Pericles Station

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Pericles Station

Formerly the IAV Pericles, a Tohoku Class Cruiser, Pericles stations has changed hands a number of time throughout its life. Initially it was a capital cruiser. Then after sabotage destroyed its pulse drives, it became a way station for the Alliance Navy. Then it was sold to YouGo Gas and served as a for profit space station. When YouGo dissolved, the Qing Long government of Blue Sun took over. Recently the Alliance Navy took it in a bloody battle (it briefly was a scene of anarchic chaos as some kind of sleeping sickness attacked the station, weakening its crew).

Currently it serves the Alliance Navy. Contractors are at work replacing its destroyed engines.

There is a very large military force on the station. Two brigades of marines and several thousand staff and construction workers.
The current chief is Admiral Richard Harliston.
XO Commander Genovese Dewey

Pericles Station still has over a thousand civilians from Blue Sun and other Independent areas. Their citizenship is not recognized by the Alliance, and they are deemed Displaced Persons. As such they have no rights. They are permitted to live on the station until such a time as they can find passage off. The Alliance assists them in finding a way off, and offers basic services (food, water, healthcare) but they are not permitted to work or freely move about the station.
Civil rights advocates have decried the conditions of the Displaced Persons, but the Alliance counters that they are treated humanely and safely. And that the safety of the crew and the Alliance depends on the high security of the station

The displaced persons are allowed some autonomy and have elected themselves a governing body to manage their internal disputes. So long as they pose no danger to the station or its personnel the Alliance welcomes the efforts at self rule and autonomy.