Pattern Artifacts

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Items created using the Jewel of Judgment

  • Grayswandir One of a trio of matched pattern blades each bearing a third of the pattern. Grayswandir / Werewindle / Ashendale
  • Werewindle Bleys
  • Ashendale Gerard
  • Quisal Borlak
  • Hammer of Thunder
  • Crown of Amber
  • Crown of Rebma
  • Crown of Thulusia
  • Crown of Diega
  • The Doge Staff of Calrobon
  • The Brolic Ducal Coronet
  • The Twisty Ring Erasmus Braldig

The twisty ring was created in Thelusia at some point in the early days of Amber. It keeps one from being lost and has a great deal of power to help the wielder see the way to solve problems.

  • *Dame Margot's Coronet

Forged in the forge fires of the Dungeons of Amber and inscribed with 1/20th of the pattern, Margot's coronet gives her a great deal of power while withing the confines of Castle Amber.

  • The Warbanner of Amber
  • The Lance of the Elites
  • The Barbecue at Oberon's Fire
  • The Deep Cell of Amber

The lowest and most secure cell in the dungeons of Amber. Constructed directly beneath the Pattern of Amber

  • Shatterbound Part of a Trio of artifacts. Shatterbound / Gallis / Trembler(?). Long worn by Eric, currently in possession of his son, Vander
  • Galis Long used by Eric, currently in the possession of his son Arloxedra
  • Trembler Long used by Eric, currently in the possession of his son, Derek