Panjumanju Alpha Flight Matrix

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  • Fighting: IN (37)
  • Agility: RM (26)
  • Strength: RM (26)
  • Endurance: AM (46) (in some ways, being a Mutant rocks)
  • Reason: TY (5)
  • Intuition: IN (37)
  • Psyche: GD (8)
  • Health: 135
  • Karma: 50
  • Popularity: 0
  • Resources: PR (4)


  • Body Transformation: RM (37)
  • Regeneration: EX (16)
  • Immortality


  • Performer
  • Martial Arts B (Like I totally needed a higher Fighting total)
  • Languages (French) (I'm thinking she's a Quebecois, and her talent is actually Languages (English))


  • Dr. Moira McTaggart
  • RCMP Corporal Yves Duval (brother)
  • Real Name: Elsepth Duval
  • Occupation: Agent of the Canadian government
  • Identity: Publicly known
  • Legal status: Legal citizen of Canada with no criminal record
  • Other aliases: Sorcière de la forêt ("Witch of the Woods")
  • Place of birth: Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada
  • Marital status: Single
  • Known relatives: Yves Duval (brother), Guy Duval (Father), Marieanette Duval (Mother)
  • Group affiliation: Trainee in Gamma Flight
  • Base of operations: Ottowa, Canada
  • First appearance: TBA
  • History: Elsepth Duval was born in Quebec City, and lived a fairly typical life. Her father was a member of the RCMP, retired after being injured in the line of duty. Her mother was a stay-at-home parent. Her older brother, Yves, followed in his father's footsteps. Elspeth herself was something of a musical prodigy and hoped to be famous one day.

But on her thirteenth birthday, her life was shattered when her mutant power emerged. She spontaneously transformed into a living energy field. Her father thought she was a monster and attacked her. Her energy raged out of control, burning down her home and inadvertently injuring her mother. Physically unharmed, but heartbroken, she fled into the night and survived for a over a year in the wilderness, rarely venturing to the edges of human society. Food and shelter were no problem, but she became increasingly fearful of human contact.

Yves, the one member of her family who remained loyal to her, got in touch with Dr. Moira McTaggart, who came to Quebec to help find her. Dr. McTaggart made contact with Department H, and made sure Elsepeth had a place to stay and someone looking after her. She stayed for several months to help Elsepeth learn to control her powers.

  • Height: 5'6" Weight: 125 lbs. (if in human form)
  • Eyes: brown (varies) Hair: Brown (varies)
  • Strength level: Matrix possesses the strength of someone who engages in intensive regualr exercise.
  • Known superhuman powers: Matrix can transform her body into any substance she has ever encountered, including complex compounds but not composite materials made up of multiple distinct substances. She can also transform herself into coherent energy fields.

Her body's morphogenic field constantly renews itself, which results in rapid regeneration of any injuries. Dr. McTaggart theorizes that it might be impossible for Elesepth to die short of something completely draining her energy or widely scattering all her individual atoms.

Her physique is finely honed and enhanced by her morphogenic field, making her far stronger and faster than she looks.

For some reason, perhaps a psychological one, she cannot re-assume human form. It is unknown at this time what would happen if her powers were drained or blocked. Further, Elesepth is not always in full control of her shifting. Strong emotional states can cause her to change form, such as transforming to steel when she's afraid, or fire when she's angry.

She also needs to sleep in an air-tight, energy and radiation-sealed, corrosion-resistant containment chamber or she risks transforming in her sleep and starting fires, irradiating her immediate environment, or drifting into the ventilation system in her sleep.

  • Abilities: Elesepth has trained in boxing and other forms of combat. She is easily a world-class martial artist even without much formal training. She is an olympic-level gymnast and athlete.

Before her mutation expressed, she was a budding musical prodigy, and retains those abilities now.

She is bilingual in French and English.