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Angel is mostly desert planet, but it has abundant mineral wealth. It is also predominately Muslim planet, though parts of the world are not at all Muslim.

  • Summer 2522 - Angel has become on the leading black markets for military goods. It’s relative isolation and vast stretches of desert and rugged mountain make it a good place for hiding equipment. The arms dealers have retooled and refurbished many U-war era weapons and vehicles and are selling to the highest bidder.



A small city with big aspirations. Jibril is home to a large spaceport (especially for a planet of not so large importance), and construction moves apace in the city. Jibril maintains Sharia law, though the version is maintains is closer to modern Egypt or Jordan than Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

Lucifer's Landing[edit]

Map of Lucifer's Landing


A small town on the edge of a great impact crater. The town is host to mainly miners, who ply either the base of the crater for its meteorite metals, or the cliffs of exposed strata. In addition a number of people make a living growing fine orchids, and high quality cannabis. Lucifer's Landing has little to offer in the way of amenities - a single bar (Cliff Divers) and a decent Grav Mule shop (Muleskinners). It was once home to Fairweather Flyers (a small transport company). Now it is home base to Morningstar Enterprises the parent company of Equinox and Mei Mei run by Christian Edge.

  • Earl Messner (Barkeep of Cliff Divers, Sheriff of Lucifer's Landing)
  • Aron Marquess (Fence and Entepreneur)
  • Xiàjì (Summer) Fairweather (Buddhist Monk, Daughter of Jamison Fairweather)
  • Lem Kurpinsky-Edge, adopted son of Christian and Rina.