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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.


IQ: (15 +1) 16 Mental Affinity: (15+1) 16 Mental Endurance: (12+1+1 Acrobatics) 14 Physical Endurance: (10+1 Acrobatics) 11 Physical Prowess: (19 +4 Acrobatics) 23 Physical Strength: (13+1 Acrobatics +1) 15 Physical Beauty: 15 Speed: (13+2) 15

Size: 7

SDC: 30 + 3 = 33

Mutations -

Hands: Full with separate arms (20 pts)

Biped: Full (Free)

Speech: Full (10 pts)

Flight (20)

Sonar (5 pts)

Matrix: Stable (+10 BE)


-Detect Ambushes (45 +5L%) -Disguise (45 +5L%) -Forgery (35 +5L%) -Impersonation (45 + 4L%) -Interrogation (45 +5L%) -Picking Locks (40 +5L%)


-Acrobatics (65 +5L%) -Climbing (55 +8L%) -Disguise (45 +5L%) -Hand-to-Hand: Assassin -Prowl (51 +8L%) -Swimming (55 +8L%)


-Alertness (45 +5L%) -Concealment (25 +5L%) -Escape Artist (35 +5L%) -Palming (30 +5L%) -Pick Pockets (35 +5L%)

Secondary Skills: Basic Electronics (40 +5L%) Computer Operation (60 +5L%) Land Navigation (40 +4L%) Scrounging (40 +5L%) Sing (40 +5L%) Wilderness Survival (40 +5L%) Cook (60 +5L%) Dance (40 +5L%) First Aid (50 +5L%) Fishing (60 +5L%)


Actions per round: 2 Dodge: +4 Parry: +4 Roll with Punch: +2 Base Strike: +6 Melee Damage: +0

Background- Pippi grew up in a secluded Mill on the edge of the expansive Killerton estate in Exeter. Being an extremely nervous and shy child Pippi rarely left the loft unless coaxed. But when she did she would spend hours tourist watching, getting as close as possible without being seen and collecting things they’d leave behind.

- Crystal Ryan, an anthrozoologist from Bath, a softly spoken, gentle woman whose nurture brought Pippi out of her shell. She trained Pippi to accept others, but also how to defend herself. She introduced her to other Aesopians, and encouraged her to take night flights over the town, as long as she kept to the shadows

- Pippi found a friend in Hodge the hedgehog aesopian who specialised in defensive tech, though equally shy Hodges had overcome his introverted nature through humour and was now a firm member of a team. Pippi’s admiration for him bordered on hero worship at times, and Hodges, apparently flattered by her esteem, seemed to look out for her.

- Pippi’s effects could easily be mistaken for junk, a hair bobble here, a vague collage of tourist brochure clippings there. Empty coke cans, feathers, and several dried flowers