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January 2520[edit]

In early 2520, in a short session after hours Parliament, in response to fears of an epidemic of TSE (Prion Disease) ordered the massive Blue Sun protein plant on Liann Jiun seized, and the existing stores of protein paste, protein cultures and other organic materials cataloged and destroyed. It also closed the factory pending forensic investigation. The Alliance Federal Marshals were on hand to ensure compliance with the move.

When news of this broke, the Members of Parliament representing Liann Jiun lodged a formal protest, but using Parliamentary procedures the protest was blocked. That day, in a ceremonial move, the so called Sino-Block of Members of Parliament, consisting of the representatives of Liann Jiun, Shinon, Gonghe and Green Leaf stood up and marched from the House of Parliament. All told, sixty one (61) members of the 205 MPs walked out. By itself this does not constitute enough to block legislation, but another 45 standing members (still in the House) refuse to vote until the Sino-Block returns. An attempt to force the Sino-Block members back into caucus was defeated easily. The 'abstainers' represent a mix of MPs many from Border worlds, some Core representatives with Rim constituencies, and several deeply tied to Blue Sun Corp (about half of the Osiris contingent for example). With Parliament at a stand still, MPs on the various committees have attempted a variety of parliamentary maneuvers to continue their rules, but growing concern among the various parts of government have created an atmosphere of uncertainty. When the head of the Defense committee (MP Londinium) tried to order the Core Fleet to block protein shipments from Green Leaf, the Navy demanded parliamentary authorization, and refused the order, until such confirmation was given. The Alliance is in effect stuck on its last orders before the walk out.

March 2520[edit]

A tentative agreement was made between the Sino-Block and members of the Abstention to radically scale back Alliance operations until the crisis in the Parliament is over. Without returning to Parliament, they've begun drafting a new Planetary Bill of Rights and Autonomy . This document would guarantee the planetary leaders rights to veto Alliance interventions without an order of a super majority (66% of the Parliament, or 137 votes). The House Majority Leader, Lord Holbrook, argued that this was tantamount to a retroactive surrender of the Unification War. The members of the Sino-Block and Abstention argue that this bill directly follows from the Declaration of Universal Rights, and agreements of Unification, but better distinguishes the responsibilities of the Alliance as a whole from its constituent planets.

March 15th, 2520[edit]

The IAV Dortmunder was fired upon by the IAV Yamato after the Dortmunder interdicted a Parliamentary ship traveling to Blue Sun. The Dortmunder did not return fire, and the incident was resolved peacefully, although 14 crewmen about the Dortmunder were killed, and dozen injured. The Dortmunder claimed the ship, The Dilong, broadcasting a parliamentary beacon refused to stop for the Quarantine. The Yamato claimed it was responding to a treasonous kidnapping attempt. The MP, Shun Chow Fu (Sihnon), has refused comment. His spokesperson claimed that there is understandable confusion regarding the chain of command and rights of travel.

March 23rd, 2520[edit]

In an apparent attempt to bring the Abstention back in to the House, the Parliamentary Defence Committee ordered the Alliance Navy to request permission from Planetary leaders before landing, interdicting space traffic (to or from) the planet, or engaging with ships of any kind within the Space Traffic Control zones of any planet. Excepted from this order are planets under an appointed Governor, and those under quarantine (Blue Sun). The Navy issued a statement agreeing to comply with that order (the first new order from Parliament, the Navy acknowledged).

April 2nd, 2520[edit]

The Planetary Defense Force, a naval militia based in Blue Sun, met with the Alliance Naval leaders at the Sampson Array, and discussed the path of the TSE epidemic, and the possibility of creating a safe route for humanitarian aid to reach the isolated system. The PDK claimed this to be official Alliance recognition of their right to self police the system. A spokesperson for the Alliance Navy shook off the remarks as, overly optimistic, but added that in the current climate, the Navy is seeking all ways to reduce the threat of lawless and chaos and promote the rule of law.

Sources on Meridian have spoken of a System Council of representatives from several Blue Sun planets meeting to align their policies, and empower a rudimentary naval militia to protect themselves from the various threats and help enforce the quarantine.

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