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10 Paranoia Modulets

The following are 10 short missions for the classic game of Paranoia. They are very short, most only a page or two long. This shortness is intentional as these missions are only the bones of a good paranoia adventure. I wrote them to give GMs something to latch onto and expand on, or at least an excuse to get their hapless players killed by robots, genetic experiements, intsec or eachother.

Each modulet contains 4 parts. Fans of the Paranoia game will reconize this 4 part format from the second edition of the game.

Mission: This is a quick capsule of the mission. It usually outlines the problem and what the troubleshooters must do to solve it. It may or may not be accurate. Note that this little capsule may not be the infomation the troubleshooters recieve from the computer.

Complications: This is what is really going on and outlines the actual plot of the adventure. It is usually accurate and sometimes explains what is really going on.

Resolutions: This section gives several possible resolutions to the adventure, usually a sentence each.

Staging notes: This section gives advice on staging the mission and playing the NPCs. It may contain good battle locations, hints on how to screw with players or any number of things. In many missions, additional material will appear after the staging notes, usually diagrams and names.

On a final note, I swear that the whole thing looked better in a two column format. If you can find a way to do that, or make any of this better in anyway, please do so.

--Elliot 11:35, 18 May 2005 (PDT)

With Leash and Laser

By Elliot

Mission: In this mission, the troubleshooters must escort a leashed bioweapon through CPC sector to the testing areas. This particular bioweapon has a real bad attitude and a lot of pointy ends to help everyone around it share that bad attitude. The troubleshooters must keep this enraged bioweapon from killing large numbers of high clearance citizens, damaging Computer property and generally wreaking havoc. The troubleshooters must also beware of traitors who seek to release or destroy the bioweapon.

Complications: The bioweapon is called the KC-6 or Kill Claw 6. Created by top R&D scientists by combining the genes of several outdoors animals together and adding their own fiendish additions, the Kill Claw is the perfect killing machine. It resembles a creature from a nightmare, many hideous eyes, a sleek black carapace, a terrifying fang filled mouth and 6 long appendages, each topped with fearsome claws. The monster can run fairly fast and even on the ceiling. Directing all this awesome killing power is a devious intelligence that can rival that of even a red clearance clone.

The troubleshooters and most of alpha complex have never even seen a creature such as this. From a distance, most clones will assume it’s a bot, albeit a strange looking one.

The Kill Claw won’t kill troubleshooters in the open, but it will try to break its leash and escape into air ducts. Its objective is to lure troubleshooters in and kill them.

The troubleshooters are partly responsible for everything the Kill Claw does. The creature is assumed to be loyal, if a bit zealous and the troubleshooters must rein it in.

Anti-mutant is getting ready to smash this new mutant and the mutie lovers that are escorting it. Of course, they need to watch out for Psion, which is planning on killing the troubleshooters and stealing the Kill Claw 6.

The KC-6 must not be terminated. The troubleshooters must protect it by any means possible.

Resolution: The troubleshooters successfully drag the monster through CPC sector and to the testing warrens with little loss of life. R&D announces that the KC-6 is a failure and orders its termination. The Kill Claw responds by breaking loose and killing the scientists (and probably the troubleshooters).

Or the troubleshooters and the Kill Claw manage to kill legions of Anti-mutant and Psion secret society members. An elite vulture warriors squad shows up and adopts the Kill Claw while giving the troubleshooters medals, who then fail the mission.

Or the Kill Claw manages to create enormous amounts of chaos and carnage in CPC sector. The troubleshooters are branded as traitors and hunted down by tons of Intsec goons.

Or the troubleshooters are ripped to shreds one by one by the beast. Posthumous investigations reveal that the troubleshooters were traitors and the beast it promoted to yellow clearance. The Kill Claw is the troubleshooter’s next briefing officer.

Staging: Play the Kill Claw 6 like a combination of the aliens from the movie Predator and Alien. It’s a smart calculating monster with a lust for destruction. Don’t have it speak though.

Have the troubleshooters get hassled a lot by internal security, then they have to try and stop the KC-6 from “overeacting” to this hassling.

If your really feeling mean, why not keep the troubleshooters in the dark about where they must take this thing.

Have the R&D personnel order the troubleshooters to feed the creature about halfway through the mission. Like everyone else, it will have to go to the cafeteria. This is a perfect place for the secret societies to attack. Anti-mutant will have more people on its side but Psion will have a smarter attack plan.

Viral Marketing

By Elliot

Mission: The troubleshooters are assigned to investigate reports of defective advertising software on several bots in ADV sector. The troubleshooters are given a suspiciously large amount of weaponry for such a minor problem.

Complications: A dozen different adware programs have infected all the bots in ADV sector, altering their programming to make them into psychotic machines that worship a particular product, and want to make everyone else worship it as well. Sector ADV is a warzone as bots and their clone brothers fight it out for brand loyalty.

Even the comp-node in the center of ADV has been subverted by the numerous bots making The Computer even more erratic. One minute, wearing a SnoHat™ is the mark of a communist, next minute it’s an award for patriotic behavior. The Computer cannot even form a sentence half the time in ADV sector.

Small flybots zoom around the corridors, planting stickers and stapling pamphlets to walls, doors, other bots and clones. Warbots enforce brand purity mercilessly, commanding hoards of frightened citizens.

Resolutions: The troubleshooters could get bot representatives from the various brands and negotiate a peace accord (yeah right).

Or the troubleshooters could blow up the reactor room (controlled by bouncy bubble beverage machines), triggering an electromagnetic pulse and frying all the bots in the sector.

Or the troubleshooters could get drafted into one of the brand bot armies and get used as cannon fodder during the fighting.

Or the troubleshooters could simply fail to do anything. The bots and the comp-node will get more and more erratic till The Computer shuts down any links to the sector and declares it a no-go zone for complex personnel. To prevent more infection, The Computer executes anyone who has been in ADV sector in the last month.

Staging: Have the mission alert be garbled and have lots of disparate ads in it. This will scare the players a bit.

Once the players get to ADV sector, you can have the computer act REALLY strange. Fill its speech with interruptions with ads. Its personality has been altered to give preference to one brand, but all the different adware programs have done this so The Computer is insanely confused in ADV sector.

The bots are all psychotically loyal to their brand of choice and very happy to perform violence. Have the bots start by saying how great their brand is, then they start giving out flyers, then they start shooting clones who don’t take them.

Here are some good names for brand armies, pick the best ones and say they’re the biggest: Totalaser Sights, Bouncy Bubble Beverage, KommieKicker Boots, Simtreebark Snacks, CruncheeTyme Algae Chips, Symonim Food Additive, WarTV Channel, HPD&MC-Space Adventure Genre Show #33, HPD&MC-Space Adventure Genre Show #36 (uncut), Omnigum, The Truth About Power Services (TS-34).

Terror Wears a Carapace

By Elliot

Mission: A dastardly secret society has smuggled cute harmless petbots into sector TTF from the outdoors. The troubleshooters are ordered to capture and release the petbots and punish the troublemakers. The troubleshooters are given large nets for the operation.

Complications: The Sierra club has indeed smuggled some things into sector TTF, but they are large mutant cockroaches about the size of a small horse. They are hideous and have been misidentified as petbots.

These mutant cockroaches are mostly unaffected by laser blasts. A cone rifle bullet might pierce their armor, but they are built like tanks.

The Sierra club has painted the shells of these creatures with black, red, orange and yellow, as a sign that these “gentle” bugs are now citizens of alpha complex. The bugs and the Sierra club have largely taken over the sector.

The Sierra club clones spend most of their time “interpreting” the cockroach’s simple if nonexistent language and blindly doing what they think they heard. They leader is a green clearance clone named Noah-G-BBC-2. The highest clearance cockroach is named Clickit-Y-TTF-1.

The cockroaches all have names, but don’t seem to care much. In fact, the cockroaches spend most of their time lumbering through TTF sector and eating the occasional clone or wreaking machinery.

Noah-G has done his homework and the necessary forms so all the cockroaches are legally citizens of alpha complex. Disobeying a higher clearance one is treason.

Resolutions: The troubleshooters are eaten by the cockroaches and nothing is really resolved. The Computer largely accepts the situation and the odd giant cockroach now roams the halls of Alpha Complex.

Or the troubleshooters arrest the Sierra Clubbers for treason and capture the cockroaches. Somehow they manage to drag the cockroaches on leashes to the nearest door and throw them out, one by one.

Or the troubleshooters manage to drive the cockroaches outside with gunfire, or to the sewers, as long as they’re no longer on the video monitors.

Or the troubleshooters manage to the screw up the whole operation. The cockroaches eat the traitorous troubleshooters as well as the Sierra Clubbers. The cockroaches are all promoted and are given positions of authority throughout Alpha Complex. Efficiency greatly improves.

Staging Notes: The mutant cockroaches are dumb animals, but it should be funny to have a bunch of idealistic Sierra club members following them around, trying to figure out what the cockroach wants them to do.

The cockroaches are not very nice animals, but they aren’t the kind that will kill a clone for no reason. Usually they ignore clones and troubleshooters unless they are hungry or the clone is in their way.

One Hand Washes the Other

By Elliot

Mission: The troubleshooters are ordered by power services to retrieve a fuel rod from sector TSS (which is has ample power sources) and bring it to JHY sector. But in sector TSS, 87% of the population works for tech services. The troubleshooters must get the fuel rod, preferably in an amicable fashion.

Complications: Tech services in TSS tell the troubleshooters that the power services clones in JHY are a front for PURGE and tell the troubleshooters to go spy on them or get thrown to Intsec.

Power services in JHY is indeed a front, but is only pretending to be PURGE, they are in fact Intsec pretending to be the Computer Phreaks pretending to be PURGE.

Tech services in TSS are actually controlled at the highest levels by Intsec personnel pretending that TSS is controlled by the Sierra Club secret society.

The two sectors have been investigating each other for yearcycles and are unaware that each is Intsec.

The two groups try to get the troubleshooters to play double agent in exchange for either the fuel rod or other bonuses and punishments. Intsec undercover agents have a license to terminate any clone that threatens to expose them.

Resolution: Troubleshooters get tired of running around spying, so they bust into the reactor room, have an incredibly dangerous firefight against many superior opponents and remove a fuel rod.

Or the troubleshooters inform on both operations, the computer gives them all commendations for their quick wits and good judgment, then has them medicated (or terminated if they reveal a lot) for interfering with secret Intsec operations.

Or the troubleshooters do a good job at spying for one or both sectors. The sector(s) they spied on will be raided by Vulture Warriors and blown to pieces. The troubleshooters will get

Or the troubleshooters are gunned down while spying by the hundreds and hundreds of Intsec undercover agents trying to protect their identities.

Staging Notes: Make this mission really confusing. Both TSS and JHY sectors are full of Intsec personnel pretending to be secret society members pretending to be part of a service firm (and in JHY, pretending to be part of another secret society). Some clues will be the fact that both sectors barely have anyone who can do their jobs properly and the sheer number of secret society signs being flashed.

For maximum confusion, have the player’s secret society info on the mission reveal bits and pieces of the truth (if indeed the player is part of one of the secret societies here). Then have the secret missions have to do with keeping that a secret at any cost.

Sector TSS

Tech Services, who are secretly pretending to be... Sierra Club but in accuallity are a part of... Intsec

Sector JHY

Power Services, who secretly pretend to be... PURGE but really appear to be undercover... Computer Phreaks but are actually part of... Intsec

The Golden Age of Film

By Elliot

Mission: The troubleshooters are ordered to protect and act as the filming crew for HPD&MC’s new truenews infotainment show “Unbiased Perspectives on a Commie-Free Complex”. This new show stars a variety of higher clearance clones and is directed by an eccentric Indigo clone named Audrey-I-HEP-1.

Complications: It is unusual for indigos to directly boss around red clearance clones and the troubleshooters must follow all of Audrey’s orders carefully.

Many of the “scenes” that Audrey needs to film involve her and her actors committing vile treason while the troubleshooters videotape it. She makes sure to get a few troubleshooters in on the act as well. She says that it is approved, but it isn’t, she’s just a commie mutant traitor.

On top of that, the other three actors are complete monomaniacal attention whores and the group as a whole has the cohesion, teamwork skills and ethics of your average troubleshooter team.

The first actor is Harry-G-HEP-4; he is a trigger happy Death Leopard who is having a torrid affair with Audrey-I. Of course, neither knows what “torrid” or “affair” means but it seems to annoy the other actors (especially Judy-G) and it’s a good excuse for favoritism, so they continue.

The second actor is Judy-G-RLD-3: she is a vacuous and compulsive liar who is also having a “torrid affair” with Audrey-I, at least trying to. She competes with Harry-G for Judy-G’s … well, she really doesn’t know what you get from torrid affairs, but it must be good. She loves to talk endlessly about her affair, she also loves to get troubleshooters to steal from/assault/frame for crimes/terminate Harry G.

The third actor is named Hector-Y-TRY-2 and he is most likely the most level headed of the bunch. Of course this is a sham and Hector is actually a member of PURGE who wears a large bomb that is slaved to his heartbeat sensor.

Audrey-I-HEP-1 is the leader of the bunch and an obsessed artist who needs constant praise of her abilities, looks and loyalty.

Resolutions: Audrey-I and her troupe makes a treason filled news show that is the talk of the complex for a few daycycles. Then the show is suppressed and everyone involved terminated.

Or Judy-G guns down Harry-G and probably some innocent bystanders, the troubleshooters return fire and the entire mission probably ends is terminations by Intsec.

Or the troubleshooters somehow turn in the actors for treason without incriminating themselves. They need video evidence or it’s just the word of a bunch of red troubleshooters versus an indigo citizen. If they can pull it off, they get big commendations.

Or Audrey-I and her troupe accidentally paint communist propaganda on a vulture warrior barracks during the “Commies Cascade into Complex” segment. The vulture warriors kick everyone’s butt all over alpha complex.

Or somebody pushes Hector-Y too far and he blows up key mission personnel.

Staging Tips: Get the troubleshooters (at least a few) on film doing major traitorous acts before they get a chance to turn in Audrey and her troupe. This will mean that going to the computer will be virtually suicide.

Have lots of dumb infrareds standing around at all times, they both serve as groupies, treason reporters and all-purpose innocent bystanders. Make sure the actors treat the infrareds like snot.

But It's a Girl's Bike

By Elliot

Mission: The troubleshooters are ordered into the outdoors to find out what happened to 5 squads of armed forces personnel who went sent off to search a ruin and vanished before they got there. The troubleshooters are given a rough map and supercharged hoverbikes to navigate the harsh terrain of the wasteland that is the outdoors.

Complications: The bikes are a new R&D invention. They go fairly fast over flat terrain but if the engine is turned off, the motor starts whining and explodes like a grenade. Further clones can be delivered by missile launch to the troubleshooter team’s location.

The fuel efficiency of the bikes is rather lacking and they run out of the fuel just as alpha complex goes under the horizon. Fortunately there is a bike shop nearby when they do; unfortunately, it is protected by mutant intelligent wolverines who believe they are “Girl Scouts”, a secret society from the beforetimes.

The ruins of the city are incredibly dangerous and inhabited by such a wide variety of insane creatures that they make inhabitants of a dungeon from D&D look like the smurfs. Most of these monsters and mutants are part of different orders of “Scouts” which fight each other non-stop.

What’s worse, there are no armed forces personnel here or any sign of them. In fact, the armed forces personnel that “vanished” never even left alpha complex. They have been stuck in a forgotten HPD&MC filing vault complex for the last few weeks.

Resolutions: The troubleshooters could not get killed by the Girl Scout wolverines or even all the monsters in the ruins and somehow make it back alive. Unless they lie, they will then fail the mission and get censured.

Or the troubleshooters could convince the wolverines at the bike shop to work with them. With the wolverines as allies, the troubleshooters could unify the ruins. All hail New Alpha Complex! At least until those armed forces personnel finally come and kill the would-be dictators.

If the troubleshooters stall long enough, the armed forces personnel will eventually leave alpha complex and head to the ruins. They will be promptly slaughtered; at that point the computer will nuke the ruins until they glow.

Or if the troubleshooters are really really smart and lucky, they may in fact find out that the armed forces never left alpha complex and go back there to search for them. This is really the only way to complete the mission successfully.

Staging Notes: Outdoors adventures are always great fun. Insert random encounters with strange people and monsters as you like. This mission is less about the actual mission and more about just being in the outdoors and having stuff happen around you.

Have the Girl Scout mutant wolverines wear uniforms and badges for various activities. If you are feeling nice, they might just get to become girl scouts. They will receive uniforms and badges as well as a lengthy brainscrub for becoming part of a secret society when they get back to Alpha.

They Want Our WoMen

By Elliot

Mission: The Computer has received a communiqué that octopod robots from Jupiter have invaded sector TYR. The troubleshooters are assigned to investigate the matter and defeat the robots, if there are any.

Complications: The robots are looking for a new inexhaustible power source, called the Wotanic Menubulator, which they heard alpha complex developed. In short, they want the WoMen and they intend to tear alpha complex apart until they get it.

The robots can’t speak very coherently, but know enough language to ask for the WoMen

The robots are not horrendously violent but will kill and maim to secure the WoMen.

The robots cannot tell most clones apart and don’t really understand human biology.

The troubleshooters are never assigned standard weapons, only R&D inventions.

The WoMen project was actually from an episode of “Smoke that Traitor” which was filmed in sector TYR

If the robots can’t get the WoMen, they will settle for a nuclear reactor core or three from sector TYR.

Resolution: The robots take over sector TYR and tear it apart. After finding nothing, they tear out a reactor core and fly away with it, exposing the sector to intense radiation.

Or the troubleshooters are able to shoot enough robots that the metal monsters decide to retreat.

Or the troubleshooters make friends with the robots and convince them to leave peacefully.

Or the entire sector becomes a free fire zone as all the secret societies converge to shoot, worship, steal from, make friends with, or kidnap the robots. The robots are disgusted with humanity and leave.

Or the troubleshooters cause a thermonuclear explosion in the sector and presumably destroy the WoMen.

Staging: The WoMen gag should have nervous troubleshooters racing to heroically volunteer female citizens to deal with the alien robots. This will annoy the robots, who can’t tell a female clone from a male.

To pursue the secret society angle, have tons of secret society operatives there and give them all really big weapons and enough fanaticism to fill a bus. These guys may be a lot more dangerous then the robots.

Have a big three way fight in the TYR reactor room between the robots, a bunch of secret society guys and the troubleshooters.

Food Vat "Workers" Unite

By Elliot

Mission: The troubleshooters are ordered to find and terminate a commie named Tro-Y-SKY-6 in TVF sector. Tro-Y has evaded the earlier bot assassin The Computer sent and is hiding out in food vat complex 87-CC-TVF.

Complications: The assassin bot model became obsolete just before its mission. When Tro-Y was dead, it was to be scrapped along with the rest of its kind. The bot knew this and kept the commie alive while mobilizing its model brothers to help it.

The assassin bots number in the hundreds and have taken over food vat complex 87-CC-TVF. In the center of the complex, there sits Tro-Y-SKY-6, happy to be kept alive by the bots.

The assassin bots will pretend to be food vat workers at first, but their strange actions and speech, not to mention their weapons probably won’t fool anyone but the stupidest infrared. But if the troubleshooters play along, they can get fairly deep into the food vat complex.

Food vat complex 87-CC-TVF has a safety record that makes working there for over 10 minutes about as dangerous as repeatedly throwing algae chips at vulture warrior squadrons. The entire complex is several huge vats with catwalks that connect small buildings atop pillars rising from the ooze.

Resolution: The troubleshooters can get into an awesome running fightfight on the catwalks, lighting up the entire complex with laser fire. After this the troubleshooters will most likely be dead, but if they’re not, they should get promotions and commendations.

Or the troubleshooters agree to falsify some elements of the mission for the assassin bots to make it seem like they (the bots) not only assassinated the commie, but also did good work in the food vats. The bots are given control of the food vat complex.

Staging Notes: If you achieve a total party kill, send them back to R&D and have them pick up a new assassin model bot called the Hyperburn model. Hyperburn has flamethrowers for arms and can barely tell non-targeted clones from walls, furniture or equipment. The old assassin bots will hate this new model and achieving a peaceful resolution becomes a lot harder.

The assassin bots look like frail androids. They each have a yellow clearance laser that pops out of their hand. When they speak, they usually talk in terms of assassination and covert action.

Conversation in the food vats

Troubleshooter: Hey bot! Get those files from over there and bring them to me. Assassin bot: I shall eliminate the target sir. Troubleshooter: Huh? Just get them, don’t eliminate them. Assassin bot: That’s what I said. Assassin bot: I have infiltrated the enemy base and retrieved the files. Troubleshooter scratches head

Into the Fizzy Drink we go

By Elliot

Mission: The FizzySimSoda vending machines in SJK sector have been dispensing communist propaganda. The troubleshooters are ordered by The Computer to figure out who is putting commie propaganda into the machines and stop them.

Complications: The FizzySimSoda drink is classified as a schedule 9 biohazard in concentrations larger then 5 parts per million. It’s a PLC invention to reduce the number of drinks they need to produce.

HPD&MC was the one who placed communist propaganda in the vending machines to prepare for their upcoming educational video “The Perils of FizzySimSoda: Why PLC wants to kill you specifically”. They did not inform The Computer of this fact.

PLC figured this out and has stationed guards to harass or shoot anyone they see tampering or fooling with the vending machines. The troubleshooters can expect even ruder service in SJK at best, and a laser blast in the face at the worst.

HPD&MC has had the same thought and is planning on terminating these guards during next weekcycle’s live musical act “The Scrubbing Helmet and the Scrubots”. They may hire the troubleshooters to do this, making the accessories to the high crime of distributing commie propaganda.

To make matters more complicated, Corpore Metal secretly installed primitive bot brains into the vending machines last monthcycle. These brains soak up all the information they can. They are now psychopathic communists, totally dedicated to the fake commie propaganda that was inserted in them.

The vending machines really can’t move, but can steal credits, shoot out FizzySimSoda at deadly speeds and fall on clones. Neither HPD&MC nor PLC knows about this.

Resolutions: The vending machines are all vaporized in a giant four-way firefight between the troubleshooters, PLC, HPD&MC and the soda chucking vending machines themselves. Everyone is later arrested by Intsec.

The troubleshooters are suckered into terminating the PLC guards by HPD&MC in return for staring roles in the next episode of Teela-O-MLY. They get to star in the episode and then are terminated for a variety of highly treasonous crimes.

HPD&MC and PLC fight it out while the troubleshooters bumble around. The two groups have their leaders arrested and terminated, while the troubleshooters get censured for not completing their mission.

The troubleshooters reprogram the vending machines while avoiding PLC and HPD&MC personnel, erase the communism from the bot brains and then turn in the HPD&MC personnel who did it. The troubleshooters get big bonuses and have successfully completed the mission.

Staging Notes: Annoying vending machines are common in today’s world, but at least the ones now don’t have brains. Have the vending machines be really petty and annoying, especially if one of the troubleshooters is a Frankenstein Destroyer.

Make both PLC and HPD&MC more unhelpful then usual. Both groups in SJK are very nervous and trigger happy.

Have HPD&MC’s video about how bad FizzySimSoda and PLC come out regardless of what happens. And have it pretty much be video of what the PCs did.

Anything Could Happen and Most of Anything is Treason

By Elliot

Mission: A dangerous R&D invention has gotten loose and is turning sector JZR into goo. The troubleshooters are ordered to obtain a special weapon from PLC warehouse 9W-PLC-JZR and use it to defeat the invention. The troubleshooters need to be fast because in two hourcycles JZR sector will be completely unusable and the other sectors might be in danger.

Complications: Nobody has any information at all on the invention, but it is turning JZR sector and everyone in it to grey goo. But everyone is certain that the special weapon will work absolutely and effectively, even though they have little information on that as well. The name of the special weapon is green clearance information.

Lasers and other weapons do hurt the goo, but not very much and furthermore, this makes the goo “angry”.

Warehouse 9W-PLC-JZR is in JZR sector of course and will be turned to goo in about an hour and a half.

Warehouse 9W-PLC-JZR is staffed by 4 clones from PLC Action Team Delta, the dumping ground for clones that even PLC thinks are too inefficient, too psychotic and too annoying to work in regular PLC.

These four clones are all of red, orange, yellow and green clearance in that order. The troubleshooters must also get approvals for the weapon in that order as well. The green clone won’t talk to them unless they get through the yellow clone first and so on.

All four clones are completely oblivious to the danger and are desperately trying to get out of Action Team Delta by following the rules to the most exact letter possible.

The troubleshooters must file a Request for Attention with the red clone, but this request for attention needs 2 Intsec goon signatures on it. This is not difficult but it eats up time. Once this is done, the red bureaucrat will file this for tomorrow, the troubleshooters must convince him to file it today.

The troubleshooters must then explain what they want to the orange clone in physical terms. The troubleshooters don’t know what the weapon is so they will have difficulty. The orange clone is an ex-armed forces transfer and is fascinated by guns and violence, she will allow the troubleshooters to look through a picture book of possible weapons if she gets to fight one of the troubleshooters or is given a few of the troubleshooter’s weapons. A weapon’s use can be somewhat figured by its name (Goomaster 5000 or something). Once they find the weapon in the picture book, they are given approval to see the yellow clone.

The troubleshooters must then take a test administered by the yellow clone showing that they know how to use the weapon, follow all the regulations associated with the special weapon. Then they must watch a really horrifying video (both in subject matter and video quality) about the results of unsafe or unethical weapons use.

Finally, the troubleshooters must convince the green to go get the weapon they need. Copious amounts of threats or bribery is required to get the green clone off his butt within the next yearcycle.

Once they have the weapon, they are ready to stop the goo. Hopefully it was the right one.

Resolution: The troubleshooters follow the rules but choose the wrong weapon and a lot of different things might happen when they use. The weapon may do nothing against the goo. It may blow up the entire sector along with the goo. It may turn the goo into a loyal citizen. It may turn the entire population of the sector into kitty cats. It may turn the sector into a black hole which sucks up alpha complex. Anything could happen and most of anything is treasonous.

Or the troubleshooters could get tired with dealing with Action Team Delta and gun them down before taking a weapon from the warehouse. This would be treason punishable by summary execution unless the troubleshooters can prove otherwise.

Or the troubleshooters run out of time screwing around in PLC warehouse 9W-PLC-JZR. Unless they are turned to goo along with the rest of the sector (and maybe all of alpha complex), they are guilty of failing to complete the mission.

Staging Notes: This is a time limit adventure, so you need to keep track of the time. You don’t need to do keep the exact time, just figure out roughly how long the troubleshooters have at some point. Bureaucratic jobs (like getting signatures and taking tests) probably take 10-30 minutes. The briefing takes 5 minutes, outfitting and R&D takes 10 minutes as they are in the same area. Most travel times between areas (Mission Alert to briefing to outfitting and R&D to warehouse) take 10 minutes or 5 minutes if the troubleshooters are insubordinate and decide to run down the halls. The computer calculates that the PLC warehouse portion will only take 10 minutes, so the estimated total time for the mission is 55 minutes.

Reinforce the time aspect of the mission by having emergency announcements from The Computer while the troubleshooters are in the warehouse. Make these progressively more panic inducing as the time limit runs down. The PLC warehouse clones don’t pay any attention to them.

Running in the halls in insubordination, but it is also the only way to complete the mission if you do everything right at the warehouse.

Make the PLC Action Team Delta really annoying and crazy, but also just dangerous enough so the players just don’t gun them down without a second thought.

Mission alert to briefing room: 10/5 min

Briefing: 5 min

Briefing to outfitting/R&D: 10/5 min

Outfitting/ R&D: 10 min

Outfitting/R&D to Warehouse: 10/5 min

Warehouse Filling out Form: 5 min Signatures from Intsec: 10 min Looking through books: 10 min Taking Test and Video: 20 min Finding Weapon: 10 min

Till warehouse is turned to goo: 90 min

Till sector JZR is turned to goo: 120 min

Mission Time (if PC’s do it officially)

Walking through halls: 100 min (Gooed)

Running through halls: 85 min

PLC Clone names: 1. Doug-R-JZR-2 2. Jane-O-MYN-5 3. Bobb-Y-TTR-1 4. Limey-G-UKB-1