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These are details known about places in shadow.


What was said in the Diners of Avalon about Camelot

57. Camelot

Camelot? Angel's and Ministers of grace defend us.

There was a time when Corwin once sought out a place of nobility and honor. He ran right into a vein of tales, legends, people, places, and monsters the like of which boggle the mind. Uncountable numbers of these veins exist but this is one similar to what he found. In the centuries that followed many of his brothers heard the tales of Arthur, Lancelot, Gwain, Lot, Tristan, Guennivire, Isuelt, and all the rest. Having heard them, we sought them out, to live amongst them or to fight against them. Sometimes both.

So now this card arrives and what does it do?

For reasons beyond me Dworkin ordered me to go spend time here. Thanks grandpa, so glad you started attending family dinners.

Once there i found it to be a realm of Camelot in its earliest years. The Realm of Camelot here is a large one, and valiant, if a bit idealized. The kingdom is strong and knights come from realms far and wide to serve Arthur. YOung men in the bloom of youth recieve the accolade and serve the realm for many years before being offered a place at the round table.n

The Table itself is shockingly massive. 100 seats around a single table, a seat for the king, a seat for the queen, and dozen seats saved for specific reasons;Siege Perilous, Siege Perfectus, Siege Koa. Surrounding the massive table are three tiers of seats for Orders of Knights. The youngest untried knights take the 3rd Order and must travel to prove their mettle. There is not a dam bridge in this realm some steel-clad dolt isn't contesting passage on.

The Knight Errant guarding a Bridge thing really started pissing me off. If i rode around with a sword on my hip some dork would stand boldly in friggin Milanese plate, demanding i meet him in fair combat for passage to Cearwhoeverheardof it or die.

One place the knights had built multiple bridges so they could all sit under their pavilions together then run off to guard bridges. They blocked me crossing the water when i let them have their bridges. I told them to leave me be for the love of the unicorn and they said rude things to the Unicorn. So i tore up their bridges, knocked down their pavilions, and bound them by their knights belts to the limbs of the trees they hung the shields of the vanquished. I then ate their food, drank their wine, sang sonnets to their ladies, knighted several of their squires, and wrote limericks disparaging their talents. All around tormenting but not killing them. Know what the friggin sots did? They went to King Arther, spoke of my valor and my honor, and demanded i get a special chair. Siege Rubicon. Grumble

The land of the fair maiden, evil sorceress, the knighte Errant and the ruffian mercenary is a boggle to the mind. There is something archetypal about this place and that should be born in mind when traveling here.

The Realm of Camelot is in the lands of Briton in an age of high chivalry and romanticized heroics.

In this realm Arthur has built Camelot and the bravest knights find their way there. This does not mean that Camelot does not have other places bereft of their noble knights.