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Originally posted on IC thread, page 37 post 368

Greetings from a mutual friend. She provided us with a list of locations and people Ironsight has insured. Briefly listed, they are:

An office space in Brooklyn. Main office, their public location and point of contact.

Another office space in Brooklyn. Not their listed address. No clue about what it is for.

Three warehouses in Bronx. Two in the port area, one inland. Contents unknown.

An entire building in Staten Island. Recent addition. Again, not a listed address and no clues about in what use it is.

A large upstate property. Public address. Their main compound, containing their armory, garage, barracks, a private hospital and training grounds. And the bulk of their forces.

Another upstate property, on the coast. A private harbour and airstrip. Ironsight owns a couple of transport planes, a few helicopters, a number of transport vessels and speedboats. They apparently operate from here.

A third upstate facility, smaller than the other two. Unlisted, use unknown.

As for the people, they have a blanket insurance covering all the personnel. What is interesting is that a few people are separately insured with more extensive policies:

Sebastian Palmer. Chairman of the board.

Jerry Holcomb. Chief Executive Officer.

Laura Nieves. Executive. Head of the main office.

Timothy Bird. Executive. In charge of the main compound.

Alphonse Cooke. Former marine, honorably discharged. A field commander of some kind.

Leonid Volkov. Russian national. Green card. Listed as sergeant, actual role unknown.

Wayne England. Technician. Role unknown.

Jocelyn Delacruz. Technician. Role unknown.