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A Character in House of Bells.

Peleps Manain[edit]


Concept: Trouble-prone Warrior
Aspect: Water
Anima Banner: A violent tidal wave rears behind him, foam breaking and seeming to flow into him
Theme Song: "I Go Hard" by Wiz Khalifa


In a house of schemers, intriguers and manipulators, Peleps Manain counts some of the finest as close relatives. He was expected, like all of his siblings before him, to be intellectually brilliant and devious, ready to be launched into business or politics after polishing at the Spiral Academy.

This represented a problem for Manain.

From an early age, it was painfully clear his gifts did not run towards academia. However, this did lead to him discovering one talent. His tutors tried to correct him with beatings, but Manain soon discovered an incredible resilience, both physical and mental. Undeterred by punishment, Manain would run wild instead, as hyperactive as a spring tide. In an attempt to calm his constant mischief and pranks, his tutors filled as much of his time with Martial Arts as possible. Manain absorbed the lessons like a sponge, but never got the discipline. His parents packed him off to Primary School after their third, unsatisfactory meeting. Unfortunately, Manain continued to be unruly and unresponsive to learning and discipline alike, although a penchant for stealing and cheating hid this on his test scores. Once again, his only real talent seemed to be Martial Arts. Manain exalted young when under attack from Mnemon Argo, a bully who had already exalted himself. The power of awakened essence completely freed Manain from the leash. No beating could affect him, no lock deter him and Manain would frequently escape to go visit local dockside taverns.

His parents watched this with alarm. Clearly, it would cost too much in bribes to get him into the Spiral Academy. The Cloister was mentioned, but his mother could not stomach them and they could not stomach her. Then his sister suggested the House of Bells. They didn't like the idea, but it was better than any other they had, and if they did not act soon he was bound for the Untamed Storm. It took a bit of bribery, but at least cheating had kept Manain's marks respectable, and he certainly has the physique for a soldier - so here he is, the newest Admiral to be...


On the surface, Manain is a boisterous and outspoken presence. He is like the mountain stream, fast moving and unpredictable. He frequently breaches good manners and shows a strong iconoclastic streak. Many like him though, for his open nature reveals a kind heart, and a mischief and cynicism that others find entertaining. It can make enemies too though; Manain is not the most tactful of men, and can be very confrontational. His ignorance can often end up irritating people as well.

Yet beneath the waves, there are often unseen currents, strong and treacherous. Manain has those too for he is a product of his House, more than he or many realise. Ambition, competitiveness, ruthlessness; those are the traits of a good Peleps. Despite himself, his cynicism often leads to a calculating view of the world. Yet if he hides that subconsciously behind a casual demeanour, so too does he hide an idealistic loyalty to the Realm and a quiet but sincere religious belief.

And right at the bottom lie his deepest convictions and instincts. The most likely to be seen is the whirlpool; roaring his anger, breaking apart resistance, sublimely confident in his ability to physically best any challenge.


Tall but not unduly so by Dragonblooded standards, Peleps Manain is lithe but broad in the shoulder, all iron sinew and hard angles. His face is averagely handsome, but his body is beautiful, the happy by-product of countless hours of training it as a weapon. His skin has something of a blue tinge, his eyes the shimmering grey-blue of a blowing sea, and he smells faintly of sea-salt; Manain's breeding is strong. He wears his dark hair in braids, pushed back from his face and reaching down to his shoulders.

Manain's dress taste is somehow both showy and practical. Clothing tends to be figure-hugging or revealing, his choice in colours loud, and he often wears jewellery. In particular he favours ear rings, having got his ears pierced on a particularly wild excursion to the docks that earned him a particular level of ire from his mother. However, they almost always allow him a free range of movement, and usually offer some form of protection.

Character Sheet[edit]

Essence Die:[edit]



Compassion: d8
Conviction: d6
Temperance: d6
Valor: d10


  • Headstrong Martial Artist (Water)
  • Honed Body
  • Unconventional Mind

[D8 or D4+1E]



Linguistics d6
Stealth d6

Resistance d10
Awareness d6
Integrity d6

Presence d6
Athletics d6

Martial Arts d10
Larceny d8
Sail d6

Performance d6


Artifact d10 - Black Dragon Striking Bracers
Breeding d6



Martial Arts Excellency d10
Resistance Excellency d8


Ox-Body Technique [Permanent]: Recover immediately from the first d4 of physical stress you take this scene
Strength of Stones: Hold a piece of earth in both hands and concentrate. Starting your next action, gain a D6 to add to any rolls involving strength or stamina. Spend 1E to allow any ally holding hands with a pebble clasped in each pair of hands to do the same for the rest of the scene. This Charm may only be used once per scene.

Five Dragon Form: (Form type): As an action, spend 1E to assume Five Dragon Form. Create a d8 Form-type resource die; until the end of the scene, add it to die pools to inflict or resist physical stress or grapples, or to run, jump, or performs feats of strength. This form may be activated automatically using a Watcher opportunity.
Five-Dragon Force Blow: Step back the highest die in an attack pool containing a Martial Arts die to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.
Five Dragon Endurance: Add D6 to reaction rolls involving physical stress


Black Dragon Striking Bracers - A prized possession of House Peleps, gifted to Manain to exemplify his parent's trust in him, the bracers were made to focus the force of a Martial Artist - no matter his circumstances or the weapon in their hands. Step up the lowest die in your melee combat rolls.


As Enduring as Oceans
XP 1 Agreeing to a challenge you know will test you
XP3 +1 The first time you successfully resist emotional stress related to threats in a scene.
XP10 +1 Overcoming momentous hardship to accomplish a significant goal or failing to endure at significant cost to others
Limit Break - Fists like Tsunamis - Seek to overcome all problems through maximum use of violence

The Waves find a Way
XP 1 Get involved in someone else's problem when you don't have to
XP 3 When your unconventional approach proves the solution to a difficult problem.
XP 10 When others act on a successful plan you devised for dealing with a major threat you that either goes against all logic and common sense or against the major conventions of your society, or you simply give up in face of the present danger and give in to despair.




Mother - Peleps Nimrya is a merchant and politician who has earned a fair degree of notoriety for radical ideas, scandalous propriety and impious utterances. The daughter of a niece of Peleps and a Cynis, Nimrya is a hard woman with blatant ambition; those who know her well believes she uses her behaviour to distract from more subtle intrigue.

Sister - Peleps Alaya adopts a more sober stance than her mother, as befits a well-respected diplomat, although she prefers Reform politics, cuts very loose in private and is very ambitious; there's no doubt that Alaya is her mother's daughter. Alaya's gentler nature has allowed her to form a bond with Manain, and the pair share a sense of humour, quiet religious beliefs, a strong sense of duty and similar tastes in music.

Brother - Peleps Afanu lacks subtlety and discretion, but makes up for it in genius. He has always held his less academically gifted brother in contempt, which turned into hatred after he received a thrashing from Manain when his little brother was only 13. Afanu has turned his attention to mercantile matters, but loudly talks about how he's going to become a Senator.