Peleps Liana

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An NPC for House of Bells
Popular Girl Clique


"OH MY GODS, why are you still talking to us? Why do you think we give a shit? See, this? This right here? This is my not caring face. I'll send a servant to tell you if it ever changes."

Archetype: Mean Girl
Aspect: Water
Voice Actress: Laura Bailey
Theme: 'Beautiful Monster' by Ne-Yo
Clique Theme: 'Power' by Kanye West

  • Liana has put up with the stereotypes surrounding House Peleps long enough, in her opinion. Coming from a very successful branch of the Peleps, Liana's tired of the shit her family gets despite, oh, she doesn't know, supporting the entire Realm. She's definitely the most lethal of her clique, and serves as its muscle. Liana's tongue is as sharp as her reaver daiklave, and she doesn't hesitate to spare those who piss her or her friends off either.