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This is information for the Jeweled Amber game and the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance game.

These are people from all walks of life in Amber

Some of the People of Amber’s Descriptions

Ban Reeth True[edit]


This strange woman is an archetype in her own right. She is the soothsayer, the fortuneteller, the visionary with tarot cards, palm lines, head bumps, and chicken livers.

She is a Mistress of the Sigil At Riess. She is an instructor in that powerful initiation.

She is ensconced above Wendy's Breandig Boutique, from which she casts her eyes deep into shadows to scout out the pathways of fortune. Vielle, and many of the ladies of court, adore Reethe. Frequently she is hated by the men of court who view her as a seductress and an ice queen, even a vast manipulator who convince their wives and mistresses to rearrange their lives. She is known to detest Eshiko the Medicine Man. She is considered part of the court group called The Ladies

William Roth[edit]

William roth.jpg

Counsel to the Court of Amber. A Lawyer friend of Corwin and Merlin’s from Earth, brought to Amber.

Ruda Alabega[edit]

Ruda Ale.jpg

Retired Pirate & Mistress of Ruda's Place in the Far Isle. She plied the seas for several centuries before the Patternfall wars mainly praying on Kashfran shipping first as a pirate then as a Begman privateer. Her activities brought her considerable fame and fortune as well as many determined enemies. After a particularly brutal battle in Kashfran waters she was led into Amber by Prince Brand where she and the remnants of her crew settled in the Far Isles, beaching a dozen badly damage ship on a western isle. Afterwards she converted them into a small community and has been its unofficial mayor ever since.

During the Patternfall War she and Draso Dint united forces to man ships to fight off a major naval intrusion into Amber by sea. Their uneasy alliance of traditional foes successfully ended the attempt of Chaos to invade Amber by sea. This earned her the Valorous Knight of Amber-Third Class. An accolade she laughs about often but is not above using it if needed to preserve her interests.

While Far Isle does not have an actual government Ruda is considered one of the people of importance there.

Even of Hale[edit]

Even of hale.jpg

Even of Hale is a weapons instructor for hire to the nonmilitary general public.

Alright. Amber is a military place with a military presence and nearly everyone has some concern that being well armed and well trained is a good thing. Not everyone can join the Amber Military but nearly everyone is armed. Fights in the street, self-defense, Sword Dancers, military Arts competitors, fencing tournaments of all levels. Dilettantes, wannabes, mercenaries, caravan guards, protective services, boasters and braggers, cutthroats, brigands, and every sort of person brandishing the blade.

Even of Hale is famous among these sorts as the very best one can hire to teach proficiency of arms to the nonmilitary general public. His personal credentials are incredible for people willing to train such people.

  • Even served 200 years in the Military of Amber, raising to the rank of legion Sub-commander. He spent 20 years in the Amber Elite, serving as RPS for meembers of the Royal Family including Bleys, Flora and Random.
  • He is a four time Grand Champion of the Sword of Arms Tournament.
  • He is a knight of the Royal Order, 3rd Class (Meant for non-nobles of great achievement but not bestowing a title). It ranks as one of the lesser peerages but still accords all the benefits a peerage does.
  • Granted a Court Baronage. His highest accolade. he was awarded the coronet for his actions at the Battle of Patternfall leading the Civilian City Cohorts. The Civilian City Cohorts are an irregular body of civilians with martial experience but not part of the Amber Guard.

At some point there was a deep and effective falling out with the royal family during the Reign of Eric I. The details were private enough that he was not banished from royal service but enough for him to leave the inner circles of the military and the court. he does not speak about it

So he is a extraordinarily capable for a trainer of the general public.

Even is a bit of a braggart and will never be accused of humility.

Eustance Clemans[edit]

Eustance Clemans.jpg

The Harbor Master of Amber.

For all practical purposes the head of the Clemens family. At least he is the one who covers their bail.

"House Clemens" is a presence in the Harbor District of Amber. Somewhat like a street gang that is bordering on legitmacy.

Cornelis Clemens[edit]

Cousin of Eustance. An administrator on the docks.

Kail Clemens[edit]

Kail Clemens.jpg

Dock Foreman. Control of illegal shipping in Ober. A frequent tavern brawler.

Clayton "Claxton" Clemens[edit]

Claxton Clemens.jpg

A major Harbor Master and leader of a distaff family line. Big, mean, demanding, and reasonably stupid about things.

He received a stunning rebuke by initiating the battle of Port Green Vale/ Port Tosa.[[1]]

Battle of Port Tosa

Ambrose Clemens[edit]


Dock worker, thought to be slow, might just be dumb. Incredibly strong, but a poor brawler. Often in trouble with the law for dumb reasons

Judith Clemens [edit]


Wife of Eustance, mother of Lara

Lara Clemens[edit]


Acts as Eustance’s secretary in many ways. Involved in the business of the Harbormaster. Takes not a crap from ships officers and crews who misunderstand her role in the Harbor Office.

Fres Mira[edit]

Fres Mira.jpg

After serving in the Elites she eventually became the manage Princess Deirdre's manor house in the City of Amber. A social butterfly, with a hard edge.

Tasa Resa[edit]

Tasa resa2.jpg

Thief. Member of the Thieves Guild that everyone denies exists. Has been known to work for the crown on various occasions and has contacts especially among the Elites.

She has skills of stage magic, pickpocketing and other thievish arts. She is an expert at free running, climbing,

Her origin is unknown, except that she was not born in Amber but from somewhere deep in shadow and came to Amber on the Jeweled Road.. Her acrobatics are incredible.




A ships captain and a major member of the Captains Council. A veteran of Patternfall despite the navy’s lack of involvement. He traces his seagoing days back to his service beneath Jopin.

Shrike Hag[edit]


Kingdom Herbologist and Preeminent witch.

Lives in the North Riding Harbor District in a small apartment compund with an interior herb garden. Holder of a Mal at Riess

Dame Fres Mira[edit]

Factor of Deirdre's. Oversees the Deirdres estate in the city. A well known hangout of the nobility.

Anhieesho Vakal[edit]


Anhieesho is an example of how strange people from shadow can sometimes end up in Amber. He is a medicine man of a Polynesian sort with great powers. Of an unknown great initiation. A sorcerer, mystic, and all around bizarre individual with only the slightest grip on reality. That might be how he ended up in Amber. Known as an expert on Hexes and Knackery. Known to bear an Mal at Riess imprint he gained after suddenly wandering into Amber on the Jeweled Road.



A sorceress in service to the Black Company.Foster Daughter of Doria. Left Doria service after several years in Amber to make her own way. Associated to Jurt for many years in the past. Believed to be crazy.



A noted sorceress from the Voroshk world, an Apprentice of Doria and foster daughter of Doria Arkana's younger sister. Sociable. Has served as a Lady in Waiting to Flora.

Mona Learly[edit]


A noted portrait artist in Amber. She painted many of the portraits that were eventually used to create the People's Deck. Her daughter Fasrie is seen in the trump on the right, she is being held by her girlfriend Calis. The two girls are both accomplished artists and frequently finish off the backgrounds of Mona's works.

Sang Wallu[edit]


Gossip/Investigative reporter for the Amber Gazette. Also a novelist and part owner of New Warren Press.

Kinsa Dales: Deputy Chief Maid[edit]

Deputy Chief Maid. A pretty but proper woman in her mid 40s. She is often the face of the maid's Staff in the castle Amber.

Nisso Dales: Maid.[edit]

Maid. Sister of Kinsa


A senior waiter at Sea View Garden. Born in North Riding. Father a fisherman. Mother a housewife and home herbalist.

Dani Culoi: Waitress at Sea View gardens[edit]

Waitress at Sea View gardens. Often a server at royal feasts.

Áedan Aeron : Mercenary Captain[edit]


Dique General Custodian[edit]


Known as Dik, though if asked he says his name is pronounced "Dee Q" A long term custodial servant always to be cleaning something. Quiet, proper, and efficient. His origins are unknown and all the elders, if asked, whould say they remember him always being around, even in their youth. He is a friend of Dame Margot

Ximo Ricard[edit]

Ximo Ricard.jpg

Rashed bakr[edit]

Rashed bakr.jpg