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The Great Realm of Paradox.

Origin of Heros

Lands of Glory

Translated but not Forgotten


It is believed the Great Realm of Paradox began as a consecrated construct in Chaos before the forging of Amber and the breaking of Boundless Chaos. After the breaking it arrived in shadow and had its own set of nearly infinite shadows, similar to Regor or Azcala.

It ended in close proximity to a Shade of Amber and the Tosian Sway.

In time it was connected to Tosa, Mac's Bar, and a large collection of diverse shadows in the region of space considered Gamer Worlds. {See Stone of Skulls[[1]]}

A great deal of interaction went on between the Shade of Amber in this realm and the Realm of Paradox

Earth Wars[edit]

Among the many epochs in this realm the Earth Wars. Lord Vargus, a High Lord of Chaos, made war on Paradox, using the Ill-earth Stone and the three Ravers[[2]]. Many heros were created, many legends made.

Koob's War[edit]

Koob, one of the heros of the Earth Wars of Paradox, fought and defeated High Lord Vargus of Chaos.

High Lord Koob was the ruler of Chaos on the level of the Shade Realm of Amber that was connected to Paradox. For reasons only understood by High Lord Koob he marshaled all the forces of Chaos and set about to destroy Amber.

In the end the Realm was destroyed, shadow by shadow till only the castle remained. At that time King Random abdicated in the favor of his semi-son Tolknor who made arrangements with Koob to destroy the pattern in exchange for Koob ending his war and not extending it to the realms of Plymouth or Paradox. Nor to any of the minor Shade Primal squiggles of Felixon or Alexander Hamilton's Bar and Grill

King Tolknor of Amber then manipulated the situation to both destroy the Pattern and save it and Rock Kolvir. The primal Pattern was shaved off the rock Kolvir in an act that made it unable to cast shadows. The remaining Rock Kolvir, Tolknor forged the Pattern of York, surrpounding it with Founder's Right.

Koob claimed he had grounds to feel betrayed but he had destroyed Amber and thats what he wanted. So he went back to Chaos, resigned the High Lordship, handed it over to Tolknor to become High Lord of Chaos, briefly served as King of York, then retired to rule Intoxication in the Pente Plains. Tolknor left Chaos, bearing away many of its treasures, leaving Koob considered both a traitor to Chaos and a fine example of leadership in Chaos. Chaos being such as it is.


Near the time of the Black Road war began, for unknown reasons, the realm of Paradox disappeared. It became untraceable. Amny of the heros of the realm were in the Tosa/York worlds at the time and were greatly saddened by the loss. It is blamed on the rise of the Black Road and the marring of the Pattern of Amber.

Known Artifacts of Paradox[edit]

Ill-Earth Stone[edit]

The Ill-Earth stone was a great artifact of Chaos with unknown origins. When the realm was transported in the creation of Amber it bore the Ill-earth stone with it, bringing it into the shadow lands.

Aluminum Wild Magic[edit]

In the Stephen Donaldson books of Thomas Covenant the Wild Magic was White Gold. In Paradox it was Aluminum.


In the world of Paradox there once were 3 mighty beings of infinitely evil empowered by the Illearth Stone. In the course of history the 12 were eventually destroyed, and the Lord of Paradox awarded symbols of wild magic in the form of Aluminium-mithril Trees an inch tall embedded in the forehead of the recipient.

Powers of the the Ravers[edit]

  • Stats
    • Psyche 200
    • Strength 150
    • Endurance 150
    • Warfare 100
  • Powers
    • Imprint of the Ill-Earth Stone
    • Magical powers of a wide variety-Low Order magic (Warlock 200th)
    • Masterful Possession-Able to possess anyone with less then 150 Psyche.
    • Poison Touch
    • Cause Fear
    • Cause paralysis.

Powers of the Tree mark[edit]

Paradox trees.jpg

  • Advanced Strength
  • Advanced Endurance
  • Advanced Psyche while in the Paradox Sway. Improved Psyche elsewhere.
  • Membership in the highest order of Knighthood on Paradox
  • Trees can be hidden from everyone except those who also wear the trees or Ravers.

Known Wearers of the Mithril Trees[edit]

  • Alexandir Kos Korag
  • Fortundas Enright
  • Beor of Pradox
  • Jake Whitetail
  • Kirgor Redbeard
  • Zatonic
  • Geata Stone Breaker

The Real Story[edit]

Paradox and the Shade of Amber that Koob eventually destroyed was run by Joe Evens. A fine Gm and a good friend. The Jeweled Amber game includes, as a reflection or shadow of its own, all those characters from those olden days, as homage to the games of the past. All the legends they made are reflected here. Paradox was here once but as the GM has moved on and away, so has his realm taking its legends and its heroes with it.

Safe travels and fair games, old Friend. If you run across this sometime, give me a ping.