Panjumanju Alpha Flight Jason

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  • Fighting: Poor (3)
  • Agility: Remarkable (26)
  • Strength: Good (8)
  • Endurance: Monstrous (63)
  • Reason: Excellent (16)
  • Intuition: Excellent (16)
  • Psyche: Good (8)
  • Health: 100
  • Karma: 40
  • Popularity: 10
  • Resources: Feeble


  • Colouration: Amazing ()
  • True Invulnerability: Excellent (16)


  • Physics
  • Artist


  • The High Evolutionary (Jason doesn’t actually get much out of it compared to all the stupid things the High Evolutionary asks him to do)


  • What started as a night of tagging in Montreal ended up as the opening to a much wider world. Abducted by the High Evolutionary’s minions (they thought he had ‘potential’) “In some big flash of light like that Stargate, yo!”, Jason came back to Earth three weeks later much… ‘improved’, with an ability in line with his artistic bent and some resilient to keep him from getting too hurt when he got into trouble. Now back on Earth and occasionally bothered by the High Evolutionary’s servants or direct mental contact from ‘Big H!’ himself to conduct all sorts of minor and annoying tasks (“Leave three Loonies on the corners of each street you are at when the local time is on the hour. Glue them in place.”), Jason finds himself trying to understand just how amped up he is. Meanwhile, this gig with Alpha Flight seemed like just the thing to do, even if this Department H is trying to keep an eye on me; better than being homeless, a chance to actually do something useful for once. Besides, Ottawa can use some color…


  • Real Name:
  • Height: Weight: lbs.
  • Eyes: Hair:
  • Occupation:
  • Identity:
  • Legal status:
  • Other aliases:
  • Place of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Known relatives:
  • Group affiliation: Trainee in Gamma Flight
  • Base of operations: Ottawa, Canada
  • First appearance: TBA