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Persephone, with Renao(l), Hades(r), and Lux (below)

Persephone is the gateway to the Border. With two and a half billion people and a real mix of poverty and wealth Persephone is truly on the Border. Persephone has a traditional Alliance governor and local parliament, but in addition to the traditional single house, it also has an "Upper House", of Lords, resembling that of ancient England. As much as Londonium represents Labour England, Persephone represents a bygone era of manors, ladies, and lords. For the vast majority, this has little bearing on their lives, but for those in power it means everything.

Persephone sports a large horse racing community.

Persephone is still a largely agricultural center supplying produce, grains, and wood to the core.

  • Summer 2522 - Navy personnel discovered and thwarted a plot to bomb the Alliance Skyplex. Access to the port is now heavily monitored and controlled. This has further clogged the already busy space lanes in the area.

Eavesdown Docks[edit]

On approach at Eavesdown Docks

The Eavesdown Docks is a major starport (class B) in Koré (the economic capital of Persephone). It services hundreds of ships each day headed for ports of call in Red Sun, Kalidasa or the Core. It is a fairly seedy area of the city, Koré itself being semi-respectable.

  • Emma was kidnapped in Eavestown Docks