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You plot the course of the ship. Each Starship has speed and maneuverability ratings, but you can push your Starship beyond those boundaries with enough skill. Starships can have only one pilot, and a character can assume that role only if it is vacant. The Pilot acts during the Helm phase of combat.


As a pilot, you can take the following actions, depending on your ranks in the Piloting skill. These actions can be taken only during the helm phase.

FLY (Helm Phase): You move your Starship up to its speed and can make any turns allowed by its maneuverability. This doesn't require skill check.

MANEUVER (Helm Phase): You move your Starship up to it's speed. You can also attempt a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 2 x your Starship's tier) to reduce your Starships distance between turns by one (to a minimum of 0).

STUNT (Helm Phase): You can attempt any of the stunts described on page 319. The DC's of the Piloting checks required and the results of success and failure are described in each stunt's description.