 4 times normal. Swimming difficulty checks reduced by 1, minimum 1. Double swim speed.


  • Almost Always On
    • Gills: 2m; Can breathe comfortably in and out of the water. Hard to notice being inside Tell/mantle cavity
    • Hair Color: 1m; Hair is colored light blue
    • Multiple Limbs: 4m x 5; Cosmetically, 5 pairs of hair tentacles; reduce multiple action penalties by 3 to minimum of -1
    • Omnidextrous: 1m; Doesn't suffer offhand penalties with any of her limbs or hair tentacles
    • Prehensile Hair: 3m; +3 Strength dice to maintaining grapples with Terrifying Mane
    • Small: 1m; -1 Strength and Stamina, +1 difficulty to be hit
    • Toxin: 2m; Ink?
  • Selectively Used
    • Glider: 3m; (Stamina x 3) Yards Per Action of level flight, (Stamina) YPA gaining altitude, (Stamina x 10) YPA diving at (Dexterity + Athletics) roll, difficulty (1 + number of actions involved with the dive)
    • Massive Maw: 3m; Mouth stretches to over a foot wide; gullet and stomach stretch to accommodate
    • Night Vision: 1m; improved sight in low light conditions
    • Thick Scales: 2m; +2L/+2B natural soak

TELL(the tip of a squid mantle with fins, all atop of her head like a hat)
SHAPE LIBRARY(manta ray, jelly fish, whale)


  • Fine fighting gauntlets
  • Buff jacket



Combat Quick Stats[edit]

                               Die    Base                          Range
                         Spd   Pool   Damage          DV   Rate     (yards)   Minimums       Attune   Tags 
Hair Tentacle Grab       6     9      5B              -    10       10        -              -        C, N, P, R
Hair Tentacle Slam       5     9      5B              5    10       10        -              -        N, R

Fine Fighting Gauntlets  6     9      8B              -    1        -         Str 2          -        C, M, P
                         5     9      10B             5    2        -         Str 2          -        M

Clinch                   6     9      5B              -    1        -         Str 1          -        C, N, P
Kick                     5     8      8B              3    2        -         Str 1, Dex 2   -        N
Punch                    5     9      5B              5    3        -         Str 1          -        N

Dodge (in armor)         -     -      -               4    -        -         -              -        -
Soak: 5L/8B (Buff Jacket: 3L/4B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 2)

XP and Training[edit]

  • XP Gained: 0
    • Shan's Game: 0
    • Stunt: 0
  • XP Spent: 0
    • None Yet: 0
  • Training: 0
  • XP Unspent: 0

Character Creation Questions[edit]

Where are you from? What was your family life like?

  • In the Terrestrial Direction of The West, lies a small island of little importance. A minor holding of the Coral Protactorate tributary, Shensu, this irrelevant spit of sand had become infested with fae from the Nacre Whirlpool, just before the time a certain woman destined to Exalt as a Chosen of Luna was to come of age.
  • Life before the fae had been simple, rustic but full of contentment for this unwitting Lunar-to-be and her family. However, as the years went by, fae slowly took over the island's interior and the sweet contentedness of life gave way to furtive glances over one's shoulder. Superstitions evolved to dictate when one could leave the humble family domicile and how long one could ever so briefly tarry outside the village to gather resources, lest one draw the attention of the Everhungry prowling the wilds. Half the island's unfortunate villagers had become dream-eatten slaves by the time the Coral Archepeligo noticed and set its navy to sweep the island clean.
  • Per custom every male native of the island was put to the sword; per expedience, the female natives were taken captive into slavery.

How were you Exalted?

  • After surviving years of fae predation, the purge of the island by Coral and being enslaved, this poor waif had one more trial ahead of her. The slave ships were set upon by several wyld behemoths sent by the Nacre Whirlpool dream-monsters in retaliation for Coral's purge. Managing to get free and top side in the chaos, she stood there for a moment surrounded by the panic, the chaos, the pounding of waves and splintering of ships with no land or refuge to escape to. There was no hope, only miles of ocean from horizon to horizon. Tired of running all her life and of being afraid she gritted her teeth and refused to run anymore.
  • In that moment, she Exalted a Chosen of Luna; in the next moment she was leaping off the deck at the nearest behemoth, her form shifting mid-air. Crashing into the be-horned mutant whale while she wore the form of a giant squid, the two sank beneath the waves in a deadly embrace. In the end, they settled on the ocean floor next to one another, the behemoth crushed by massive squid tentacles, while the squid slowly lost consciousness, bleeding to death from being impaled in the heart by the whale's massive, gleaming horn.
  • Later she awoke in the care of Leviathan, the Great Whale God who took her on as one of his disciples. Henceforth she become known as Orca's Wayward Daughter, as her time with her mentor and adopted father figure was rocky and eventually led to her stealing a 1st Age airship and setting out on her own,

  • but that's a story for another day.

When did you meet your companions?

  • Desperate to save his wife from committing suicide in the Skullstone Archipelago, one otherwise upstanding citizen, Keahilani sacrificed his reputation to throw in with the unsavory pirates and criminal scum crewing the Brazen Gypsy captained by the notoriously bloodthirsty Sea Demon, Orca's Wayward Daughter. After that escapade, unable to return to home as a wanted man, Keahilani stayed on with the pirate crew, ultimately learning that their bloodthirsty reputation was actually merely an intimidating rumor used to strike fear into the hearts of the Corrupt and the Oppressive.
  • Maybe we pick up Maria's character in the South en route to where the campaign happens, maybe not; whatever she wants.
  • At this point, while I'm up for collaboration with the other two, given the way things seem shaping up, I'm assuming we meet them in game if I don't hear otherwise.

How has power changed you?

  • It's changed me into the most awesome Explit.jpging lunar air pirate EVAR

What do you think of mortals?

  • I judge people individually

What motivates you to be a crazy pirate?

  • Most people will never accept me as a hero, so I play the part of a scary buccaneer while trying to make things better for the disadvantaged when no one is looking

Who or what do you worship?

  • Thrills

What would drive you to commit murder?

  • People that Explit.jpg with my ship and my crew