Panjumanju Alpha Flight Orion

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Altered Human

F Good 8
A Excellent 16
S Incredible 36
E Incredible 36
R Excellent 16
I Feeble 1
P Incredible 36

Health 96
Karma 53
Poor 3
Popularity 15 (Public ID, hangs around with mutants and the like.)


Tracking Incredible 36
Lightning Speed Amazing 46
Phasing Excellent 16 Does not disrupt electronics
Paralyzing Touch Incredible 36

Guns, Martial Arts C, Criminology, Detective

Crime: 'Sonny', ethical minor mob boss in Port Charles, city on Lake Ontario.
Espionage: Liv Gael, Inspector, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Journalism: National Post's crime editor, John Goodstone.

Max Phillips was down on his luck, wandering from town to town and never staying long. Once he had been a successful private investigator in Toronto. Hell, he helped the police and the RCMP! But he dug too deep into something. Someone put a bomb in his car. He survived, barely. He lost his right eye, all hearing in his left ear, and neurological damage knocked out his sense of taste and smell. Oh, and let's not forget (HA!) the amnesia. The year before the bomb was gone. After getting out of the hospital he was toxic to be around. He lost the girlfriend he didn't even know he had. So here he was, narrating to himself somewhere in Newfoundland...

What the hell! I must have stumbled upon an old battle ground! Natives and Vikings spirits are repeating their last battle. My God, what.. they're doing no... gah! That axe went through me... Ooof! I prop myself up and see two dogs fighting, one for each side. The spirit dogs notice me! I gotta run!

But they stopped fighting. They spoke to me, saying, "Let this not happen again. Stop pointless violence. Use our strength."

I passed out, and later awoke in the now empty battlefield, infused with power.

Orion Pax sped through the forrest with new purpose.