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General Information[edit]

A minor Hive World, Obesh was originally founded M38. It's growth has been slowed by unusally heavy tithes, resulting in a large portion of it's able bodied citizens being sent offworld to serve in the Imperial Guard. Obesh is 80% land mass, with four major continent. Obesh currently has 20 billion citizens, half of which live in Haven, located on the Eastern seaboard of the largest continent, surrounded by large agriculture plots. Obesh was founded primarily as a source of guardsmen, the planet chosen because it had the capability to sustain a sizable population before outside supplies were needed. The high tithe rate is supposedly temporary, and required due to the large amount of ongoing conflicts in the Calxis sector.

System Topography[edit]

Obesh is the 4th of 7 planets in it’s solar system, located on the coreward edge of the Jericho Reach. The solar system itself has an usually high amount of asteroids, with large asteroid belts spanning from the 2nd planet, to out beyond the 7th planet. The asteroid field limits the number of approaches from the warp. Most departing ships transition to the warp behind the planet, using the motion of the planet itself to expedite the journey to safe distance before transitioning to warp. Similarly, most approaching ships transition to real space in the pah of planet, reducing the time spent in the journey to the planet itself.


Beyond the supply of guardsmen, Obesh has a minor manufactory as well as orbital facilties. While not rivaling those of locations such as Port Wander or Scintilla, Obesh has become a popular, if not isolated, stop on trade routes through Jericho Reach. Due to it’s isolation, and relatively limited Arbites presence, and high trade volume, compared to some systems, smugglers enjoy using Obesh as a point to transfer cargo, hiding themselves in plain sight among the honest traders who visit Obesh. The large amount of asteroids within system provide easy access to raw materials, used both by the shipyards and the local manufactory. Some Asteroids and simply dragged to the planet itself, and mined in orbit, leading to the number of moons never being the same any night. Others are mined where they are mined by large vessels, the resources going to whereever the captain chooses.


While the system is remote, the limited approaches allow a small force to provide significant security. Obesh has a minimal number of System Patrol Boats, but it has been shown during multiple raids that they can provide a heavy defense, simply blockading the approaches up and down orbit, forcing a battle of attrition upon any wishing to assault the planet. Obesh's security provides few chanches for pirates to attack merchant ships, with a patrol monitoring the trade lanes, and rapidly converging on any hostile vessels. Only the most fool-hardy or clever pirates operate in Obesh.