Plants of the Third Age!

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Plants (3rd Edition)


  • While living, plants must photosynthesize. [3]
    • So, no mushrooms. But it also allows for dead plant products
  • Plants must be useful. [3]
    • One of the core beliefs of Theresa about Plants. Even if a plant just looks pretty or smells good or keeps the dirt from eroding, it has a use/purpose!
  • The more processed something is, the farther it moves out of the domain. [1]
    • So, honey is okay, coffee okay. Chocolate, probably not. Silk and grain-fed beef, right out.

Surface wound from resisting loss of fear. Deadly wound - Tough health level - have trouble concentrating, keeping me from being productive

    • 2 Divine Health
    • 1 Tough Health
    • 2 Normal Health

Have one Revelation from big mindblowing session in Spirit World.
Can do two actions at one time. Key is starting. "one mundane and one miraculous" is only about what you can start doing at a given moment.
Sustaining is one of your two actions of Be Doing at a time. But it doesn't count toward the "actions you can start at a time."
The two-action limit always applies, but you can sustain a Treasure miracle and then activate an Aspect miracle because that's only two actions.
There is a limit in what you can start doing at one time of one mundane and one miraculous. There is not such a limit of what you can be doing at a time.

    • 1. There is a rule on what you can start doing at any given time. We'll call this Rule A. Rule A says that at any moment, you can start doing one miraculous action, one mundane action, or one of each.
    • 2. When you initiate actions like that, you can only do them for a moment, or you can keep doing them. This is called sustaining.
    • 3. There is a rule that you can only be doing up to two actions at a time. We'll call this Rule B. Rule B does not care what the types of the actions are.
    • 4. Therefore, if you want to be doing two miraculous actions at once, you can't start all at once. First you have to start sustaining the first action, and then later on start the second action.

Jenna on actions[edit]

You can have:

  • two actions sustained
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a quick miraculous action;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a quick mundane action;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a quick miraculous/mundane action combination;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a miraculous action and then keep doing it;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a mundane action and keep doing it;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a miraculous/mundane action combination and keep doing the miracle;
  • 0-1 actions sustained, and you take a miraculous/mundane action combination and keep doing the mundane part;
  • 0 actions sustained, and you take a miraculous/mundane action and keep it going.

  • I want you to be able to activate Aspect/Treasure + a paired mundane action in a single moment, or Domain 2 + start talking, or whatever.
  • I don't want there to be an order to take actions to sustain things better. ("Always take your combo action first" would suck.)

Attribute Value MPs
Aspect 3 10
Domain 5 (Regal!) 10 - (minus 2 for box of Twinkies)
Persona 2 10
Treasure 1 10

Secondary Domain: Things of Amyra (2)


    • I am useful! (3)
    • I open the minds of others to the wonders of the world! (2)
    • I dance when no one is watching! (0)


    • Teacher (2)
    • Negotiator (1)
    • Cool (3) - for messing with mundane stuff being done to me
    • Shine (2) - others can draw on this to help their actions like spending Will
    • Will (8 per 'day') - Spending Will creates an Intention (sentence of a course of action, devotion, dedication, way of handling things or belief)

    • Edge - skill penalty; Divine Mantle will give Domain amount of Edge to Miraculous and Mundane actions for four hours. Stuff overpowering or opposing your action becomes more difficult. Stuff going with it (like surfing your tidal wave), not affected. Reflexive action, up to your Domain in (any) MP.
    • Auctoritas - Sustained action, spend up to your Persona rating in (any) MP. Protects me and mundane actions.
    • Strike - Reflexive, spend (any) MP, drop someone else's miracle.


    • I am always useful! (3)
    • I care about my Family. (2)
    • I respect people who work hard for the betterment/happiness of others! (2)
    • I am always changing things around where I live. (1)
    • The Maple (1)
    • The Tower (1)
    • Sometimes you just have to get physical/violent/exasperated with everyone else and finally lose your temper/patience. Apologize afterwards.(1)


    • I care about Amyra! (Country, people, land) (2)
    • If I have to take (or help take) a life, I will respect that death. (1)
    • Kudzu is my Imperator. (1) (Even if he turns out to be...)
    • I remember every child that I have ever taught. (1)
    • I don't like hurting other people's feelings. (1)


(When I have more points, maybe a fighty gift. Or something to help healing. Theresa seems to be the one that gets hurt the most, maybe because she's had the most luck (attention?) by dropping Excrucians into deep holes.)

  • Durant (1)
  • Elusive (1)
  • Elemental (1)
  • <@Theresa> "Oh, quick question. What would Attaris' blessing be worth?"
  • @Ftisk lCreate datadumps of all myu meeting with these threee (aka the gamelogs!) and throw them at JBJ

<@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "First, a clarifying question. What do you mean by 'worth'?" <@Theresa> "Well, she gave me her blessing. She's an Imperator and a Lord of the current Age. What if I added it to your pile? Would that help you?" <@DanteE> to T: "Maybe change that to what does it do, or mean?" <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "I cannot take it from you. She is Lord of the World, and I am not. Can you bestow it upon me?" <@Theresa> "I don't know if I can. I can try, if you think it would help you." <@DanteE> "If she's treacherous..." <@Theresa> (And I _really hope_ that it wasn't some sort of horrible thing that would explode me later because Attaris is messing with me.) <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "I... can tell you what it would have meant if, in my Age, I had given my blessing." <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "At no cost, because it is a thing contained within my own knowledge." <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "Would that be of help?" <@Theresa> "Yes, please." <@DanteE> (DId she bless all of us?) <@Random_Nerd> (specifically Theresa.) <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "The Lord of the Age has authority over the world as it is, and over those Estates that came into being in that Age." <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "If in my capacity as Lord of Creation, I had blessed a person, it would mean that they had some small measure of my own authority over those things." <@DanteE> (Well, on the bright side, your computer will finally work! :D ) <@Random_Nerd> Jan ben Jan: "In the same sense that a favored protege of a human leader could bear some small measure of indirectly conferred authority." <@Theresa> "...huh." <@Theresa> (I have no idea what that all means at the moment, but I am vaguely worried and scared now.)

Key Heart Shadow
Lotus - Descending Angel My Power: Strengthened by Something Cool and Organization (Aides) My Nature: Strengthened by An Independent Song (Serpent)
Clematis - Something, Given Gifts I have witnessed it!: Strengthened by In Love With Something, Beautiful Side of the World and Transformation Why I doubt: Strengthened by Something I Can Point To, Humble Life and Ward (Red)

Domain Difficulties[edit]

    • 0 - Estate is in danger sense
    • 1 - Ghost miracles
    • 2 - LDiv
    • 3 - LPreservation
    • 4 - LMove, LCreation, LAnimation
    • 5 - LDestruct, GDiv
    • 6 - Add new qualities to Estate, GPreservation, (Complex control?)
    • 7 - GMove, GCreation, GAnimation
    • 8 - GDestruct
    • 9 - GChange of Estate, GComplex Control

Persona Difficulties[edit]

    • 0 - Recognize bonds between people/things and Estate
    • 1 - Bless or curse someone with a nature of your Estate
    • 2 - Incarnate yourself as your Estate
    • 3 - Enforce the properties of your Estate on yourself
    • 4 - Imbue something with a nature of your Estate
    • 5 - Remove a nature of your Estate from something, incarnate yourself in your Estate throughout the world
    • 6 - Change how someone relates to your Estate, GEnforce the properties of your Estate on yourself
    • 7 - GEmbue something with a nature of your Estate
    • 8 - GRemove a nature of your Estate from something
    • 9 - GChange how things interact with your Estate

Mundane Difficulties[edit]

    • 0 or negative - Attempt to do something but only make it worse
    • 1 - Make yourself happy
    • 2 - Accomplish a task, have a tangible impact on the world.
    • 3 - Do something "correctly", impress the people around you.
    • 4 - Do something effective, something that moves you closer to your goals.
    • 5 - Do something productive, something that makes your life better
    • 6 - Do something that looks Damn Good - impressive, dramatic, cool.
    • 7 - Do something Really Effective, a lot closer to your goals
    • 8 - Do something Really Productive, make your life A Lot better
    • 9 - Do the Right Thing, for some fuzzy definition of right.

Note - None of them say "does what you want." It often will... but that's not guaranteed. Not in the way it would be with a miracle. Miracles, if they don't get stopped by a better miracle, just work. They do what you said you were trying to do.
Mundane actions will never be guaranteed to successfully do what you wanted to do. Miracles will never be guaranteed to make your life better, or do "the right thing".
Random Nerd: In a weird sort of way, high-end mundane actions are more like imperial miracles than noble miracles are.

[Theresa's Project Map]

Given to Jan Ben Jan
Multiple fingers (4, I think?). Received one knuckle back for giving him Angel blood.
Gave up memory of 1 year of childhood for information on how to cure Patterns.
Can give up body twice for Security Clearance info or Kudzu gives up an arm.
Can give up hand and foot for info on where to move Amyra.

Coming to the Summit
Jerren - Serpent
Excrucian Shards
Excrucian faction
Luc - interesting a Light familia?
Jaris - Serpent - but two of her Nobles are Dark
Drift - Dionyl Imperator, of Triad
Caesar -
HQB - in person or proxy?
Oph - supporting but we didn't invite her