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High King of York and Lord of Law

Rose Tinted Time Lord

Survivor. Paradoxian

Psychohistorian- First Speaker

King of Plymouth. King of Atlantis King of New Camelot

Last King of Amber Fallen. High Lord of Chaos(retired)

Director of Wall Multidimensional Mercantile

Board Member CHAD-Non-Voting

This a prime actor in the Tosa/York realms. Head of the House of York

Shadow is vast and sometimes creatures like this are found. A friendly and knowledgeable man. A king, and in some realms much more... This man runs a big chunk of shadow and has some relationship to Amber though the details are unclear. He may have been a King of a Shade Amber at some point.

He is called a High Lord of Chaos but Chaos says he never sat in the throne at Theldane. But shadow is vast. Lord Suhay claims that there is some evidence that thin veils of Chaos may be so close to the stuff of chaos that it is indistinguishable and in these slices Tolknor may have Ruled a Court of Chaos that interacts with the Tosa/York realms rather then the Amber/Mandalay/Avalon branches of shadow. Of course Suhay drinks and is often wrong.

Rose tint my world, keep me safe from my trouble and pain.