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Sihnon Map
Cultural Preservation Enclaves

Sihnon is one of the capitals of the Alliance, it is the second largest planet in population.

"The world of Sihnon is known for its beauty. Words alone won’t do the great city itself justice. At night, it is said to be an ocean of light."

Sihnon is the heart of the Buddhist religion, a fact made obvious by the many monasteries and temples located here. Those seeking to learn more about Buddhism travel here to study.

Sihnon is also the central hub for the guild system. The Companion’s Guild is based here, with multiple houses in the large cities, and a massive temple dedicated to the schooling of young girls and boys.

All other guilds have headquarters on Sihnon or maintain a large presence here. Guild business takes place behind closed doors. Disputes are handled by registered arbitration houses. The city of Chang’Pei is given over completely to trade administration, making it the largest civil bureaucracy in the ‘Verse.

The penalties for bribes, taking or giving, are harsh, but that doesn’t stop some folk. Officers of the Sihnon Trade Commission work undercover to root out the worst offenders. The officers know that they cannot stop the corruption completely, but they work tirelessly to see that it doesn’t get out of hand. These folk take their jobs seriously. They are well trained in combat and interrogation procedures, as well as espionage and accounting.

The capital of Sihnon is Lu’Weng. Local legend maintains that Lu’Weng was once a fire-breathing dragon that fell from the sky and was bound to the planet with silken ribbons. The numbers of hot springs here seem to bear this theory out, and every home traditionally has a silken awning or a curtain across the door to keep the dragon bound. Lu’Weng (the city) is one of the largest producers of silk in the system. Raw silk is farmed all over the planet and then sent to Lu’Weng, where it is refined and bolted or made into beautiful clothing that never falls out of favor with the rich throughout the system.

Landing on Sihnon is restricted, though there is so much traffic coming and going on this busy world that the government issues passes to those who come here on a frequent basis. Such passes aren’t hard to get, nor are they hard to forge. (Serenity Core Book)

One of the continents, in the northern hemisphere of Sihnon was set aside for the preservation of minority cultures from Earth-that-was. This region, called the Culture Preservation Enclaves or (CPE), is divided into several dozen semi-autonomous enclaves where attempts have been made to represent the major minority cultures of old Earth. The enclaves impose compulsory official language use, state religions, and various cultural edifices in an attempt to keep what was old. Some of these have developed and thrived into self governing independent nation-like entities. Others have devolved into ethnic ghettos or "disneyesque" parodies of their original ethnicities. This region is a relatively popular tourist attraction for Core citizens. The only city to maintain a full fledged starport, is Geldstrom in the Israeli Enclave. It services shuttles to the other regions.

  • Summer 2522 - Lama Shin Fang has called on Buddhists to leave military service, and passively resist efforts to militarize the 'Verse. The Alliance Government has denounced this action, but is "working with Temple leaders to address their concerns."