Pack Up Your Troubles

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Waterdeep, 1360 DR[edit]

This is the main hub page for the campaign Pack Up Your Troubles, set in 1360 DR - two years after the Time of Troubles - and using the D&D 5th Edition rules. This page will list significant rules variations from the Sword Coast Adventurers' Guide, and index the character sheets.


Darvin, human cleric (r) - theshoveller
Diast, genasi barbarian (r) - Vektunaxa
Erol, half-elf bard (r) - Pureluck
Holg, half-orc monk (i) - Kelly Pedersen
Makaria, tiefling paladin (i) - Andrensath
Misthel, elf bladesinger wizard (i) - camk4evr
Tal, elf ranger (i) - Aethyron
Zeelak, gnome rogue - (i) hedonismbot

Lao Xiaobo, human fighter (r) - Brittonica