Parthenope Throckmorton

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Parthenope Throckmorton is a Book-Hound in the Bran and Crowe Secondhand Books game.

Player tutunaku Portrayed by Ava Gardner

Occupation Forger

Special For every rating point you have in Forgery, you may declare that you're "the last word" in one specific type of forged book or document. By narrative fiat, your work in that field cannot be detected as a forgery under any circumstances short of your confession. It is perfect.

You can also use Streetwise to find out the "true bill" on underworld rumours, especially about book and document thefts.

Drive Bad Luck

Pillars of Sanity

  • Epicureanism
  • Family

Investigative (16)

  • Art History 2
  • Art* 4 (Calligraphy, Engraving, Printmaking)
  • Bookshop Stock 1
  • Chemistry* 2
  • Craft* 4 (Bookbinding, Papermaking)
  • Credit Rating 2
  • Document Analysis* 2
  • Flattery 1
  • Forgery* 4
  • Law 1
  • Streetwise* 2

General (55)

  • Athletics 5
  • Auction 2
  • Conceal 3
  • Driving 1
  • Firearms 4
  • Health 10
  • Preparedness 6
  • Riding 1
  • Sanity 8
  • Scuffling 4
  • Sense trouble 3
  • Stability 8
  • Stealth 3
  • Weapons 3

Sources of Stability

  • Captain H.D.T. Honeychurch, USN, Assistant to the military attaché, US embassy, brother-in-law and only member of extended family still in contact.

Biography Parthenope stands out like a sore thumb.

Tall, dark-haired, and with a drawl that neither boarding school nor Radcliffe College could defeat, she is the youngest, and disinherited, daughter of a Texas Cattle Baron. She has also made all the wrong choices, disappointing her family by using her talents to plant fake letters to make fools of people she disliked; she fell for the wrong man, like Lucien, who pretended to be a French prince, but was instead a two bit hood from Montreal. Still she parlayed her talents into forging wills, letters of introduction, anything that would help Lucien pay whatever part he needed to con more and more money out of old dowagers. When he then abandoned her, she wasn't terribly surprised. She came upon this shop looking for old paper upon which to compose authentically aged letters.