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Image Resistances (6) Aptitudes (8)
Composure 2
Fortitude 2
Reaction 3
Will 3
Athleticism 2
Awareness 3
Combat 3
Intrusion 2
Presence 3
Powers 7 Adds/Disadds 2/3

Probability Control 5D

Super Weapons Claws 3D (Complication Touch Attack)

Coat is +2D to Infiltration when the moon shines

Spend 1 TCD to call up Spider-side to Power Stunt Probability Control with Teleportation for a session. When you do that you also get + 2D Athletics(Climbing). You always and permanently get +1D Awareness for magical flows/effects.


Attractive 1
Charismatic 1


Enemy (Big Bill Bruin, Horde Bounty Hunter) -1
Vain -1
Reckless -1

Competency Pool: 1CD/5TCD


On the other side of the Crimson Waste is the Kingdom of Misiral, it is a dry kingdom of grasslands and rolling hills, famous for grain and grapes, rules by the Cat Folk. While some distance from the Fright Zone, the Horde moved on Misiral early, to take control of food and recruit (capture) personnel. As it was also some distance from the Whispering Wood and Brightmoon, it might have been seen as an easier target then some. Persia fled with others to avoid capture, to avoid having to live under the horde. If the Princess of Misiral had a Rune Stone, the Horde never found it, and was plagued by bad luck in the attempts.

But while Persia fled, she was not a lost kitty. She could control luck itself (rumor had it that the Princesses of Misiral could do that to... funny), and things fell her way. For a time she made her living in the gambling dens and casinos of Etheria. But one day she got too lucky at a Casino run by an odious Horde Force Captain by the name of Krell, and she was suddenly wanted by the Horde, with a bounty hunter named Big Bill Bruin trying to collect the price on her head. She went to the Rebellion to survive, but has since come to respect their goals.

She's a vain cat, perhaps with a bit of a temper, but when the cards are stacked against you, she'll pull out an ace. Hell, she'll pull out five them.

Played by: Shawn