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The Big 20: The 20 Megacorporations that Rule the World[edit]

These 20 megacorporations control most of the world’s wealth between them. More powerful than mere national governments, it is their plots against one another that ultimately drive the world’s politics, warfare and cultural conflicts. They are listed alphabetically, along with the country in which the corporate headquarters are located. Regardless of where the corporate headquarters is located, the company may have branches all over the world.

Banco Bradesco (Brazil)

Banco Santanda (Spain)

Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan)

Birkshire Hathaway (US)

Chinese National Industries (China)

Citigroup (US)

Dai-Ichi (Japan)

Deutsche Bank (Germany)

The Freedom Bank (US)

Global Family Bank (Korea)

HSBC Holdings (UK)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (China)

ING Group (Holland)

JP Morgan Chase (US)

Lloyds Banking Group (UK)

Nippon Life (Japan)

State Grid (China)

Wells-Fargo Banking (US)

World Bank (Germany)

Yosho Noshi (Japan)

The Power Blocs[edit]

Many of the Big 20 have formed loose alliances with one another. These power blocs are the most powerful political entities in the world. As they have no official existence, the blocs have no official names, but it has become traditional to refer to them by the names of cities. The five great blocs are known as the Berlin Bloc, the Kyoto Bloc, the Los Angeles Bloc, the Osaka Bloc, and the Tokyo Bloc.

Berlin Bloc[edit]

Banco Santanda (Spain)

Citigroup (US)

Deutsche Bank (Germany)

Kyoto Bloc[edit]

Nippon Life (Japan)

Wells-Fargo Banking (US)

Los Angeles Bloc[edit]

Birkshire Hathaway (US)

Lloyds Banking Group (UK)

Osaka Bloc[edit]

Dai-Ichi (Japan)

The Freedom Bank (US)

ING Group (Holland)

Tokyo Bloc[edit]

HSBC Holdings (UK)

JP Morgan Chase (US)

World Bank (Germany)

Yosho Noshi (Japan)

The Independent Corporations[edit]

Banco Bradesco (Brazil) and the Global Family Bank (Korea) refuse to ally themselves with any of the other members of the Big 20.

The Rogue Corporations[edit]

The following corporations not only do not ally themselves with other members of the Big 20, but refuse to follow any international financial laws that they don’t like. While the great power blocs want to force the rogue corporations to toe the line, they find commerce with them too rewarding to stand by any sanctions. The rogue corporations do not form a bloc of their own in any way and are frequently at war with one another.

Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan)

Chinese National Industries (China)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (China)

State Grid (China)

Major Holdings[edit]

These are the major holdings of the Big 20. Many of the corporations they own own other corporations. In these cases, the owned corporation is listed under the owning corporation with their name indented. Corporations with fewer major holdings listed are not necessarily less wealthy or powerful than corporations with many major holdings—their wealth is just more centralized. In brackets after the name of the company is a general description of its primary business and the country in which the corporate headquarters are located.

Banco Bradesco (Finance, Brazil)[edit]

AmerisourceBergen (Healthcare, US)

Banco de la Nación Argentina (Finance, Argentina)

Bancolombia (Finance, Columbia)

Banco de Credito del Peru (Finance, Peru)

Pertamina (Industry, Indonesia)

Petróleos de Venezuela (Industry, Venezuela)

Vale (Industry, Brazil)

Banco Santanda (Finance, Spain)[edit]

Braskem (Drugs and Biotechnology, Brazil)

Embraer (Aerospace and Defense, Brazil)

Net Servicos (Media, Brazil)

====Emisora Musical (Music, Brazil)

====Juegos Crueles (Reality Entertainment, Brazil)

====Luce Día (Sports, Brazil)

====Mujeres Mujeres Mujeres (Pornography, Brazil)

====Noticias Latinoamericanas (News, Brazil)

Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil (Industry, Brazil)

Sabesp-Saneamento Basico (Healthcare, Brazil)

Telefonica (Telecommunications, Spain)

Bank Of Taiwan (Finance, Taiwan)[edit]

Banco de Chile (Finance, Chile)

Li Wang Kao (Action Entertainment, Hong Kong)

PTT Public Company Limited (Industry, Thailand)

====Oktuan (Arms, Indonesia)

Hewlett-Packard (Computers, US)

Hon Hai Precision Industries (Computers, China)

Infosys Technologies (Software, India)

Sun Pharma Industries (Drugs and Biotechnology, India)

Suzuki (Vehicles, Japan)

Birkshire Hathaway (Finance, US)[edit]

América Móvil (Telecommunications, Mexico )

Apple (Computers, US)

==== Oracle (Computers, US)

Arena (Sports Entertainment, US)

Blood Arena (Sports Entertainment, US)

Conoco-Philips (Industry, US)

Costco (Retail, US)

====Caracas (Arms, Mexico)

====Cheap Krill (Fast Food, US)

====Colt (Arms, US)

====Elton-Sellars (Arms, US)

====Familia Mexicana (Fast Food, US)

====HOT Food (Fast Food, US)

====Skore! (Fast Food, UK)

====Sports Fort (Fast Food, US)

ETRA (Industry, Pakistan)

Grupo Televisa (Media, Mexico)

United Health Group (Healthcare, US)

Chinese National Industries (Industry, China)[edit]

ACLEDA Bank Plc (Finance, Cambodia)

Baoshan Dynamic (Aerospace and Defense, China)

China Construction Bank (Finance, China)

China Unicom (Telecommunications, China)

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Vehicles, China)

Sino Bio (Organics, China)

Citigroup (Finance, US)[edit]

American International Group (Finance, US)

Costlow (Industry, Philippines)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Finance, US)

Home Depot (Retail, US)

====Remington (Arms, US)

Kroger (Retail, USA)

National Bangladesh Employment (Industry, Bangladesh)

Nigerian State Industries (Industry, Nigeria)

Stuff You Need (Retail, US)

Target (Retail, US)

====Smith and Wesson (Arms, US)

Dai-Ichi (Finance, Japan)[edit]

BioOptic (Arms, Sweden)

Datalight (Software, Singapore)

Lifeline Pharmaceuticals (Drugs and Biotechnology, Vietnam)

Nissan (Vehicles, Japan)

Phototronics International (Computers, Singapore)

Reliance Industries (Industry, India)

====Mahara (Arms, India)

====Mandla (Arms, India)

====Najal (Arms, India)

====Sunland (Arms, India)

The State Bank of India (Finance, India)

Deutsche Bank (Finance, Germany)[edit]

Bank of Algeria (Finance, Algeria)

BMW (Vehicles, Germany)

====Audi (Vehicles, Germany)

====Zauben (Arms, Germany)

BRD-Groupe Societe Generale (Finance, Romania)

Capgemini (Software, France)

Essilor International (Healthcare, France)

Fiat (Vehicles, Italy)

Groupe BPCE (Finance, France)

Novartis (Drugs and Biotechnology, Switzerland)

OTP Bank Plc. (Finance, Hungary)

Salzgitter (Industry, Germany)

====H&K (Arms, Germany)

The State Bank of Turkey (Finance, Turkey)

Vivendi (Media, France)

==== Aventures Érotiques (Pornography, France)

==== Danse de France (Music, France)

==== Nouvelles du Monde (News, France)

==== Réseau de Désespoir (Reality Entertainment, France)

==== Sports Forment un Réseau (Sports, France)

The Freedom Bank (Finance, US)[edit]

Archer Daniels Midland (Food Processing, US)

====Pepsi (Soda, US)

========The Food Hut (Fast Food, US)

Banamex (Finance, Mexico)

Boeing (Aerospace and Defense, US)

Cardinal Health (Healthcare, US)

Chevron (Industry, US)

CVS Caremark (Retail, US)

====AMT (Arms, US)

====Ruger (Arms, US)

Disney (Media, US)

====Channel Sex (Pornography, US)

====Disney Action Channel (Action Entertainment, US)

====Disney Comedy Channel (Comedy, US)

====Disney Cartoon Channel (Cartoons, US)

====Disney Family Channel (Family Entertainment, US)

====Disney News Channel (News, US)

====Disney Romance Channel (Romance, US)

====Erotic Entertainment Network (Pornography, US)

====Extreme Sex Channel (Pornography, US)

====The God Channel (Religion, US)

====Our Violent World (Reality Entertainment, US)

====Rock Rebellion (Music, US)

====Sports TV (Sports, US)

Ford Motor (Vehicles, US)

====Wendt-Collier (Arms, US)

Goldman Sachs (Finance, US)

Intel (Computers, US)

News Corp (Media, US)

Royal Bank of Egypt (Finance, Egypt)

Verizon (Telecommunications, US)

Workers Collective of Ghana (Industry, Ghana)

====Barrett (Arms, Ghana)

Zenith America (Software, US)

Global Family Bank (Finance, Korea)[edit]

Genesis Biotechnic (Drugs and Biotechnology, Korea)

Hyundai (Vehicles, Korea)

NHN (Software, Korea)

National Korean Air Defense (Aerospace and Defense, Korea)

Samsung (Electronics, Korea)

Seoul Mechanized Industry (Industry, Korea)

Song Computers (Computers, Korea)

HSBC Holdings (Finance, UK)[edit]

Allainz (Finance, Germany)

British Chemicals (Industry, UK)

====Connell (Arms, Ireland)

====Hellman (Arms, Norway)

====ONI (Arms, Nigeria)

Covidien (Healthcare, Ireland)

GlaxoSmithKline (Drugs and Biotechnology, UK)

International Military Technologies (Aerospace and Defense, Norway)

Reuters (News Media, UK)

====Eurosport (Sports, UK)

====Real Britain (Reality Entertainment, UK)

====SLAG (Pornography, UK)

====SLUT (Pornography, UK)

Tesco (Retail, UK)

Vodafone (Telecommunications, UK)

Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Finance, China)[edit]

Baidu (Software, China)

Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Finance, Iran)

China Mobile (Telecommunications, China)

Lee-Chen Motor Group (Vehicles, China)

Mandiri (Finance, Indonesia)

Sinopec (Industry, China)

Smirnov Industrial (Aerospace and Defense, Russia)

The Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Finance, Vietnam)

ZTE (Computers, China)

ING Group (Finance, Holland)[edit]

BNP Parabas (Finance, France)

Chevalier (Aerospace and Defense, Canada)

Daimler (Vehicles, Germany)

Naspers (Media, South Africa)

====Chaingun (Action Entertainment, South Africa)

====Johannesburg World Ministry (Religion, South Africa)

====Love Stories (Romance, South Africa)

====RAGE (Music, South Africa)

====Razor (Reality Entertainment, South Africa)

====Sports Unlimited (Sports, South Africa)

====Voice of Africa (News, South Africa)

====World of Sex (Pornography, South Africa)

Philips (Electronics, Holland)

====Bushmaster (Arms, South Africa)

====Peterson (Arms, South Africa)

Royal Dutch Shell (Industry, Holland)

====Thorak (Arms, Denmark)

The Standard Bank of South Africa (Finance, South Africa)

Synthes (Healthcare, Switzerland)

JP Morgan Chase (Finance, US)[edit]

American Express (Credit, US)

AT&T (Telecommunications, US)

Bank of Palestine (Finance, Palestine)

Nokia (Telecommunications, Finland)

Comcast (Media, US)

====Channel X (Pornography, US)

====The Comedy Corporation (Comedy, US)

====Death Vision (Reality Entertainment, US)

====EYE News Service (News, US)

====FIST (Action Entertainment, US)

====Gladiator Network (Sports, US)

====Global News (News, US)

====Crazy Cartoon Network (Cartoons, US)

====Love Network (Romance, US)

====Megahitz (Music, US)

====Real World Entertainment (Reality Entertainment, US)

====Salvation Ministry (Religion, US)

Delhi Industrial and Agricultural (Industry, India)

Empleo en México (Industry, Mexico)

Exxon-Mobil (Industry, US)

====Britt (Arms, Canada)

General Motors (Vehicles, US)

====Harley-Davidson (Motorcycles, US)

====UPS (Courier, US)

Generation Electric (Electronics, US)

====Xerox (Electronics, US)

IBM (Computers, US)

Lockheed-Martin (Aerospace and Defense, US)

====Uzi (Arms, Palestine)

Merrill Lynch (Finance, US)

Microsoft (Software, US) (Online Retail, US)

====Google (Search Engine, US)

====eBay (Online Auctions, US)

Morgan Stanley (Finance, US)

Natural Organics (Organics, US)

====Budweiser (Beer, US)

====Coca Cola (Soda, US)

====House of God (Fast Food, US)

====Kraft (Food Processing, US)

====McDonald’s (Fast Food, US)

====Starbucks (Coffee, US)

Pfizer (Drugs and Biotechnology, US)

Royal Bank of Canada (Finance, Canada)

Total Wellness (Healthcare, US)

Wal-Mart Stores (Retail, US)

====Avon (Cosmetics, US)

====Deusex (Arms, US)

====Ironstate (Arms, US)

====Lawtech (Arms, US)

====Levi’s (Clothing, US)

====Nike (Shoes, US)

Lloyds Banking Group (Finance, UK)[edit]

Aegon (Finance, Holland)

Aviva (Finance, UK)

Dexia (Finance, Belgium)

Prudential Plc (Finance, UK)

Royal Bank of Scotland (Finance, UK)

Société Générale (Finance, France)

Zurich Financial Services (Finance, Switzerland)

Nippon Life (Finance, Japan)[edit]

ÆON (Retail, Japan)

Astellas Pharma (Drugs and Biotechnology, Japan)

FirstBank of Nigeria Plc (Finance, Nigeria)

Honda (Vehicles, Japan)

India Health and Medical (Healthcare, India)

JX Holdings (Industry, Japan)

====Orono (Arms, Japan)

====Soryu (Arms, Japan)

Nomura Research Institute (Software, Japan)

Seiko Epson (Computers, Japan)

Sony (Electronics)

====Daisho (Arms, Japan)

====Miyozaki (Arms, Japan)

Tokyo Online (Telecommunications, Japan)

State Grid (Industry, China)[edit]

Agricultural Bank of China (Finance, China)

Bank of China (Finance, China)

====Chiang (Arms, China)

China Investment Corporation (Finance, China)

China Life Insurance (Finance, China)

Sinopharm Group (Healthcare, China)

Wells-Fargo Banking (Finance, US)[edit]

Dell (Computers, US)

Metro AG (Retail, Germany)

Nestlé (Food Processing, Switzerland)

====Mafia! (Fast Food, US)

====Mommy’s (Fast Food, US)

====Nescafe (Coffee, Switzerland)

====Nice Rice (Fast Food, US)

Time Warner (Media, US)

====The Alternative (Music, US)

====Dark Candy (Music, US)

====Faith Network (Religion, US)

====Fury (Action Entertainment, US)

====Kid TV (Cartoons, US)

====KISS (Romance, US)

====Laugh TV (Comedy, US)

====PAIN (Reality Entertainment, US)

====Rock Nation (Music, US)

====SEXXX (Pornography, US)

====Time News (News, US)

====World of Sports (Sports, US)

United Factories (Indonesia)

Walgreens (Retail, US)

====Damno (Arms, USA)

====Ruger (Arms, US)

WellPoint (Healthcare, US)

World Bank (Finance, Germany)[edit]

Alcatel-Lucent (Computers, France)

Alex Springer (Media, Germany)

====Jugendfernsehen (Music, Germany)

====Nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit (Pornography, Germany)

====Nachrichten der Welt (News, Germany)

====Schleudertrauma (Pornography, Germany)

====Sport International (Sports, Germany)

====Wirkliche Risse (Reality Entertainment, Germany)

Assicurazioni Generali (Finance, Italy)

Bank Austria AG (Finance, Austria)

BKO PB (Finance, Poland)

Carrefore (Retail, France)

====Armani (Luxury Clothing, Italy)

====Chanel (Cosmetics, France)

====Gucci (Luxury Goods, Italy)

====Louis Vuitton (Luxury Goods, France)

====Rolex (Luxury Goods, Switzerland)

Deutche Telekom (Telecommunications, Germany)

Elan (Finance, France)

ENI (Industry, Italy)

====Camillo (Arms, Italy)

Finmeccanicca (Aerospace and Defense, Italy)

France Telecom (Telecommunications, France)

Fresenius (Healthcare, Germany)

Glencore International (Bulk Commodities, Switzerland)

Monde Industriel (Industry, France)

====FN (Arms, Belgium)

====Marracorp (Arms, Morocco)

REWE Group (Retail, Germany)

====Adidas (Sporting Goods, Germany)

====Glock (Arms, Austria)

====Schlauwerk (Arms, Germany)

Sanofi-aventis (Drugs and Biotechnology, France)

SAP Software (Software, Germany)

UBS (Finance, Switzerland)

Volkswagen (Vehicles, Germany)

====Mercedes-Benz (Vehicles, Germany)

====Porsche (Vehicles, Germany)

Yosho Noshi (Finance, Japan)[edit]

Aussiework (Industry, Australia)

Commonwealth Bank (Finance, Australia)

Dai Nippon Entertainment (Media, Japan)

====Sexy (Pornography, Japan)

====Shoutaku no Toutsuu (Reality Entertainment, Japan)

Fujitsu (Computers, Japan)

Gazprom (Industry, Russia)

====Khorschev (Arms, Russia)

====Tarasov (Arms, Russia)

HBL (Finance, Pakistan)

Hitachi (Electronics, Japan)

====Canon (Cameras, Japan)

====Nintendo (Game Systems, Japan)

Kami No Iki Ichi (Software, Japan)

Medipal Holdings (Healthcare, Japan)

Mitsubishi Motors (Vehicles, Japan)

Nippon Telecommunications (Telecommunications, Japan)

Panasonic (Electronics, Japan)

USA News (News, US)

====Blood, Fire and Guts (Sports Entertainment, US)

====Real Fighting (Reality Entertainment, US)

====Real Punishment (Reality Entertainment, US)

====The Prison Channel (Reality Entertainment, US)

Seven & I Holdings Co. (Retail, Japan)

Singapore Technologies (Aerospace and Defense, Singapore)

Takeda Pharmaceutical (Drugs and Biotechnology, Japan)

Toyota (Vehicles, Japan)